The Right Leg of a Man – plus a Giveway!

The Right Leg of a Man – plus a Giveway!

canstockphoto2451177 copyAs many of you may know, I spent six years interviewing over five hundred men for an in depth look at what contemporary guys really think about women, dating, love, marriage and other relationship issues. During the exhausting interviewing process, I noticed an almost universal male trait —leg jiggling. It was so prevalent, occurring in approximately 90% of the men, that I came to christen it: The-Right-Leg-Rapid-Rhumba or RLRR.

Within minutes of being seated, the right leg of the man being interviewed would mysteriously take on a life of its own. His thigh would start bouncing, his foot tapping, and his entire limb would jiggle; but he remained totally unaware. No matter whether he was right or left handed, it was always the right leg that jiggled.


Once my investigation was over, I analyzed all the demographical data I had gathered including the leg-jiggling statistics (RLRR.) Was this affliction a sign of our stressful times or have men been jiggling since they first stepped from the caves? And have we ladies been too polite to call attention to it?

Now happily ensconced in writing Austen variations I could not help but wonder if Jane observed the phenomena in Regency gentlemen but chose not to expose this male affliction. If Mr. Darcy had been stricken with RLRR would readers still have found him the most desirable of men?

Regency man's legs

With that premise in mind let me present:


Mr. Darcy’s First Proposal ~ with RLRR

“Mr. Darcy to see Miss Elizabeth Bennet,” the maid said with a curtsy.

The cause of Elizabeth’s frustration stood in the doorway, his hat in his hand, looking bewildered as if he had been carried there by a gust of wind. She locked eyes with Fitzwilliam Darcy and struggled to hide her astonishment. Was there yet another pot of mischief he could stir?

“Good afternoon, Miss Bennet,” he faltered. “May I come in?”

Swallowing her anger, Elizabeth motioned Mr. Darcy into the parlor. She was again forced to acknowledge that were he not one of the wealthiest men in England, he was surely the most handsome. She thought it a pity that despite his physical and financial assets, Fitzwilliam Darcy suffered from two incurable diseases: severe pomposity and a jittery right leg.

Mr. Darcy had proven himself to be the troublemaker who had callously ruined Jane’s life and no doubt the life of his dear friend, Bingley. Elizabeth had only just begun to contain her anger of the morning when he foolishly presented himself at the parsonage.

He took the chair Elizabeth offered him and she sat at the writing desk. Mr. Darcy fidgeted for a few long moments, crossing his right leg over his left and letting the limb bounce rapidly so that it resembled the anxious hind leg of an unlucky rabbit.

Darcy’s striking presence filled the small parlor, and his words—although he thought them lofty—hung in the air like dust motes. “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” He uncrossed his muscular legs and stretched his thighs, tugging at the knees of his breeches in an effort to find comfort. His right leg took to jiggling as if he were churning butter with his foot.

Never had Elizabeth been so perplexed by the actions of a man for he seemed completely unaware of the dance in which his leg engaged.

She had not knowingly led Mr. Darcy to believe she held anything but mild irritation toward him. Was he being sarcastic, or was her sarcasm missing its target? And what was occurring with his right leg? For it now jiggled so that the very chair he sat upon vibrated on the floor.

Elizabeth’s resentment mounted as Darcy persisted in stating his case, oblivious to her eyeballs bouncing in concert with his right thigh.

“The relative situation of our families is such that any alliance between us must be regarded as a highly reprehensible connection,” he fumbled, studying her eyes for a reaction.

When she failed to respond, he did not waver in expressing his opinion with regards to the Bennet family and the obstacles they presented, but which he was willing to overlook.

Elizabeth was bemused as Darcy dug a deep verbal trench, and not in the direction he had intended for his right leg betrayed his anxiety. His words rushed forward in a torrent of ill-conceived insults in support of his offer, not fully what he intended, the thoughts lay just beneath the surface of his proposal and he foolishly could not contain them, no more than he could contain his bouncing limb.

“Indeed, as a rational man, I cannot make sense of my feelings. Almost from the first moments of our acquaintance, I have felt for you a fervent regard that, despite all my efforts, have been for naught. I beg you most passionately to relieve my suffering and become my wife.”

Elizabeth could not be insensible to his feelings despite her intense dislike for the man and his leg. Bewilderment fueled the resentment in her heart. She swallowed back a knot of anger.

His rich brown eyes were so deep that Elizabeth felt she might tumble into them—if she could only draw her focus from his rabbiting thigh. She did not wish to cause him pain by her response and yet a reply was required. The opportunity to let him know she had learned of his cruel and duplicitous character loosened her tongue.

Carefully choosing her words so that Darcy would have no doubt as to how his offer had been received, Elizabeth said, “I have never desired your good opinion and you have certainly bestowed it most unwillingly.” She moved her gaze back to his leg. It had paused to receive the news.

His countenance became such that she could not have envisioned even the pompous Mr. Darcy would assume. He immediately ceased to leg-jiggle as though she had struck him a blow across the face. He struggled for composure. “Can you tell me why you are refusing my offer, with so little endeavor at civility?” His leg grew deadly calm for it did not comprehend the insult.

Elizabeth pinned him with her eyes. “You have just told me that you liked me against your will, against your reason, and even against your character. Is that not uncivil?”

“And this is all the reply which I am to have the honor of expecting! I would like to request the courtesy of knowing why I am being rejected—because I am being rejected—is that not so?”

Pacing her words so that her delivery hit its mark, she replied, “As I said, with so evident a design to offend and insult me, you tell me that you like me against your will, against your reason, and even against your character. Did you sincerely believe I would accept the foot, I mean the hand, of a man who thinks me so far beneath him? I, sir, should be on a pedestal and not beneath your shaking boot!”



Further insight for those who are still with me on this:

Delving deeper into this very important issue, I discovered that our brains are cross-wired: The right half of our brain controls the left side of our body while the left side tells the right side what to do. The left side of our body conveys information to our more emotional right side. (If you have something loving to say… whisper it into a man’s left ear.) The effect is reversed in left-handed people. I think. Best to try both ears and see which works better.

Subjects in research studies who tapped their fingers on their right hands for one minute became less willing to engage in risky behavior like drinking, driving, or proposing marriage. Movement on the right side activates the risk-adverse left hemisphere. So… perhaps… men who are tapping and jiggling their right leg are subconsciously fighting off the urge to do something risky?

There is neat little tidbit to my study. See if it works in your situation. Humans have a “left-side cradling bias.” We hold infants so that their heads nestle in our left elbows. This allows our emotional right brain to respond to the babies’ facial expression, thus creating better communication and bonding. Now, transfer that scenario to the bedroom. Does your man prefer you on his left or right side? Is he bonding with you or hiding his jiggling right leg?

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With love and laughter!

Barbara Silkstone



50 Responses to The Right Leg of a Man – plus a Giveway!

  1. Barbara, I think there are 3 primitive centers of the male brain. Fight, flight, and then another f word. If you are observing the leg twitch, then you have triggered the flight response, but most likely in too confined a space for them to actually escape. If you administer caffeine to the male subject and then ask them questions that involve self-evaluation you will almost certainly generate a strong flight response. I am only surprised that it was not over 90%.

  2. I’ve noticed that most man jingle the crossed leg, but never noticed it was the right one… I will pay attention from now on. Is that scene included in one of the books?? I would like to know how it ends…
    And, of course, I would love to get lucky and win your books!!

  3. Ah another interesting article! don’t know much about leg jiggling, lol, I really never noticed it but as far as babies, why is it that I hold them with my left arm?

  4. LOL Gosh how fun!!!! “Did you sincerely believe I would accept the foot, I mean the hand, of a man who thinks me so far beneath him? I, sir, should be on a pedestal and not beneath your shaking boot!” Couldn’t stop laughing 😀

  5. Well Barbara, I have two men living in my house: one does the leg thing and one does not. The one who does happens to be the DH. Sometimes he is so stressed that he taps his foot on the floor as well. It’s in the genes. His whole family is like that. Just put them together in a room and we have our own percussion section. Just kidding? I already have the first Vicar book, if you happen to pick my name. Best Wishes with your new book. Jen

    • Debbie, Thank you. Can you imagine how it might affect the appeal of a man, no matter how dashing, if his leg was jiggling? Not so charming. 🙂

  6. How hilarious! And you’re right – a fair number of men don’t seem capable of sitting still. I appear to be married to one of the few – but he is extraordinarily calm. A fortunate thing to be, if one is married to me!

    • Luthien, I did not ask them as I did not wish to interrupt them. Once they started talking during the interviews, all I could do was hang on and listen. They jiggled, totally unaware. And so I am sure they would have been stunned to learn they were doing it. 🙂

  7. This was so funny to read with the concentration of the jiggling leg. Your books are always so full of humour.

  8. Too funny! Loved the re-imagined proposal scene! At this very moment, my husband is sitting on the couch with his right leg crossed over his left, and YES…his right leg is jiggling! Very interesting. 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. I jigged my leg when young but stopped when a high school teacher embarrassed me by pointing it out. I’d be interested to know if a comment about it tends to stop it for others who do it. Maybe people are more likely to point it out for females.

    • As I was sitting in my doctor’s office just an hour or so ago I found myself jiggling my left leg…several times. What does that mean? I am right handed.

      • Sheila, I think it best that I refer you to your doctor. What did he say? This may require an additional dose of laughter.

        • I was tempted to ask her but then I knew I was doing it and stopped…and started again later. I have a procedure tomorrow which is making me stressed and I do not usually jiggle my leg or any other part…LOL So I expect to get over it!

    • Beatrice, This is just a guess because I have not interviewed 500 women, men only. But I think that if I would have mentioned it to any of the men, they would have denied doing it. They do it so unconsciously, they cannot control what they will not acknowledge. Correct a woman, and she will make an effort to address the quirk. If I corrected a man, he would think I was the quirk. 🙂 BTW: glad you overcame your leg-jiggling. 🙂

  10. Loved the vignette. I’m curious about whether his leg starts jiggling again at some point during the proposal scene. Or is he so disgusted that it is motionless until he leaves? What a tell for Darcy! Probably always loses at poker, too.
    I would definitely enjoy winning your 2 books, so please consider me.

    • Ginna, I believe his leg was absolutely stunned at the rejection and followed Darcy from the room without ever regaining its RLRR.

  11. I had a good chuckle even before beginning to read when I saw the “title” of this post. But I had always been told that leg jiggling was connected to “sexual frustration”. Old wives’ tale? And i remember observing the phenomenon even in high school and with women. I did sleep on my husband’s left side BUT he does not jiggle any leg. Instead he punctuates his speech by pounding his palm down on whatever surface is there. At one cocktail party the host went out to see if their horses were kicking the sides of their stalls due to hearing my husband pound the armchair as he spoke. They later discovered the cause. I have to remind my husband NOT to pound at times. I have never noted which leg it was when I did see leg jiggling. BTW: my HS experience was in the early 60’s so I have seen this over a long period of time but never discussed it with anyone.

  12. You must have met my husband and son! Both are leg shakers, but my son is left handed and he shakes his left foot as it is his “dominant” leg. If I don’t win, that is o.k.. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope I made you chuckle at the very least.

    • Susan, You did make me chuckle. I am in awe to meet the mother of a LLRR / Left-Leg-Rapid-Rhumba.They are very rare. You should be quite proud.

  13. I am aware of the phenomena that you mention. Depending on the male, I have been known to reach out and stop the movement of their leg or, in some cases, their foot. And, thinking back, I believe it WAS the right leg. I have seen this in a few females a too; and, again, it was the right leg. For some reason I have a memory of a left leg on someone; but, it is probably just my imagination. I will have to watch for it and make note. Thank you for sharing this insight AND for the chance to win your latest books!

    • Linda, Good for you. Grab that stranger’s leg and make it heel. 🙂 It’s a great way to make new friends. 😀

  14. I can’t say that I have noticed this ever but if it is true I am beginning to worry that after all these years I might actually be a man as I have trouble with my legs (both of them unfortunately so maybe I am not a man after all!) Thanks for this post and I will check it out.

    • Vesper, It is a funny image. Now could Elizabeth become smitten with him, despite his RLRR? That is the real test of true love. 🙂

    • It is amazing. Rarely do you see a female indulge in RLRR. The fun part is they don’t realize they are doing it. 🙂

    • Nicole, thank you! 🙂 Hint: At your next meeting drop your pen and bend down to pick it up. That way you can peek under the table. I do it all the time. 🙂

  15. This is so interesting. I have noticed that a lot of man jiggle a leg, but never noticed which leg it was… I will try your recommendation.

    • Good luck! I found it fascinating. There was only one profession that did not indulge in leg-jiggling. Not one doctor leg-jiggled. Not one. (I believe it is a secret course taught only to men in med school.) Can you imagine trusting your health and wellbeing to a jiggler? It would not inspire confidence in me, that’s for sure. 🙂

    • Anna, Thank you for loving the merge. It tickled me to think of Darcy with a nervous tick. Would he still be as appealing, or is he one tick away from ‘ugh’? 🙂

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