Selling Jane Austen

Selling Jane Austen

For someone who has been dead for 200 years, Jane Austen is pretty popular. Her image and quotations adorn all kinds of items—from t-shirts to tea towels—and the Jane Austen “industry” seems to encompass an ever-expanding range of merchandise. In my sojourns through the internet I’ve found some unusual Jane-related items. Below I’ve displayed the ones I found to be the most…surprising.  I hope you enjoy them as well.


Pride and Prejudice baby onesie. I love this. I don’t know if it’s because it conjures
images of an infant Darcy 
or because I wonder what kind of things would make an
average infant lose his/her good opinion.

Jane Austen finger puppet. I don’t think this is the most flattering
likeness of Jane I’ve 
ever seen; however, it also doubles as a refrigerator magnet.




Jane Austen air freshener. According to the description: “As a genteel lady of the landed gentry, you know
the social importance of hiding any errant odors that might enter the nostril of a potential suitor.”



Pride and Prejudice confetti. I think I need to create an occasion to use this.




Jane Austen tattoos. I also need an occasion to use these—perhaps
when I join the Jane Austen biker gang. 🙂




Jane Austen toothpaste. Rose flavored. The same
company also sells Sigmund Freud toothpaste.


Goodnight Mr. Darcy. This is quite cute—combining Pride and
Prejudice and the children’s classic 
Goodnight Moon.





Pride and Prejudice quote thong. 
I’m not sure what occasion this quotation—in
 this particular location—would be appropriate for.

31 Responses to Selling Jane Austen

  1. I agree about the thong and tattoos.LOL Not for me. The air freshener is kind of cute and the toothpaste maybe worth a try. I love the idea of Goodnight Mr. Darcy! My nieces all loved Goodnight Moon when they were little but this one is right up MY alley! It looks really cute.

  2. There really are a lot of things out there but I wouldn’t have thought of several of these and while some seem cool others seem a bit too out there. Something about a Caroline Bingley quote on the thong just does not see to work, although I am not sure what quote would be better. Thanks for sharing. It was fun seeing all the pictures of the different items you have come across.

  3. Some of these are plain weird. I’d love the tattoos though. And the thong!! Let’s not even go there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Haha! Who knew one could have a quote on a thong! I think I will pass…rather uncomfortable in my opinion! I love your comment about joining a Jane Austen Biker gang! Would your Harley be pink?! I bought the book for my granddaughter though! I actually bought the pop heads (not sure if I have the correct description there) of Elizabeth and Lady Catherine from the movie P&P Zombie movie! That was definitely a fun post!

    • Hi Carole, It would be fun to design a regency era motorcycle outfit. 🙂 I’m sorry the Goodnight Darcy book wasn’t available when my kids were little; I would have loved to read it to them.

  5. LOL, some of these things are ugly, but a lot of them are just funny. Thanks for sharing Victoria. 🙂

  6. I am a fan of the Kindle covers for one’s fave book! Cannot quite wrap my head around the thong. Do love the tramp stamp in the tats! Total fun! Thank you for the relief from grading and the blog tour!

  7. Thanks for sharing these items. I had no idea any of these things existed. I’m a bit jealous of the Goodnight Mr. Darcy as I read Goodnight Moon to my kids over and over again when they were younger, if only I would have had this book instead:)

  8. I have samples of the air freshener, the tattoos, Good Night Mr. Darcy, and the bandaids (along with a variety of other items) that I keep to use in one of my presentations.

  9. Yes! I think I will pass on the finger puppet/ fridge magnet (although it may stop fridge raids!). I do love the baby one die and the thong is certainly interesting!! ?. I’m not sure about the tattoos although I did used to like the ones we got under the bubble gum wrapper when I was a child (I think it was Bazooka but I may be wrong – doesn’t often happen ???.)

  10. They had a variety of items on display at the Will+Jane exhibit at the Folger Shakespeare Library last year. It’s like Disney marketing the items that have been made in her name. 🙂


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