Wearing Pride and Prejudice

Wearing Pride and Prejudice

Last month my post on “Selling Jane Austen” was very well received, and it got me thinking about what other Austen-themed merchandise is available. So, I set about a little experiment. I wondered if it was possible to dress oneself from head to toe in nothing but Austen related clothing. Not surprisingly the answer is yes. In fact, you could specifically wear Pride and Prejudice from head to toe! (With one exception; I couldn’t find an Austen-themed bra.) Here are just some of the articles of clothing I discovered on various internet sites.


Pride and Prejudice hat. It’s amazing how many articles of clothing have the text of P&P on them – it shows how beloved the book is.



 These are just two of the P&P scarves I found.  They come in many styles






I like that these P&P gloves are fingerless so you can read
your favorite novel while wearing them! 


There are a wide variety of Austen-themed t-shirts available
I think this one (with Darcy’s proposal) is particularly pretty (perhaps it’s my preference for purple).




This skirt has text from P&P around the hem!


Fortunately these tights come in different colors, because
I’m not sure this color would go with the purple shirt!




Underwear.  There are actually a number of thongs with different quotes from P&P.
This one has Darcy’s lines about “I have fought against my better judgement….”
It’s not the first P&P quote I’d think of to put on a thong. 



I was somewhat bewildered at the variety of P&P footwear, including flip flops, tennis shoes, flats, and pumps


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  1. Victoria, What a fun post! I have the fingerless gloves and wear them to bed at night as my hands get so cold. I love them. Looks as if I have some shopping to do. Thank you for this brilliant idea!

  2. What sites did you find these on? My daughter loves scarves and wears them all the time. She would love the white one and has a birthday coming up. I’d love to get one for her.

    • I have those socks too, Ria. Got them at amazon. Also a t-shirt that says “Obstinate, headstrong girl.” It’s neat to see so many P&P goodies, but how about Jane-ish things that are not inspired by P&P? That seems to be a bit more of a challenge (not that we don’t love P&P things, but some variety would be fun).

      • I should have included socks! I have a pair (in purple – my favorite color) that I got for Christmas. There is some non P&P clothing (especially t-shirts), but P&P definitely leads the pack. I did find a Sense and Sensibility purse and scarf.

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