Summer Travels

Summer Travels

Summer Travels…


Lots happens in the summer — it’s a wonderful time to escape. In Austen’s time, country parties were organized, visits to friends, summer parties and balls. Schedules loosened a little and exciting things happened. Just think about all Lizzy’s summer travels in Pride and Prejudice or Anne’s trip to Lyme (where she regained her “bloom”) and Bath in the summer of Persuasion and Emma off to Box Hill (even if she did behave very badly)

I’m planning a little travel as well. I don’t usually travel in the summer. Although schedules loosen a bit, it is still a time of work and managing kid schedules and family commitments. But this summer is special! My daughter and I are headed to Vienna, Prague and Budapest this summer for a several days — just the two of us. She heads off to college in the fall and I am so excited to spend this special time with her. In many ways, I feel a window is closing for she won’t have the time or the inclination for such travel with Mom soon. 

Do you have any special summer plans? 

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  1. We are unable to travel and so I live vicariously through your pictures. snicker I love the photos on this site. I feel like I have been there,

  2. Enjoy this wonderful time with your daughter. Not anything as far flung but my two daughters and I are heading for a long weekend to the Titanic Experience in Belfast in Northern Island towards the end of Summer. Really looking forward to the few days together.

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