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Of course my swamp cooler (evaporative cooler) decided to give up a few weeks ago, when the weather was in the 90’s here in Utah.  Being the end of the season, only the most expensive replacements are available in the stores.  While I was in Home Depot, I watched as they were putting out Halloween decorations, I made a joke about being surprised that they didn’t just put up Christmas and forget Halloween.  The young man who was working replied that the Christmas items would be arriving in 2 weeks’ time.

This made me think, where has the time gone?  Wasn’t it spring just a day or 2 ago?  We are fast approaching the season of giving and sharing.

I have been suffering the past few months due to the high levels of anger and hostility going on in the world.  Not just our election year disagreements, but much more. Police officers are being led into traps. Innocent people being shot and killed. People you would never expect becoming so angry, they strike out and injure someone.  Massive changes are being made across the world, changes that I believe will make a huge difference in everything.  So how can I make myself write Regency period romance?


Negativity has long term consequences,  not only mentally, but physically to out bodies. Health conditions can suffer from the negativity in our lives. Is it worth becoming ill, or worse, die, due to allowing negativity into one’s life?

With the season of giving and caring fast approaching, I made a determination to better my life.  Each day, on my Facebook page, I have decided to speak of something or someone that I am grateful to have in my life.  It sounds simple enough, but it is challenging me to look for the good and celebrate it by sharing.

In doing this challenge, it is opening my heart and my eyes to remember all that is good in my life. I have loving family, fantastic friends, memories of past experiences that have shaped my life towards the future. The challenge is making a huge difference and I am glad I decided to do such a project.

Are you tired of negative in your life? Don’t allow it to overwhelm you. Make your own challenge and celebrate the positive that is in your life.  It is simple, and takes very little effort. Come on, join me in the challenge to return balance in our lives by accepting positive energy .And share a smile with others, so as to share the positive energy with them. It is contagious.


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  1. All good points, Melanie. And those who gather and disseminate the news are to blame. They NEVER look for the good around them because the bad is so much more exciting.

  2. A wonderful resolution, Melanie. Yes, it’s so hard to get weighed down by the things going on in the world. I will join you in your challenge. We can do it!

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