“What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.”  — Jane Austen

I can agree with that. But we’ve just moved to the Midwest and it gets cold here in winter – Chicago, you almost froze me out last winter – so I’ll soak up all the sunshine I can – even if I grow “brown and coarse” like poor Lizzy Bennett.

Hmmm…. Moving on…. I thought it might be fun here to simply share anything special you are doing this summer:




Are you growing your garden?

Spending time with family?

Getting ready for the AGM?

Working hard, but attempting to take a summer-filled breath each day?

As for me, we are to soon leave on our first family trip in about a decade. Moving, school, work has all prevented us from putting aside a little time and those

My garden!
My garden!

kids are growing fast! So I’m very excited about that. Of course, I’ll add a dash of work too – can’t help myself – and research and write my next manuscript.

So enjoy a lemonade, a good read, time outdoors and, perhaps, a touch of sunblock

And let us know what you’re up to…


15 Responses to Summertime

  1. We finally finished planting our backyard garden area. After only one year in our Kentucky house I suppose that wasn’t too long a delay, but I sure was tired of seeing plain dirt! Now I hope, in time, that the perennials will grow big and flower like the ones in your photo!

  2. My schedule is even busier this summer with work, volunteering, and hopefully reading more P&P inspired novels! Wishing everyone a great summer!

  3. Deborah, I envy you the garden. Two things work against me in that respect, now living in a condo and having arthritic knees.

    I will be traveling to the Seattle area to visit my daughter and her husband and then a bus trip with a friend to visit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and that area. I have been before but this is just a three day get away. I have never been to Italy and just the architecture there looks so gorgeous in photos!

    • I lived in Seattle for a few years and what a gorgeous time to go visit. I hope you have a fantastic trip. And enjoy Niagara Falls! I’ve never been there, but image it to be fantastic too!

  4. I am sooooo jealous – Italy! Wish I was there, too.

    Going to the beach for 2 weeks. Can’t afford a place, so we’ll be camping!

  5. After dry-roasting in the 100+ heat of the high plains, I have a work trip to Ireland to look forward to — at least I am looking forward to the 50/60 degree weather…

  6. This summer, for me, is not much fun. I am in some really tough accounting classes that started in May and run through September. On top of that, I am very envious of Deborah’s garden as mine got completely drowned when we had the severe flooding a bit back. I’ll never forget seeing the tops of my tomato plants peeking through allll that water and then they were gone. sigh only my mint has survived. Not surprising as it IS mint. LOL I am working and going to school and staying out of the very hot Oklahoma sun. All of you lovelies post your pics so I can live vicariously through your adventures! I’m going to Cozumel in the fall so I think I can I think I can… =D

  7. For the summer, even though my work week has not been shortened as promised (from 50 hours to 40 hours) I have a vegetable garden with brocolli, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, raspberries, peppers, eggplant, mint and about 20 different herbs. I am hoping to get away for a week and go to Salem and Marblehead, Massachusetts, as my husband’s dad and mom are from those towns.

    • Enjoy. My husband’s family is from that area now… and my sister! We are going to visit over Christmas. So looking forward to it! Sorry about the work week though — 50 hours are LONG hours. Hope vacation is very restful.

  8. An update… I posted this early because I was unsure how my connection would be in Italy, but I have one! 🙂 And it’s lovely over here. Yes, the sun is quite hot and I’m getting a bit tanner than one with Vitiligo should, but it’s worth it. The food is gorgeous, the scenery more so. There isn’t a place to post pictures, but I have some on my Facebook pages: Katherine Blackburn Reay and /katherinereaybooks. We spent a few days in Umbria (specifically Montefalco), then a couple days with the crowds in Venice and now a few days in Tuscany’s Chianti region. Next to Rome then home. Getting lots of book ideas and family memories.

    Please share what you’re up to as well…. Thanks for dropping by….

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