Read Along Wednesday: Emma Chapters 52-53

Our penultimate Emma read along! How far we have come. Join us at The Writer’s Block for analysis and discussion of this week’s reading.

I thought I’d share two excellent illustrations by C.E. Brock, courtesy of The first is from Chapter Fifty-Two and depicts a befuddled William Larkins, scratching his head at an overheated Mr. Elton: both at a loss to explain Mr. Knightley’s unusual behavior. I love to imagine a lovesick Mr. Knightley, astounding his associates with uncharacteristically flightily behavior. One envisions Mr. Larkins experiencing a grand “Ah-ha!” moment when he finally learns of the engagement.

Watercolor – C. E. Brock “He did not know what was come to his master lately.”

I adore Mr. Woodhouse, but his opposition to marriage here elevates from the merely ridiculous to the highly problematic. The solution is the ultimate kowtow to the man’s excessive neurosis: Mr. Knightley, lord of the manor, will abandon it for Hartfield. Granted, it’s not far away, but imagine William Larkins’ shock when he finds out. I’d like to see that illustration.

Tinted line drawing – C. E. Brock “It was at first a considerable shock to him.”

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