Was YOUR Christmas a MERRY One? Tell us all about it!

Was YOUR Christmas a MERRY One? Tell us all about it!

Let us keep the spirit of Christmas alive for another day, or perhaps even more! The tree no longer has wrapped presents underneath and is undoubtedly dry as a bone, but I presume it and the holiday decorations remain in place, serving as visual reminders of the holiday joy and family celebrations so recently passed. I confess to not being in any hurry to return our home to its “normal” condition and not just because packing up the decorations is a major chore. I LOVE the profusion of red and green all over my house and will be sad to hide it all away for another eleven months. So, for at least until after New Year’s Day, or perhaps as long as Epiphany Day on January 6, I intend to stay in Christmas-mode!

For me, maintaining my holiday happiness will be super easy thanks to the gift from my husband: A NEW PUPPY! Please allow me to introduce Olivia Marjo

Olivia Marjo on Christmas Day playing with her Snoopy toys.

My new fur baby has been a LONG time dream come true. Seriously, no joke, I have waited decades for a lap dog to call my own. For various reasons that are too onerous to relate in this post, the deepest desire of my heart to be “mommy” to a little dog has eluded me. It has taken a while but we are finally in a home and at a place in our lives where we can fully dedicate ourselves to the necessary responsibilities a young dog requires. My husband and I have broached the topic a few times but had not reached an agreement, so it was a complete surprise on Wednesday when he announced that we had a 3 pm appointment with a lady who breeds miniature poodles. I was so shocked and overwhelmed with emotion, in fact, that I cried for over a half hour straight!

With five adorable, lively puppies to choose from, selecting one was a challenge. In the end, it came to a meeny, miney, moe decision as they were ALL tugging upon my heart, but we both adored this little girl’s big brown eyes and colorful face. For a whole day, she did not have a name, the eventual moniker one of several we kept trying out. Olivia is simply a name I have always liked and felt like it fit her. Marjo is an homage to my mother, Marjorie Jo. My mom was a complete “dog person” who for literally as far back as my memory goes always had a small dog plastered to her side. If ever there was a lapdog whisperer, it was my mom! LOL! The sweet vision of her devoted canine companions — the first (Gidget) living close to twenty years and the last (Cricket) dying from grief less than a year after my mom passed in 2009 — has been a mental image I clung to and yearned for myself. No animal on earth loves as profoundly as a canine. Now I know that feeling as well, even after just five days.

Olivia has already been the star of a dozen videos and countless photos (Yes, I am going to be one of those obsessive pet owners!) but I shall only share a small sampling here.

At Petsmart, minutes after getting her. First toy, naturally, HAD to be Mickey Mouse!
Sitting with mom on the recliner, dental chewy well-gnawed.
“I never met a toy I didn’t bite” is a true statement! She has even more toys after this photo was taken!
Olivia with her human sister Emily. Snoopy was a gift from Emily. Too cute!

Honestly, if I had gotten not a single present more I would have been happy. Of course, my family did not see it that way and the gifts they gave me were awesome, one of which I KNOW the readers here on Austen Authors will appreciate!

From my daughter Emily and son-in-law Neil, I received a lovely pair of earrings by Kendra Scott (a designer unfamiliar to me but the perks of having a daughter who works at Nordstrom) and a bottle of wine. The Chardonnay, as seen in the photo below, is the “As You Wish” label, the reverse-side label notation of “a bottle of wits” making crystal clear The Princess Bride reference! AWESOME!! The Princess Bride is an absolute favorite movie of ours, so this was an outstanding gift.

My son Kyle and daughter-in-law Serena completely astounded me with the bracelet seen below. I believe the images speak for themselves.



I believe it is quite obvious that my Christmas was Fantastic with a capital F.
Now I want to hear from all of you. Share your 2017 Christmas experiences and special gifts with us.
Hopefully, your holiday celebrations and the spirit of joy will continue for days to come, on into the New Year and beyond.


14 Responses to Was YOUR Christmas a MERRY One? Tell us all about it!

  1. My Christmas was good. Everyone at my brother’s house laughing and just being together. Adorable puppy and not spoiled at all!lol I hope she brings you laughter and love.?

  2. I’m so happy you were able to get a puppy!

    My favorite gift for Christmas was being with my family, and all of us being happy and healthy together. It sounds corny but I know people dealing with serious health issues this season, and a friend of mine has to be separated from her disabled son right now. So I truly am grateful for being able to be with my family. After that, I’m thankful for the new stand mixer my hubby gave me!

    Give Olivia a special hug from all of us at AuAu!

    • Thanks Elaine! I am giving my Olivia lots of hugs and kisses, so I’ll easily add another from you 🙂

      Funny you mention stand mixers. My Kitchenaid was not working for Christmas cookies, which totally bummed me out! I’ve had it for some 20 years but its been fine. I made do with a hand mixer, but was thrilled when my handy hubby was able to solve the problem. Something about cleaning brushes… or something. What would we do without YouTube tutorials? LOL!

      Health issues are not corny at all. I’ve dealt with that for the past several years, making this good health year extra special. I am sorry to hear about your friend. Excellent that you were with family. Truly, that is the best.

      Happy New Year!

  3. Merry Christmas, Sharon 🙂

    Yes, I had a wonderful Christmas. Just about as perfect as they get. Family and friends. Great gifts (including a new kindle! Only my second one ever. The one I had is about ten years old and the little square button that moves the cursor and selects things is cracked in half, making its behavior erratic). Also, I think I gave people good gifts, which makes me very happy. Not that they’d tell me if I didn’t 🙂

  4. Darling puppy! I have a black and cream phantom miniature poodle named Jeeves. Great dogs! Have fun with the puppy, and hopefully she won’t undecorate your tree too many times (when I got mine a few years ago at Thanksgiving, he pulled all the lower ornaments and garlands at least 3 times each day…). Sound like you had a great Christmas. I hope the rest of the holiday season treats you equally well!

    • Hey miniature poodle buddy! Yes, Olivia did love the tree, especially when the presents were opened and gone. She especially loved the Father Christmas statues and stuffed bears. I don’t think she ever figured out they weren’t her personal chew toys, but they did help her learn the NO word!

  5. Adorable puppy pictures and I am so glad you have finally gotten that ‘forever wish gift’ that you can now mark off your list.

    We had a memorable Christmas dinner at Dad’s. Yeah, unfortunately there is always someone that for whatever reason… through miscommunication or crossed wires… didn’t get invited. Yeah… it happened to us. We were 5 less due to everyone thinking someone else talked to them. Not getting a text or for whatever reason. Hopefully… my brother will forgive us. Yeah… my brother and his family weren’t invited to dinner. Gawd!!! My 92 year-old father was horrified that we forgot my brother. Maybe some year we can laugh about it. We eventually got together with them… but let’s just say… this is one for the books. Lawd! My nerves!

    • Oh no! I’m laughing but also sure the faux pas was not funny for the family members involved! One benefit to having a small family, I suppose. 🙂 I hope bro forgives you.

      Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you for sharing your joy with us. The puppy is so cute and I am so happy that you had this dream realized. I am happy that I was able to spend the day with my husband and children. The kids received many presents and it is always so great to see how excited they get when they see the wrapped up presents waiting for them in the morning.

    • Thanks darcybennett. She is keeping us on our toes, and going outside several times a day when it is near 0 degrees is NO FUN AT ALL, but it is worth every minute. Joy!

      Happy New Year!

  7. What a gorgeous puppy, I love her eye patch. She looks so like a cuddly toy.
    The earrings and bracelets are fabulous too.
    My favourite gifts were a framed photo of my one year old twin grandsons (who were happier playing with my tinsel, my DVDs and my books than their toys), and a calendar with photos of my two Australian grandsons aged 4 & 2 (and the skype call we had) I cant wait for June when they are hoping to come for a holiday.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts and have a wonderful New Year.

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