Regency Romance Audio Book + Giveaway!

Regency Romance Audio Book + Giveaway!

Lately, as in since April, I’ve been rather scatterbrained. I’ve blamed this unfortunate condition on the following (see picture):

As you can see, this fuzzy monster is nearly grown up. He’s eight months old now and has calmed down considerably and learned a lot. Do we still have work to do? Definitely! Does he daily make me want to pull my hair out? Not in about six weeks.

(Some of you will wonder that a puppy, even a big puppy, can cause so much insanity. My only defense is that I’ve never had a puppy before, only cats. Do you know, you have to teach puppies everything? You have to teach them that, while eating lots of rocks might seem fun, it’s not really a good plan. You have to teach them that they shouldn’t pee next to their food bowl. You have to teach them that once you fill your mouth with water, you should swallow, not run around the house like some sort of demented indoor rain machine. Kittens are like magical, self-raising geniuses compared to this 60lb fuzzball… but do you see how big his feet are? They’re adorable)

After six weeks of feeling a bit more sane, I figure I’ve run out of time for blaming the fuzzy monster for my absentmindedness. Time to get out the sticky notes and lists and get back on track. BUT, I have one last thing with which to credit him. On May 1st (which is also my wedding anniversary), I missed an email from my publisher letting me know I have a third Audio Book out. Consequently, I did not promote said audio book at all. Not one little bit. In fact, I discovered it a couple weeks ago while going through the tabs on my Amazon page. (My poor publishers!) Therefore:

Huzzah! I have three audio books!

Please join me in celebrating this glorious fact!

I’m giving away one CD copy of each! That means three lucky winners! Just comment below to be entered to win.*

You could win:

The Archaeologist’s Daughter, book one of the Under the Shadow of the Marquess Trilogy from Scarsdale Publishing, read by Gwyn Olson:

Only a man with secrets can save her

Lanora cares nothing for love, marriage, dances or gowns. She cares about people and family. When the rakish Lord William courts her, Lanora sets out to discover what dark secrets motivate him. If she doesn’t learn the truth in time, those she loves could suffer a lifetime of hardship.

(Book two in the Under the Shadow of the Marquess Trilogy is coming in October!)

The A Lord’s Kiss Half Hour Reads Collection from Scarsdale Publishing, read by Gwyn Olson:

Last Chance for a Lord
He’s kissed many ladies. This kiss, however, will be her first.

After three years, Miss Emily Green is alone with the man she loves. The boy she once knew has grown into a notorious rake. A lady knows little about dealing with rogues. This rogue is about to get a lesson in dealing with a lady.

To Know a Lord’s Kiss
A single kiss — real or false, either way, she is ruined.

Francine isn’t in love with Baron Erwin, but at the end of her third season, he’s the only gentleman who has shown any interest in her. Come what may, she must find a husband. When rumor of a scandalous kiss between Francine and an unnamed duke reaches the baron’s ears, even Baron Erwin abandons her. Despite the rumor, Francine has never been kissed, and now she fears she never will be.

A Lord’s Dream
True love’s kiss is sweeter than a dream…

Liza cannot forget the one and only kiss she’s ever had. Her father’s protégé, the widowed Lord Thomas, doesn’t remember that kiss three years ago, for he was drowning his sorrow at the loss of his wife with whisky.

Liza can no longer wait for him to notice her. All her friends are married, leaving her behind and with few opportunities for making the acquaintance of new gentlemen. Lord Thomas may not want her, but he might take pity on her and help her find a worthy gentleman. Liza only hopes her heart doesn’t break when he places her in the care of another man.

Deceived by a Lord
Some lord’s lips are made to lie.

Tilly is to come out this season, and if her social calls with her mother are any indication, her debut is sure to be a disaster. As if by magic, a gentleman appears who offers promises, and a kiss. Unfortunately, he’s too good to be true. Or is he?

The Ladies Always Shoot First Half Hour Reads Collection from Scarsdale Publishing, read by Keely Beresford:

A lady in love keeps a loaded pistol.

Captured by a Duke
Freedom is within her grasp if she truly desires escape.

When Lady Annabel sets out to introduce herself to her fiancé the day before their wedding, she doesn’t count on being waylaid by highwaymen. Kidnapped, but not without recourse, Annabel shoots her abductor and escapes. Too late, she discovers she might not want her freedom.

To Save a Lord
A woman in love will risk anything for true love’s kiss.

Kitty Brightly’s reputation is in tatters, and not even the influence of her friend the Duchess of Southwood is enough to invite suitors. When at long last one appears where Kitty least expects him, her boldness threatens to ruin everything. Yet that same boldness may be the one thing that saves them both.

One Shot for a Gentlemen
What’s a woman to do when love turns into double the trouble?

After a night of romance and a declaration of love, Dalilah Cartwell is devastated to learn that her best friend, Lydia, is engaged to the same gentleman who wooed her. Dissuading their brothers’ attempts to defend their honor, the two meet the rogue at dawn, only to discover that trouble comes in twos.

Anything for a Lord
Some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Free at last after the death of her controlling father, Victoria Kirkland must immediately find a husband or risk a forced marriage to her cousin. When he tries to compromise her, she turns to a brave, handsome stranger for help. Discovering a love so strong she doesn’t care to ask questions, she eagerly weds her savior but soon learns that some mysteries are better off solved before you say I do.

*Giveaway runs from today until Thursday, October 4th. Winners will be announced on Sunday, October 7th. Good Luck!

P.S. Looking for more chances to win great Regency related items? Join me at Scarsdale Publishing’s Regency Romance Facebook Party tomorrow! (That’s Friday, September 28th at 7PM EST) We’ll have giveaways, games and prizes. Here’s the link: See you there! 🙂

31 Responses to Regency Romance Audio Book + Giveaway!

  1. Congratulations on the release of your new audiobook, I love listening to books. And the puppy is adorable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Having never own a dog before though I am a dog lover myself, I didn’t know that dogs can eat rocks. I’ve never seen one that does but I may be mistaken, Summer. Btw congrats on the release of your audiobooks!

    • Thank you!

      I’m pretty sure he shouldn’t eat rocks, lol. He just wanted to when he was little! We’ve (mostly) moved past that, now, finally 🙂

    • Thank you, Catrina 🙂

      He is adorable 🙂 Almost every single time we take a walk (which is, obviously, every day), he makes new friends. He’s super friendly and everyone loves him. Kids, adults, other dogs. It’s a little ridiculous, actually. I’ve spoken to more strangers this year than the past ten combined!

  3. Puppies are a lot of work. I’m glad he has calmed down. My brother wasn’t as fortunate. He has 2 male bloodhounds and they are a couple of years old and very destructive. They also get out of their outdoor kennel and run away. Thank you for the chance to win.

    • You’re welcome, Karen 🙂

      I thought bloodhounds were supposed to be calm dogs? I guess I just assumed based on how they look, all floppy.

      Then again, they say scent hounds catch a scent and then can’t see or hear … or think! I hope they settle down for him soon!

  4. Awww, “pupples “ make our lives so unconditionally blessed. I’m intrigued by The Archeologist’s Daughter, but they all sound great

    • He does love me, that’s true… almost as much as he loves squirrels! 🙂 The Archaeologist’s Daughter is one of my favorites. The sequel is about to come out, too, about the Archaeologist himself! 🙂

    • Thank you, Beverly! He honestly gets more adorable every day. All I needed was for him to calm down a tiny bit. We love bike rides and playing ‘tag’ (somehow, I’m always it!). I wanted an active dog and I still do 🙂 He just had so much energy at first, even he didn’t know what to do with it.

  5. Update 🙂 Since I wrote this post, Radar busted the seems of the harness you see him wearing in the picture. He then ran all around the neighborhood, experiencing freedom. He did come back to me, though (he really does love me), and we got a new harness, so everything is fine 🙂 I’m sure the squirrels of the region were traumatized, but no real harm was done.

    • Update to my update… he busted his third harness today. That’s three in eight days! Anyone know a brand of no pull harness that is reinforced, or something? He’s only about 60lbs, but when he sees a squirrel and dives for it, his exerts a lot of force.

  6. Congratulations on your audio books and I’m so happy your sweet puppy is settling down. Thank you for the chance to win one of your books!

  7. Congratulations and good luck with that. And with the “puppy”. I have had both cats and dogs as pets at the same time growing up but my husband is allergic so we have….a parakeet. I have taught past parakeets to talk and they would ride on my shoulder. Cover their cage and they’re quiet.

    • Thank you, Sheila! So covering the cage really works with parakeets? I’ve always heard that, but I didn’t know if it was just a wives’ tale. Parakeets are adorable 🙂

  8. Congratulations Summer! For the audiobooks and your anniversary (belated)

    I had both pets before but I had grown attached to dogs than cats. They are so loyal and loving all the time. They know when you need some comfort (probably
    when you are stressed… stressed from your book activities 😉

    Thank you for this wonderful chance to have one of your books.

    • You’re welcome, and thank you 🙂 I think I may always be a bit more of a cat person, but we’ll see. He has year ahead of him to convert me 🙂 I will say, he likes bike rides a lot better than I suspect my cats would!

  9. Congratulations! All of then sound so intriguing.

    You puppy is adorable as well 🙂

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

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