Their Fate Is In Your Hands . . .  Vote Now for What Happens Next in My Books!

Their Fate Is In Your Hands . . . Vote Now for What Happens Next in My Books!

Happy Friday, everyone! Next week is my birthday, I am turning 34. 🙂 I thought we might have some fun since I just released a new book this week and play a game of you choose the character’s fate! I attempted to program a whizz bang interactive poll thing for this game, but ultimately decided, let’s go Old School shall we? I will put the questions, a few multiple choice answers, and you can answer in the comments. I will pick 2 winners from the comments on Saturday by and award them a copy of my latest book in ebook (substitution allowed if you already have Blessing) and a $10 giftcard to the digital store of their choice (Amazon or Barnes and Noble) so I can help feed their Darcy addiction.

Right, so no purchase necessary to enter, even if you haven’t read the book, you can still vote, and the drawing for entries will be done at 6 PM EST on Saturday, March 19, 2016. Please make sure the email address you use for a comment is one you check. Austen Authors are excluded from winning, but you can play along. 🙂


Question 1: In the Moralities of Marriage, Caroline Bingley grows rather desperate to secure Mr. Darcy. What should be her fate?

A) she marries a rich suitor, nearly rivaling Darcy’s wealth and he whisks her off to  . . . Australia.

B) she is sent to live out her days with an infirm aunt, never to enter London society again.

C) she is set up with her own establishment in London and becomes a hot gossip writer.

D) she becomes a governess to Louisa Hurst’s children

E) you make it up!


Question 2: Also in the Moralities of Marriage, the Viscount Brahmington (the Earl and Countess of Matlock’s son) is an opium addict slated to marry the Duke of Northumberland’s third daughter. Do they:

A) Get married and he is redeemed.

B) Get married but the Duke is ruthless in keeping the young couple under his thumb.

C) Get married and the Viscount overdoses as a new bridegroom.

D) Do not get married, putting the whole Fitzwilliam family in ruin.

E) you make it up!


Question 3: What is your vote for the fate of Lydia Bennet in the Moralities of Marriage?

A) Have her meet a handsome merchant son.

B) Have her attract the eye of an older peer.

C) She marries John Lucas.

D) She doesn’t get married, she’s Lydia!

E) you make it up!


BONUS QUESTION: What Book do you want next the most?  (Subject to MUSE cooperation, but I will try to honor reader wishes, feel free to rank them in your favorite order of want)

1- The Rose Knight: What happens when Darcy and Elizabeth play a game of chess at Netherfield and the two Bennet sisters are stuck for 4 extra days due to rain?

2 -The Trappings of Marriage: Book 4 of the Moralities of Marriage. Darcy and Elizabeth go to Pemberley and honeymoon in Scotland as family dramas continue for the Fitzwilliams and Wickhams.

3 – A Scottish Bride: Jane and Mr. Hamilton take on the care of little Robin and love blossoms between them.

4- A Spring Society Book 6 of the Seasons of Serendipity, after an exciting Christmas season, the Darcys become vested in the country society of Derbyshire and Pemberley prepares for a wedding!

5- A Witch Comes to Pemberley A standalone novel that imagines Elizabeth comes to Pemberley to discover her latent powers as a healer and sorceress, or is it all just superstition and coincidence?


So there we go, have fun with the poll. I can’t wait to read the answers! And if you don’t already have a copy of The Blessing of Marriage, it can be purchased on most major ebook retailers, and there is still an opportunity for review copies if you email me at 🙂



blessing of marriage

Book 3 of the Moralities of Marriage.
Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find nothing but a mess in London after they escape Kent. The town home bare and the Wickhams caught up in Lord Strange’s illegal business venture, Darcy has little choice but to make unsavory friends as Elizabeth heals from her cousin’s attack. With the support of the Bingleys, Darcy and Elizabeth are finally ready to secure their future at the anvil in Gretna Green when Elizabeth has one small request.

The Blessing of Marriage continues the rewriting of Jane Austen’s amazing story of Pride and Prejudice, wondering what might have happened if Darcy never saved Georgiana from the clutches of Mr. Wickham.



27 Responses to Their Fate Is In Your Hands . . . Vote Now for What Happens Next in My Books!

  1. I am ready for book 4 moralities of marriage. Caroline should be a spinster.,the viscount should not marry,Lydia should not marry,

  2. OK, so I am now just getting related with your story telling. I d.loaded and read the Moralities of Marriage books. Read the first 3 books in just shy of a week. Waiting patiently for the “The Trappings of Marriage” I would like to share my input on your questions.
    #1 – E. Would like to see Caroline get a ” healthy dose of humble pie”. Then possible have a happy ending.
    #2 – A. Make the “on the shelf bride” a strong character. Has to be to deal with the Fitzwilliams.
    3 – E. I think Mrs. Bennet should end up living with her after her marriage to drive her nuts…lol
    4 – of course #2 for me. Haven’t read the others “yet”.

  3. Coutning from the bottom including replies, there were 23 responses total. I had pull me 5 numbers in case one of the numbers picked was me or an Austen Author. The numbers pulled were 12, 20, 3, 1, 14. Luckily, the first 2 numbers are eligible winners: Laura and Nancy Dworak. You will be hearing from me from

    Congratulations on winning!!!

  4. 1) A (B is overused) I always like to see her get her comeuppance–Has she done anything which can cause her disgrace and downfall? That would be my choice.
    2) B, D is also a good option of the majority of the Fitzwilliams are not supporting D&E
    3) None of the above seems appropriate and I can’t remember what Lydia’s current status in the story is. Who ever she ends with must curtail her in some way.
    Bonus: The Trappings of Marriage

  5. First of all Happy birthday!!!

    here you are my choices:
    4-The Trappings of Marriage
    The Rose Knight
    A Witch Comes to Pemberley

    Thank you for this funny way to be part of your writing!

  6. 1.E. Caroline should open an exclusive school for tradesman daughters where she teaches them how to catch a titled husband. A’la compromise 101.
    2.E. she should elope with the second son since the Viscount will croak off soon – or some other ‘catch’. Marrying the opium addict is a zero sum choice since everything will be sold to support that habit.
    3. E. A red coat like Denny
    bonus: Rose Knight
    Thanks for the chance to influence the story direction!

  7. I wish I had the imagination to come up with great ideas but unfortunately not. So I would say 1 B. 2 B. 3 maybe C with the proviso that he makes her behave as she should. For the bonus my first choice would be The Rose Knight and second would be A Witch Comes to Pemberley. Thanks for this post ?

  8. Fate of Caroline Bingley – She really needs to be put out of commission and out of Darcy and Elizabeth’s lives and maybe Jane’s too. I do not think she would be a very good influence as a governess to Louisa’s children, but that is a possible fate for her. She is getting a bit old to be a mistress or courtesan and is a bit too shrewish. Perhaps a fat old lord in financial trouble can compromise her and marry her for her money. She’s too much a busybody in the Moralities of Marriage for redemption, though I have always liked books where it is possible.
    I think it will be best for everyone if the Viscount succumbs to an overdose and Richard can become the Viscount. One has to really want to redeem from addiction and I am not sure the Viscount can.
    I cannot imagine Lydia settling down in her own community. She might marry a wealthy merchant’s son, but she would fritter away the funds unless she is sent to a finishing school for girls.
    On another front, I really wish Wickham could be killed off and Georgiana can somehow get redeemed. The situation is really not tolerable for Elizabeth as it is. I wish her father would learn the truth about her. I do not want her separated from the Gardiners and she must have them back. I sure hope there’s no further delays in getting married in Scotland. I would suggest a 2nd wedding at Krympton or Pemberly Chapel when she turns 21, as some authors have done. I think she has 3 months until 21 if I recall correctly. I hope Pemberly can be free of Wickhams, Caroline Bingley, Lady Catherine.
    It is time that Mr Collins got his just desserts I think, so Charlotte can hope for a decent life. Mr. Wickham has to get killed or be gotten rid of so the inheritance of Rosings won’t go to him.

  9. question number 1 She is caught in a compromising position with a so called gentleman maybe Lord Thomas Stanley, who does not marry her and her reputation is ruined and B
    Question number 2 A
    Question 3 I love C make it good caught behind the shed or something equally earthy.

    As for Bonus question I have been waiting for Scottish Bride fora while now I have read over 150 of these types of books and I still wonder about Jane and Mr. Hamilton left out there on the moors by themselves with a kid. throw us a bone. 😉

  10. I am tickled at these answers!!! I am running around today taking care of family obligations (I forgot I promised little taskmaster that I would take her to go see Zootopia this Friday with the gift card Grandma sent), but that’s okay, I need a 2 hour time out after this week! It’s been insane, the book is doing SO well, better than any release I’ve ever done!

    I will comment on these soon, first hubby is coming home for lunch then an hour to work then movie, then dinner then fencing tonight with eldest. PHEW! My daughter wasn’t wrong last night when she announced at dinner that Mommy has 3 jobs: mommy, teacher, and writer! Today I’m feeling like my Supermom cape is at the cleaners, though!

  11. 1) E- I think she should marry a fairly wealthy and successful man in trade. She must move with him to his modest estate in the north of England, where she gives birth to 6 children in an 8-year span. London society never sees her again. 🙂

    2) A

    3) B

    Bonus) 1,2,5,4,3

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  12. Congratulations on the new release and early Happy Birthday my dear. I am nearly twice your age and just want to say you are at that glorious age to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. This game is so much fun, thanks for the giveaway.

    [#1 A] I want Caroline OUT of the country. As long as she is in England she can cause trouble, and would simply as revenge for not having Darcy
    [#2 B] Even if the Viscount died as a bridegroom, he would have a widow…so let him have someone who watches his every move and keeps a close reign on him
    [#3 A] Lord, don’t give Lydia a title, with access to society where she can lord it over the Darcy’s, give her what will keep her busy and happy… money.

    Bonus: 4, 3, 2, 1, 5

  13. This is a fun game! Happy Birthday! 1. C 2. E The Viscount dies from an overdose and Col. Fitzwilliam is the new heir. 3. D On the books; 1. “Spring Society” 2. “the Trapings of Marriage” 3. “The Rose Knight” 4. “A Scottish Bride” 5. “A Witch Comes To Pemberly” Thank you!

  14. Question 1 – E – Carolina Bingley marries a wealthy, older man who is so insanely jealous of any man even looking at her, he keeps her virtually locked up for the entirety of their marriage.

    Question 2 – E – The Viscount succumbs to an overdose, and Richard Fitzwilliam is the heir to the earldom but wants only Anne.

    Question 3 – E – Lydia likes men’s attention, and after Mr. Bennet cracks down on her because of what he thought Elizabeth did, Lydia rebels, runs away and goes from man to man the rest of her life.

    Bonus – The Trappings of Marriage

  15. In question 1 I’d love to see her ass a governess. After all, she is neither a servant nor a family member and can watch as all others go out in society, the Darcys come over, but she cannot socialize with them. (Evil laugh). Question 2: D-wouldn’t Lady Catherine have a fit (another evil laugh). And 3: C. She deserves to be married, but not above her station. And bonus question, in this order: 1, 4, 2, 3.

  16. Question #1: B
    Give that schemer what she truly deserves! 🙂
    Question #2: If they love each other, A. If they don’t, C
    Question #3: D

    • Ooooh Sheila, you’ve sparked my “men in the basement” as Stephen King puts it with your Question #2. Fanciful notions of how the summer house party is going to play out at Matlock are swirling and I just woke up and haven’t had coffee yet! 🙂

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