The Next Set

The Next Set

“It’s a great opportunity to meet new people.” ~ Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice 2005

Although Elizabeth is speaking of balls in this Pride and Prejudice 2005 film quote, her speech echoes my sentiment on bundling eBooks. It’s a great opportunity to introduce new readers to my stories. There’s also the added benefit of extending significant cost-savings to those of you who already read and enjoy my stories. Win-win!

Whether labeled as bundles, boxed sets, or collections, my strategy consists of packaging series as well as standalone stories.

Series bundles include:

Pride and Prejudice Untold (October 2015)


The Makings of Mr. Darcy (October 2016)

Pride and Prejudice Everything Must Change (Jan 2017)

Standalone bundles include:

Two Become One (July 2015)

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Romancing Mr. Darcy (May 2016)

To Make Her His Wife (September 2016)

For more info on each of these eBooks, visit me at Two Centuries Beyond Pemberley.

What I’ve noticed is standalone bundles tend to outperform series bundles by far. To the extent possible, I prefer to package standalone stories by theme. For instance, all the stories save one (Still a Young Man) in Two Become One are intended for all audiences, whereas the stories in Romancing Mr. Darcy include ‘mature’ scenes.

My newest release, Courtship and Matrimony, combines two stories that are in keeping with canon Pride and Prejudice. It includes Pride and Sensuality, which is set in the days before the weddings and Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth, which is set in the months after the weddings.

Here’s an excerpt from Book One, Chapter Two:

After a while, Darcy’s mood had recovered from Mrs. Bennet’s untimely interruption. With any luck, there will be no more disruptions. He noted the twinkle in Elizabeth’s eyes. Her teasing smile always aroused his sensibilities. Surely she knows not what she does to me.

Darcy shifted in his seat. “I believe it is my turn to serve you.” He leaned close to Elizabeth and said, “First, I require a favour of you.”

“What is it, sir?”

“You must close your eyes.”

“If I do as you suggest, then how will I know when to open my mouth to accept your offering?”

“Trust me, my love, you will know.”

Elizabeth was about to say something in protest, but the touch of his fingers upon her lips silenced her.

“Close them,” he said. “Otherwise, my love, I will have no recourse but to blindfold you.” Merely mentioning such an enticing prospect resuscitated his former ardour. After Elizabeth did as he asked, he picked up a piece of bread and started coating it with sweet strawberry preserves.

“What is taking you so long? Or do you mean to starve me with anticipation?”

Darcy chuckled. “My, are you not impatient? No doubt you are unaccustomed to the immense pleasures afforded by delayed gratification.”

“No doubt you mean to teach me.”

“Indeed.” He brought the tiny morsel to her lips.

Before Elizabeth could open her mouth, her eyes flew open, and she jumped. Fighting to prevent throwing both hands in the air, Darcy dropped his hand on the table, preparing to stand.

“No—stay where you are, young man. Do not bother standing on my account,” said Mr. Bennet.

Darcy released a deep inward sigh of relief. The last thing in the world he wanted to do was stand erect just then. He surmised his future father-in-law must have deduced his predicament.

Elizabeth was all too aware of Mr. Darcy’s discomfort as she was hardly in a dissimilar state, despite evidencing none of the tell-tale signs. Her voice higher pitched and strained, she said, “Papa, I took the liberty of preparing a repast for Mr. Darcy.”

Mr. Bennet held up his hand. “There is no need to explain, dearest Lizzy. Now, I beg the two of you to pardon this interruption, for you were no doubt in the middle of discussing secret affairs. I fear I may have got in the way.”

“No, Papa.”

The wily elder man squinted over his spectacles. “Well, whatever the manner of your intercourse, I did not mean to interrupt you. I am merely in search of my paper.”

Elizabeth crossed her arms over her chest. “Papa, would that be the same paper you have tucked under your right arm?”

Feigning surprise, he pursed his lips. “Well, imagine that.” He shook his head. Scratching his whiskers, he said, “I can only attribute my lapse to old age. Father Time is catching up with me.” Again, he held out his hand, “I give you two leave to carry on as you were.” He continued a slow and steady pace towards the door opposite the side of the room where he had entered. “Bon appétit, young man.”

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Happy reading!


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  1. I loved the excerpt even though I miss the deadline. I skip reading blogs when my nose is in a book and have been trying to empty more of my mailbox in the last week.

  2. These are so lovely! Thank you for offering this giveaway and congratulations on your newest bundle release.

  3. Congratulations on the new bundle release. Your stories always bring me reading pleasure.

  4. Those are all so pretty! You do such a great job. Congratulations on the new bundle 🙂

  5. Whew! Difficult to find some privacy in the Bennet household. Can’t wait to read the rest. Thanks for offering the giveaway and the bundles.

    • It’s my pleasure Luisa. I’m delighted to know you enjoyed the excerpt and you’re looking forward to reading the rest of the story. Thanks! 🙂

  6. Mr. Bennet having more fun at E&D’s expense. Congratulations on the new bundle! What fun!

  7. Well doesn’t this look delicious? (And I’m not referring to strawberry jam.) Other JAFF authors would do well to follow your marketing lead. Looking forward to adding this bundle to my Must-Read pile. Brava on your new release, and wishing you continued success.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Janis. I’m so glad you’re looking forward to this newest book bundle. I hope you’ll love the stories. 🙂

  8. Congratulations Pam on a new bundle release. I love bundles and have most of yours (apart from the ones which would have doubled with single books). Please, do not count me for the giveaway, I’ve already bought the book. 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Pam, on your newest bundle release! Bundling is okay in most instances, but I find sometimes that I already have one or two books included in the bundle.This newest bundle I don’t have, so thank you for a chance to win it. I love all your books! Keep writing!

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