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Renata McMann . . .   is the pen name of someone who likes to rewrite public domain works. She is fond of thinking “What if?” She loves to write because, as a mathematics teacher at a community college, she feels the need to exercise both sides of her brain. Her specialty is Jane Austen Fan Fiction, with particular attention given to creating unique Pride & Prejudice variations. Her other works, written as Teresa McCullough, are in the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

McMann has published five Pride & Prejudice variation short stories, which can be purchased alone or as a collection, both in Kindle and print, in the form of her book: Five Pride and Prejudice Variations: A Collection of Short Stories. In 2014, Renata began collaborating with fantasy author Summer Hanford. Between the two, they have created over twenty additional Pride & Prejudice variations, with more to come.

McMann’s fantasy writing began when she and her mother collaborated on The Enhancer. The second book in the enhancer universe, The First Enhancer, came from wondering how the society in The Enhancer originated. This grew into several stand-alone stories in that universe. In addition to this, McMann (as Teresa McCullough), has several other fantasy and science fiction novels and short stories available.

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Summer Hanford . . .  knew from a young age that she wanted to be a writer. Summer currently writes Regency Romance, Adventure Romance, Pride and Prejudice variations and Fantasy novels . . . with a touch of romance.

Starting in 2014, Summer was offered the privilege of partnering with fan fiction author Renata McMann on her well-loved Pride and Prejudice variations. Since their partnership began, Hanford and McMann have earned Amazon’s #1 Best Seller badge and #1 New Release badge with several different novels, both in the United States and abroad. More information on their joint work is available at

In addition to Pride and Prejudice variations, Summer writes Regency Romance for Scarsdale Publishing, including her Under the Shadow of the Marquess trilogy, several Scarsdale Half Hour Reads and multiple installments in the ongoing Marriage Maker Series. As with all of Summer’s work, her Regency Romance is clean, sweet romance.

Summer is currently writing solo works in Regency Romance and Adventure Romance, partnering with McMann, providing content for, creating and managing websites, and is a fantasy and science fiction faculty member at AllWriters’ Workplace and Workshop, LLC., an international creative writing studio. She lives in Michigan with her husband and compulsory, deliberately spoiled, cats, plus a new puppy (not yet appreciated by the cats!). For more about Summer, visit

Austenesque Novels by Renata McMann & Summer Hanford

A Duel in Meryton: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
With his young sister Georgiana’s reticence a constant reminder that his onetime friend, George Wickham, should not be trusted, Darcy decides a trip to rural Hertfordshire is in order, for both him and Georgiana. Darcy believes the people there are of so little consequence, Georgiana will know no fear in interacting with them. He soon learns he’s wrong about both his sister and Hertfordshire, but not about Wickham.

Even bearing the brunt of Mr. Darcy’s insult doesn’t soften Elizabeth to her husband-hunting cousin, Mr. Collins, and her first reaction is to disdain both men. As the two join forces against Meryton’s newest militia member, the charming Mr. Wickham, Elizabeth comes to see a different side to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins. Their presence in Hertfordshire, along with Mr. Darcy’s other companions, will forever alter the lives of Elizabeth and those she cares for most.
Love, Letters and Lies: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Elizabeth Bennet is not the type of woman to be forced into marrying anyone, especially not the insufferable Mr. Darcy. When, through no fault of her own, she ends up in a compromising situation with him, she does everything she can to keep their scandal secret and avoid matrimony. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to go along with that plan.

Darcy doesn’t want to wed an aggravating country miss with no connections, but honor dictates he offer. When, shockingly, she refuses, he’s relieved. Upon reflection, that relief turns to indignation, for no other woman would think of turning him down. Indignation soon grows into preoccupation… or could he be in the grip of some other, even stronger emotion?
The Long Road to Longbourn: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Fitzwilliam Darcy has nearly everything a gentleman could want. Looks, wealth, connections. He lacks but one aspect of a perfect life, a bride. He’s chosen Miss Elizabeth Bennet to fill the role but when he proposes, to his utmost chagrin, she refuses him in no uncertain terms. His heart stomped on by a country miss who is by no societal measure his equal, he can’t imagine a worse moment.

Elizabeth Bennet does not care for Mr. Darcy and his highhanded, supercilious ways and wants nothing more to do with him. She hopes, in view of her vehement refusal of his proposal, to never set eyes on him again. After all, a man with Mr. Darcy’s pride can hardly be expected to bear her company after the strong words she’s issued.

Fate, however, has more plans for Elizabeth and Darcy. The moment before they mean to separate forever, both are abducted and whisked away on a harrowing journey. To save themselves and return home, they must band together to surmount perils, overcome obstacles and decide whom to trust. Join Darcy and Elizabeth on their journey as they take the long road back to Longbourn… and to love.
Hypothetically Married: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
What does an aging country attorney know about raising five young women? Apparently not enough, for the first of them to wed is the youngest, and her husband is a schemer. Trying to do better for his remaining wards, Mr. Phillips moves them to London.

Elizabeth is happy enough to visit London with her uncle and sisters, until town life throws her into the company of Mr. Darcy. She met him the autumn before, when he and his friends visited Hertfordshire, and found him thoroughly disagreeable. Now, it seems she must be in his company nearly every day.

Darcy is aware that Miss Elizabeth Bennet doesn’t care for him, which suits him perfectly. After all, he has no intention of courting the aggravating country miss. Even so, he must see her often and they develop a tentative friendship. Both make it clear to each other that it is friendship, not love. As those around them seek their help for their romantic relationships, Darcy and Elizabeth are steadfast in avoiding romantic involvement with each other. Or are they?
The Forgiving Season: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Sometimes, expectations are not met… and sometimes, that’s a good thing.

When Elizabeth finds herself increasingly in the company of Mr. Darcy, she expects her dislike of him to grow. Instead, she begins to see a different side of the one man she never dreamed to care for. Meanwhile, Wickham plots ultimate misery for Darcy, but his plans lead him in a direction he never guessed he would go.
The Widow Elizabeth: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Can heartbreak ever lead to greater happiness?

When Elizabeth weds one of Darcy’s dearest friends he tries, and fails, to put his love for her behind him. Then, after two years of regretting his decision to step aside for his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy is given that rarest of gifts, a second chance. Though he mourns the cousin he loved like a brother, Darcy can’t help but wonder what might have been, and what could still be.

Elizabeth’s heart is broken by her husband’s death. Worse, she’s being pressed to marry not only by her family, but a barrage of suitors. Amid the chaos and sorrow, only one person, Mr. Darcy, seems to fully understand her need to grieve. He, like Elizabeth, knows Colonel Fitzwilliam deserves the respect of a full twelve months of mourning.

Still, much can happen in a year.
Foiled Elopement: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Elizabeth Bennet is left stranded after saving Georgiana Darcy from a disastrous elopement.

Rescue is near, but Elizabeth will have to pay an additional price, not only for Georgiana’s mistake but for the circumstance in which Elizabeth becomes embroiled. Some, like Miss Bingley, may look down on a precarious situation of Elizabeth’s own making, but what else could someone of her bold, intelligent and compassionate nature do?
Believing in Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Elizabeth Bennet’s life is forever altered by Mr. Collins’ most foolish act.

Now, with her family scattered and her place in the world uncertain, she has no one to rely on but her dear friend Charlotte. Elizabeth longs for security of her own, but will never compromise her values to obtain it.

Nor will she have to, if she can simply bring herself to believe in Mr. Darcy.
Her Final Wish: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
When a sickness burns its way through Hertfordshire, Darcy casts prudence aside to ensure Elizabeth reaches Longbourn in time to tend her ailing mother.

Trapped by a quarantine and hastily made promises, the two find themselves bound by obligation and honor. With Longbourn in chaos and the Bennet family at odds, will good ever come from Mrs. Bennet’s final wish?
Miss Bingley's Christmas
The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t stop Miss Bingley from dragging her sister off to a trendy new flower shop in a slightly less than modish part of London. What could be so important as to bring two socialites out in the cold? Why, Mr. Darcy is coming for Christmas dinner.

Unfortunately for Miss Bingley, a winter storm and her own arrogance combine to ruin her Christmas plans, but maybe the Christmas she ends up having will actually turn into the Christmas of her dreams.
Epiphany with Tea
Who would think tea at Rosings could be enlightening? Not Mr. Darcy. At least, not until the moment he realizes how to win Elizabeth Bennet’s heart.

Even after years of marriage, the memory of tea at Rosings is still fresh in Darcy’s mind, but can lessons learned then help him come to terms with the trials of today?

Epiphany with Tea is a story of love, happiness, understanding and cherishing the season.
Courting Elizabeth
In the wake of his disastrous proposal to Elizabeth, Darcy is compelled to write her, unable to permit her misconceptions to stand. Unfortunately, he leaves his letter unattended.

What happens when Darcy’s words make their way into Lady Catherine’s hands? With his aunt determined to force him to marry Anne de Bourgh, will Darcy still manage to pursue Elizabeth?

Find out what twists, turns and danger await in Courting Elizabeth.
The Fire at Netherfield Park
The Fire at Netherfield Park the final installment of McMann’s and Hanford’s season of smoke and fire, opens with Charles Bingley’s famous ball. Smoke soon seeps into the room, rapidly turning the event from frivolous to dire.

Determined to save everyone, Darcy enlists Elizabeth’s aid in urging the disbelieving assemblage to depart. Darcy and Elizabeth prove as noble as one might expect, but who else will rise to the ranks of hero, who will escape the fire, and who will perish? When the smoke clears, what will become of those who escaped the fire at Netherfield Park?
Entanglements of Honor
When fear of a fire forces Bennet sisters Elizabeth and Jane into compromised situations, both sisters concede they must marry. The trouble is, Mr. Bingley is honor bound to offer for Elizabeth, as Mr. Darcy is to offer for Jane. Can our two favorite Pride and Prejudice couples untangle themselves?
From Ashes to Heiresses
With the rest of their family gone and their home destroyed, Elizabeth and Jane are taken in by their aunt and uncle in Meryton. Concerned about the two surviving Bennet sisters’ situation, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley come to Herfordshire, but not before Mr. Wickham attempts to use the situation to his advantage.
Entanglements of Honor with Ashes to Heiresses
Renata McMann’s and Summer Hanford’s season of smoke and fire begins with Entanglements of Honor.

This print book also includes From Ashes to Heiresses, available separately on kindle.
A Death at Rosings: A Pride & Prejudice Variation
The world of Rosings is turned on its head with the sudden death of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Not yet up to the challenge of managing the estate on her own, Anne de Bourgh enlists the aid of Elizabeth Bennet, who is staying with her cousin Mr. Collins at the time.

Elizabeth is capable, intelligent and quick thinking enough to help Anne manage Rosings, but is she ready for the challenge of Mr. Darcy’s return to Kent? With his rebuked proposal, his letter and her knowledge that she misjudged him between them, can Elizabeth set her own feelings aside to help save Anne de Bourgh’s estate?
Poor Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Novella
Imagine a world in which Darcy doesn’t go to Ramsgate and thus doesn’t stop Georgiana from running off and marrying Wickham. Renata McMann and Summer Hanford present Poor Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Novella, in which they examine how that single alteration changes the way Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s story unfolds, a tale that hinges on Mr. Darcy’s performance as a poor Mr. Darcy.
Lady Catherine Regrets
Lady Catherine de Bourgh cannot understand what her nephew, Mr. Darcy, sees in the low born, impertinent Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and with Darcy married, what is to become of her daughter Anne? Lady Catherine’s quest to find her daughter a husband might just lead to a better life not only for Anne, but for herself.
Mary Younge: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novella
In Pride & Prejudice it is difficult to imagine a woman who would both meet Mr. Darcy’s requirements to take charge of Georgiana, and who would trust Mr. Wickham. If she helped him, she would lose both her job and her reputation. It is unlikely she trusted or loved him enough to do that. We only know Mrs. Younge through Darcy’s eyes, but, though this Mrs. Younge conceals some of her past from Mr. Darcy, she neither conspired with Wickham nor is fooled by him. Mary Younge shows us there could be another side to the story.
Mr. Collins' Deception: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Short Story
Jane Austen tells us that Mr. Collins was originally a man of ‘great humility of manner,’ but suppose that wasn’t true. What if Mr. Collins was a very different person than he appeared to be? His false portrayal of himself is all part of Mr. Collins’ Deception.
The Scandalous Stepmother: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novella
When Mrs. Bennet died, Mr. Bennet decided it behooved him to find a new mother for his young daughters. Now, with all of them grown and getting married, it’s time for Elizabeth to learn the truth about her father’s choice. Little does Elizabeth know, the woman who fought for years to turn her and her sisters into proper English misses is secretly a very scandalous stepmother.
Caroline and the Footman: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Short Story
In an effort to shatter the Caroline Bingley villain motif, Caroline and the Footman portrays a Caroline who is not stupid, greedy or villainous, but rather someone with her own life and dreams, though her actions do still influence Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s relationship. Readers will find everything they thought they knew about Caroline Bingley turned on its head.
Pride & Prejudice Villains Revisited – Redeemed – Reimagined: A Collection of Six Short Stories
Villains Redeemed is a collection of six Pride and Prejudice variations, all attempting to show how some of Jane Austen’s most vilified characters could actually be good at heart, or at least redeemed. This collection includes five selections which have been previously released alone and one short bonus story.

Novellas included: Mr. Collins’ Deception, Caroline and the Footman, Lady Catherine Regrets, Mrs. Bennet’s Triumph, Mary Younge, and Wickham’s Journal.
Georgiana's Folly: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novella (The Wickham Coin Book 1)
This is the first of the two novella The Wickham Coin Series. Both novellas have different interpretations of Wickham, although he is not the main character in either. Both bring Darcy and Georgiana to Hertfordshire, both show another way Elizabeth and Darcy find each other, and both involve Wickham.

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Darcy enlists Elizabeth’s aid to help him deal with Georgiana, a tricky task with Wickham in town. In this novella an attempt was made to make Wickham as good a man as possible and still be consistent with Pride and Prejudice.
Elizabeth's Plight: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella (The Wickham Coin Book 2)
In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Elizabeth rescues Georgiana from ruin, but will her heroism be rewarded with ruin of her own?

This is the second novella in a two part series examining two possible interpretations of Austen’s Wickham character. In this novella, which has more action scenes than other McMann and Hanford collaborations, Wickham is definitely a villain.
Georgiana's Folly & Elizabeth's Plight: Wickham Coin Series, Volumes 1 & 2
This book contains two previously published novellas and is a second edition, with special thanks to our new editor Joanne Girard, and was originally published with a different cover.

These two novellas have different interpretations of Wickham, although he is not the main character in either. Both bring Darcy and Georgiana to Hertfordshire, both show another way Elizabeth and Darcy find each other, and both involve Wickham. Together, the two novella’s, Georgiana’s Folly and Elizabeth’s Plight, make up The Wickham Coin Series.
The Second Mrs. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Variation Novella
Devastated by Elizabeth’s refusal of his infamous proposal, Darcy marries his sickly cousin, Anne de Bourgh. Darcy expects Elizabeth will be out of his life forever, but Anne Darcy and fate bring Elizabeth to Pemberley. With Darcy already ensnared by Anne, will he and Elizabeth ever find happiness?

This Pride and Prejudice variation novella is the first collaborative effort between Renata McMann and Summer Hanford.

~ Austenesque Novels by Renata McMann ~

Pemberley Weddings
What if Colonel Fitzwilliam told Mr. Darcy that Elizabeth was upset about Darcy separating Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet? If Mr. Darcy realized Elizabeth didn’t like him, but he still wanted to marry her, what would happen?
Anne de Bourgh Manages
This short story is a Pride and Prejudice variation, which centers on Anne de Bourgh, the daughter of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. After Darcy’s disastrous proposal to Elizabeth, Elizabeth saves Anne de Bourgh’s life. In the process of doing something for Elizabeth, Anne makes decisions about her own life.
The Inconsistency of Caroline Bingley
What if Darcy did not find out about Wickham’s and Lydia’s elopement until Lydia returned home in disgrace? Elizabeth is shaken by the scandal, and Caroline Bingley is as determined as ever to keep Darcy and Elizabeth apart.
Three Daughters Married
After Anne de Bourgh’s unexpected death, Lady Catherine de Bourgh talks herself into believing that Darcy should marry Elizabeth Bennet. This short story assumes the reader is familiar with Pride and Prejudice.
Heiress to Longbourn
After Mr. Collins’ death, Mr. Bennet decides to make his daughter Elizabeth his sole heir. She discovers what it is like to be courted for her wealth.
Five Pride and Prejudice Variations: A Collection of Short Stories
A collection of the previously published short stories.

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