Third Round of Winners from Our Launch Party Giveaway!

Third Round of Winners from Our Launch Party Giveaway!

We have chosen another FIVE more winners from those entered into our LAUNCH Giveaway. If your name is not below, do not fret. We still have 25+ prizes available. For those listed as winners, please contact Regina Jeffers ( to claim your prize. If you won a print book, include your full name and address in the email. If yours is an eBook prize, make certain we have a correct email address to which the prize may be delivered. 





Lady Elizabeth iconLeslie BD will receive an eBook version of P.O. Dixon’s Lady Elizabeth: Everything Will Change. 


lettersfromtheheart iconShelly Dixon will receive a print copy of Rose Fairbanks’ Letters from the Heart. 


 Dung will receive three eBooks from Barbara Silkstone ~ a copy of Mister Darcy’s Secret, Mister Darcy’s Christmas, and Mister Darcy’s Dogs

Silkstone 3novels







Pemberley_to_Waterloo iconGeorgiana Darcy's Diary book coverAudra will receive an eBook bundle from Anna Elliott. The bundle includes Georgiana Darcy’s Diary and Pemberley to Waterloo




JaneActually iconFinally, Megan Wilkins will receive a print copy of Jennifer Petkus’s Jane, Actually

17 Responses to Third Round of Winners from Our Launch Party Giveaway!

  1. Congrats to the other winners. How exciting! Thank you so much for the giveaways, I think I hit the jackpot with three ebooks! Barbsilkstone, I did not know that there was a ghost with my name… My name has a different meaning in English then it does in Vietnamese so I usually have to correct the pronouncstion of my name to others who are not familiar.

  2. Congratulations to ALL our winners! We cannot thank each of you enough for supporting our return with sharing and commenting. It’s been a wonderful ride already, and we have LOTS more to come!!

  3. Congratulations! Winners! I love all of the prizes you have awarded. I am making a list of all the books I’ve missed and all of the interesting items AA have shared. You all are so generous!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners! Yay! Dung… love that name. Do you know there is a ghost in the Cotswolds by that name?

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