Twenty Quotes

Twenty Quotes

Today, I thought it might be fun to play a game that I am calling Twenty Quotes.  Below you will find twenty quotes taken from seven of Jane Austen’s books. Your task is to see if you can match each quote with the book from which it was taken.  Once you have your answers, click on the link for the answers.

Your choices are...

JA Quiz Tiles 25

Click this link for the answers: 

Twenty Quotes Answers

How did you do? Did you get a perfect score or did some of these trip you up?

I would love to hear your thoughts on your results or any of these quotes.


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24 Responses to Twenty Quotes

  1. I got all of the P&P and Persuasion ones, plus the Northanger Abbey ones, probably because I re-read the latter only a couple of months ago. Haven’t read Lady Susan or Mansfield Park for years so I didn’t stand a chance with them. The Emma and S&S ones were very hit and miss, mainly miss! Total score was 9/20. As an old school report once said “Could do better!”

  2. Interesting. Thanks for collecting and presenting these all to us. I have read Lady Susan but once so that book was a total loss for me.

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

      Lady Susan I had read to me by an audio book while cleaning, and it has stuck with me fairly well. I am not sure if it was the over the top character of Lady Susan, the narration, or the many “oh my word, did you know” messages my friends endured while I listened that is mother responsible for sticking it in my mind so quickly. 🙂

    • Oh, I made the quiz and then put it away for a week or two and struggled to get all of them right! There seems to be repeated themes in Miss Austen’s book and even characters with similarities. 😉

  3. Having never read Lady Susan and gotten only about halfway through Mansfield Park before I gave it up (I found it confusing, plodding, and annoying), I’m really not qualified to try all twenty. But certainly I can identify a few! Congrats to everyone who gets them all right. 🙂

    • You know I had trouble reading Northanger Abbey at first because it felt odd but then got it on audio book. That made all the difference. I have read MP, and I have listened to it as well. Lady Susan I have not read in book form yet. I have only gone through it a couple of times on audio book (while cleaning 🙂 )

    • Well, the great thing is that you can take it again later and have a higher score the second time. LOL It was so much fun finding these quotes to use. I had some of them already as memes, but others required searching. I have read all the books (some several times), but I have never sat down and taken notes…that would seem too much like school and one does not want to ruin a great novel by making it feel like school, IMO. (My English teacher friends will not agree, I am sure.) 🙂

  4. Well, I missed all of the Lady Susan ones since I haven’t read that, but I also missed most of the Persuasion ones (usually guessing Lady S instead). How interesting since Persuasion has been my least favorite Austen story, clearly I need to reread! These are some really great quotes. Among my favorites are the NA one about friendship being the balm for disappointed love, S&S about what we do defines us, Emma’s on what is right to do can never be done too early (sigh, Knightley). I have to agree with Darcy that the appearance of humility is the height of deceit and with the Mansfield Park quote that nobody minds having what is too good for them. 🙂

    • I also love that S&S quote…such a good reminder! Too funny about confusing Lady Susan and Persuasion. I tend to get Lady Susan quotes mixed up with Mansfield Park since Lady Susan and Mary Crawford’s attitudes about things seem to be rather similar. Oh, and the Emma one about doing right…that one also reminds me of Mansfield Park. I could see Edmund saying that.

  5. AAAAh Man!!! I did terrible… what fun. I only got a few and missed the others completely. I’m glad I wasn’t getting a grade for this…I was less than average. Thanks for reminding us of those sayings that are famous and those that are not so famous.

    • 🙂 I am glad you had fun, and I am so glad that I don’t have to give grades on this. 🙂 The end of the quarter is this week for my classes, so I am giving enough grades as it is. LOL

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