Summer Travels

Summer Travels

I love the scene in Pride and Prejudice in which Miss Bingley criticizes Lizzy for becoming so “brown and course” during her summer travels. I always think — “But she had fun!” 

And that’s what a little of summer is supposed to be — fun, free and sunny. Of course, I always go into those months with the lie that everyday will be like that. They never are. Work, family obligations, and the business of life don’t take a prolonged holidays. But there is a lightness to the air and sometimes special adventures happen.

I have just returned from one such special adventure. My elder daughter heads to college this fall and, as a graduation gift/special treat for Mom, my husband suggested and helped organize a ten day trip for just the two of us. 

We spent three days in Budapest, three in Vienna and three in Prague. We walked all over those cities and tried to absorb every drop of the history and culture we could take in during those short visits. And we had an amazing time!!! 

Here are few pictures and if you head to My FB Author Page you can see the wonderful video my daughter made. 

I hope you have the chance to create some special summer memories as well. Please share! 

Enjoy the last days of summer and I will see you here again next month as we roll into fall. (My favorite season of the year!) 

All the best, 


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  1. Katherine, an incredible trip of precious memories made with your daughter. These photos are amazing! 🙂

  2. Nice pics and what a nice trip for you and your daughter! It is always nice to spend time together with family.

  3. What a wonderful trip for you and your daughter prior to her going to college. What a rite of passage. Man, that was such a thoughtful trip for your husband to plan for you. Blessings on her success and college career. Blessings to you as you let her go off into the world. You’ll do fine.

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