SPOOKTACULAR Autumn on Austen Authors!

SPOOKTACULAR Autumn on Austen Authors!

I suppose there is no longer any way to deny that autumn is firmly entrenched (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and that we are solidly into the Halloween/Harvest Time/Thanksgiving season. Unless you walk into Walmart or other department stores, that is, where Halloween happened in early September and autumn only lasted a week because everything is already Christmas-themed! Seriously, I went to Walmart TWO WEEKS ago to buy a few decorations, and there were literally only 2 aisles for costumes, candy, and decor. Insanity!

Despite the nonsensical marketing agenda, Halloween is still two days away and Thanksgiving over a month away. So, even if you are one of those strange but wise creatures who actually begin Christmas shopping early (Bless your soul!) I think it safe to simultaneously enjoy the autumn months for what makes them special. Today’s blog is a celebration of glorious fall and the fun of Halloween from decorations to history to recipes to whatever else I can cram in. Here we go!

Let us start with decorations! I added a few new items to my modest Harvest-themed decorations. I might even need to buy a second big plastic bin to hold everything (two bins as opposed to the seven bins of Christmas home decor). Between Peddler’s Malls, the annual Bardstown Craft Festival, and dollar stores for inexpensive craft supplies, I scored nicely this year. Below is a photo of my front porch, decorated much more than I ever have in past years.

Now it is YOUR turn to share how you decorate your house for fall. Do you go for the super scary Halloween? Middle of the road cutesy-type Halloween decor mixed with general harvest decor? Or, are you like me in preferring autumn colors and the sweeter harvest time, country decorations? Do you start decorating early in October and change after Halloween? Or do your decorations stay up until ready to switch to Christmas? Inquiring minds want to know!

SAMHAIN = HALLOWEEN: Just how linked are the two, historically speaking?

Whether one is a major Halloween enthusiast or not a big fan, there is no way to avoid the prevalence of the holiday here in the US. Over the years I have dug into the historical facts behind the modern incarnation called Halloween. For those who are interested in history, here are links to the blogs I’ve posted on the topic.

HALLOWEEN EVOLUTION: Tracing the timeline to modern-day Halloween.
HALLOWEEN CUSTOMS: The history behind some of the main customs associated with Halloween.
ALL SAINTS & ALL SOULS DAYS: The historical, religious origin of Halloween.

FOOD! Who doesn’t love autumn food? There are many more recipes besides pumpkin pie and roasted turkey. Google or Pinterest recipe searching will take you down a rabbit hole so deep even Alice would have trouble escaping. Here are just a few from the main food groups, each image linked to the recipe website.

Autumn soups made from various squashes and pumpkin are too numerous to count. I chose one with a splash of bourbon since I live smack in the middle of Kentucky Bourbon country. The other is a nice mix of vegetable not exclusive to fall but with the earthy taste and colors befitting the season. And third, of course, a soup with pumpkin as the main ingredient. Yum!



Great autumn foods are not exclusive to dinner or amazing desserts of course. Here are merely three of many breakfast dishes to enjoy.



Whether searching for a cozy liquid in a mug to warm one’s insides or a tall glass filled with ice, or if one likes to add a touch of spirit to their favorite beverage or stay virgin, these two websites will surely have the perfect autumn drink choice for the occasion and taste buds.

47 FALL COCKTAIL AUTUMN RECIPES (a slideshow with links to recipes)



These final recipes are random, falling into various categories. First up is a clever option for any left over pumpkins! Maybe the cute orange globes are still intact after sitting cutely on the porch steps and you hate to throw them away. Making mash for a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie is always one option, but why not a stuffed pumpkin delicious entree?




In the vegetarian and semi-Mexican category, how about a crispy quesadilla with black beans and butternut squash? Sounds delicious to me!


Finally, this one not only looks delicious but brought to mind the dinner entree pies of the Regency Era and prior. Savory pies with a crust all around and piled high. Probably not the easiest to make, and if it were me I’d still use a store-bought, ready-made crust, but surely worth the effort and certain to dazzle guests at a dinner party.




Autumn is not my favorite season, as far as seasons go. I am much more of a spring and summer lover. That said, I do love the holidays that occur during fall. Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, are the best holidays of the entire year, in my opinion. I could very easily go on and on with recipes and crafts, but all good posts must come to an end. Please share with everyone some of YOUR favorite recipes (links are always welcome) or fun craft ideas or memories of awesome holidays or anything else surrounding this marvelous season. Thanks!

9 Responses to SPOOKTACULAR Autumn on Austen Authors!

  1. I love your decorations. We really don’t decorate much for Fall or Halloween. The only time we decorate is for Christmas and my husband has already putting some of our decorations out, I guess he figures if Walmart can do it why can’t we too.

  2. I know what you mean about Walmart, mine actually started to mark some of their Halloween Clothes down on clearance a few weeks ago! Not all but still it’s crazy how they are marking down the current upcoming holiday to make room for Christmas. It means that I got 3 new shirts instead of 1 though. As for decorating when I was little my Mum and I would have Scarecrow making parties and do webbing on all the bushes as well as a few of those cute plastic bag ghosts you fill with leaves but now there aren’t really any trick or treaters in the area other than groups of teenage boys that don’t dress up. Thanks for sharing this post and I like your decorations. I never liked the really scary ones and would even skip stopping at some of them when I was trick or treating if they looked too scary for me.

  3. Your front porch is so warm and welcoming, Sharon! We decorate a bit for autumn, including Hallowe’en and Thanksgiving, just removing the jack o’lantern centerpiece for the ceramic pilgrim figures and little turkey-shaped candleholders. But the sunflowers are on my worktable year-round except for Christmas. 😉

    And the wild rice soup looks incredible!!! My mouth is watering!! 😛

    Autumn is my favorite season, as summer is my least. I hate the heat, so the return to cool, crisp weather is always welcome!! Fires in the wood stove, blankets to snuggle under while reading (preferably with hot tea and chocolate biscuits), and delicious soups for dinner–YES!!! 😀

    And sweater-weather!! YES!!!! 😀

    Thanks for a lovely post, Sharon!!

    Warmly (and autumnly),

    Susanne 🙂

  4. I stopped decorating for Halloween when my children left home. I doubt my daughter’s family will ever visit from Australia at this time of year but maybe when my son’s twin boys are a bit older??
    I love the look of the wild rice soup and the pie with goats cheese especially!
    Thanks for this post and for sharing the picture of your wonderful porch!

  5. Someone gave us a cement gnome couple sitting on a log bench, for a wedding present (!) Early on, She fell off, and her head became unattached. (Not intentional, seriously!) So, I used red nail polish to paint her neck areas, and then put some on His mouth. I use this tableau as a Halloween decoration now.

  6. Love your entry way. It is very welcoming. I just want to sit and chat while drinking something hot. Sigh. I relaxed just looking at the picture.

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin. Oh, those recipes look delicious and too adventurous for just the two of us. Those would be great for a party of family and friends.

    My decorating consists of changing a wreath on my door to match the season and maybe one inside. Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. Thank you for sharing! Your display is beautiful! I like your little lady sitting in her chair so cute! Some of the recipes sound good too!

  8. I love the way you decorated your front porch, Sharon. It’s a perfect seasonal greeting to visitors and passersby. You mentioned one of my favorite things about the season: peddlers’ malls and craft fairs. We have quite a few in my area, and I always find unique gifts and decorative items. Thanks for a fun post.

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