Read Along Wednesday: Emma Chapters 46-48

Read Along Wednesday: Emma Chapters 46-48

EmmaReadalongThe chapters for this week are filled with revelation, reflection, and regret. At The Writer’s Block we will delve into some of the nitty gritty details of the reading, while using this introductory post to compare and contrast two wildly different film interpretations of the scenes in which Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill’s secret engagement is revealed to Emma, Harriet confesses her love for Mr. Knightley, and Emma learns her own heart. Both employ flashbacks to manifest the course of Emma’s thoughts as shock after shock rolls over her, but the first (the 1996 version staring Kate Beckinsale) presents her rather stoic, I feel, while in the second (the 2009 version staring Romola Garai) she is visibly shaken and far more emotional. I think the latter benefits from taking longer to present the scene. The ’96 version is more rushed. Please feel free to share your thoughts on either or both below, and join us on The Writer’s Block for further analysis and discussion of this exciting moment of the book.

Don’t forget to join us at The Writer’s Block! Today we have a guest appearance from Lizzy Bennet herself:


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