Read Along Wednesday: Emma Chapters 20 and 21

Read Along Wednesday: Emma Chapters 20 and 21

Readalong Emma graphics portraitWelcome to Read Along Wednesday!

Alexa has already introduced us to Volume II in last week’s post, which you can find here, if you didn’t get the chance to read it. We heard more about Miss Bates (poor, dear Miss Bates), but now there are other treats in store for us.

We finally get to hear more about Miss Fairfax and learn about the story of her birth and her upbringing.


jane fairfax

And, surprise-surprise, we get to like Emma even less. For all her professed charitable feelings for Miss Fairfax, she can’t warm up to her. Is it just because she is reserved? Of course, in Emma’s eyes these are heavy faults indeed, especially as it transpires that Miss Fairfax has already met Mr Frank Churchill in Weymouth, but is most unwilling to give a full and honest opinion about him. (Hm! Don’t we all wonder why ūüėČ ).


But is it just that? Is it just the reserve that makes Miss Fairfax unable to engage Emma’s interest and affection as much as Harriet? Or is it the fact that Miss Fairfax is a superior intellect and moreover someone who can’t be patronised (except by Mrs Elton but, as Mr Collins would say, ‘Of this, thereafter.’)
Mr and Mrs Elton


Speaking of which, we then have Chapter 21, where we get to hear about Mr Elton’s successes on the marital front. He could not raise in the world¬†by marrying Miss Woodhouse of Hartfield, but he had better luck with a certain Miss Hawkins. And the whole of Highbury is bubbling with excitement, impatient¬†to meet this new addition to the fold. And, sure enough, Mrs Elton nee Hawkins will not disappoint.


But that is for the following chapter. For now, feast your eyes on Chapters 20 and 21 and join us on The Writers’ Block to chat about Miss Fairfax or whichever other inhabitant of Highbury that might take your fancy. Hope to see you there!

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