Quiz: Are you an Emma?

Quiz: Are you an Emma?

Romola Garai 2009

I remain in high Emma mode thanks to our current read along, and today I’d like to share with you a quiz I’ve created inspired by our ongoing conversation at The Writers’ Block. It is an old game amongst Janeites to identify one particular heroine who most mirrors ourselves, and I had the somewhat troubling realization many, many years ago that the heroine I could most relate to is Emma Woodhouse. Why troubling? Being an Emma carries the weight of disapproval from so many fans. How lovely it must be to feel that sort of kinship with one of Austen’s most beloved creations instead of one of her most despised! Many readers consider Emma spoiled, mean, and even shallow. Certainly, she can be, but that is not why I relate to her. There is a great deal more to her character, love it or hate it.

As I reread Emma once again, I find myself arguing that she is broadly relatable because she is so very believable: perhaps Austen’s most realistic character. Though we might loathe to admit it, we all have at least some aspects of her in ourselves. So just for fun I started compiling a list of yes or no questions with which to rate my own degree of Emmaness. Want to play?

Alicia Silverstone 1995
Alicia Silverstone 1995

Count your yeses to learn how much you resemble Emma and learn that to do so might not be such a shameful thing, after all.

Are You an Emma Quiz

  1. Do you live in a small town?
  2. Do you take an active interest in your neighbors?
  3. Have you ever volunteered at a soup kitchen?
  4. Are you independently wealthy?
  5. Has your mother passed away?
  6. Are you more likely to have a few intimate friends rather than a wide acquaintance?
  7. Would you feel slighted if you weren’t invited to a party thrown by a person you didn’t like?
  8. Has a person you considered just a friend ever mistaken that friendship for a romance?
  9. Are you artistic?
  10. Have you ever given a friend a makeover?
  11. Do you enjoy planning parties?
  12. Are you more likely to trust your own opinion over that of others?
  13. Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth?
  14. Are you imaginative?
  15. Have you spent most of your life in the same place?
    Doran Godwin 1972
  16. Have you ever been a caretaker?
  17. Have you ever set a friend up on a date?
  18. Are you able to admit it when you’re wrong?
  19. Are you good at solving riddles?
  20. Have you ever fallen in love with a friend?
  21. Do you have hazel eyes?
  22. Do you feel secure in your place in the world?
  23. Have you ever been the butt of a practical joke?
  24. Do you ever feel as if you are the parent and your parent is the child?
  25. Have you ever had a crush on the boy/girl next door?

How many questions did you reply yes to? Add them up and share your results in a comment!

Gwyneth Paltrow 1996

Uber Emma (17 – 25 yeses)

Nice to meet you, Miss Woodhouse! You’re the complete package. Your natural talents and help you thrive in this world, but that doesn’t mean you don’t blunder from time to time. When you do, kudos for learning from your mistakes and trying to make things right, but if you can keep that ego in check you’ll be less likely to find yourself in embarrassing situations. You have a sincere desire to make the world a better place, but sometimes you give up too easily. Others might resent your seeming perfection at times, but you do your best to deserve your blessings. Don’t let the haters hold you back.

Pseudo Emma (8 – 16 yeses)

You and Miss Woodhouse have a great deal in common, as you are both talented and clever, but your experiences have provided you with a broader perspective than can be attained within the confines of Highbury. Yours is a truly generous nature and your intimates can depend upon you to provide support in times of trouble, but you are reluctant to intervene in their lives. When the occasion calls for it you are an excellent manager. You have a long list of projects you’d like to complete … someday.

Kate Beckinsale 1996

Not at all an Emma (0 – 7 yeses)

You and Miss Woodhouse might both human, but the similarities end there. You would never dream of meddling in the lives of those around you. You prefer to live in harmony with the world, and when troubles come you are flexible enough to roll with the punches. Aware of the power of words, you try to measure yours carefully before speaking, but this does not mean you shirk away from confrontation when it’s appropriate. Be confident in your instincts. You have much to teach the world if you will make your voice heard.



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9 Responses to Quiz: Are you an Emma?

  1. 16 yesses, and the description, make me a “pseudo-Emma.” I’d rather think of it as a “partial Emma,” that there is some Emma in me as well as other influences. I rather like Emma — and have never understood why she is supposedly JA’s least-liked character. It is delightful to take a quiz that does not require one to yield all personal Facebook information!

    • We can say partial. I really do believe she is a rather universal character. I think she calls upon us to reflect on ourselves – our own assumptions and behaviors. Not everyone wants to do that. Maybe that’s why so many don’t like her?

  2. Well that was a surprise. I hit 17 also. Man, how did that happen? I don’t know whether to be aghast, horrified, thrilled or jumping for joy that I am an Emma. Well, not Emma, but Emma-like. I suppose you could flip that coin over and use the modern terms …control…or meddlesome. Man, that stinks. Don’t worry, it was fun. Although I feel the need to reevaluate myself and my actions. Great post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! I think my knowledge of my Emmaness helps me keep her in check. I also like to think it is some of her finer qualities that we share – compassion, an analytical mind, and loyalty.

    • I got a 17. I’m an Uber Emma, but I also have no notion how slanted of a quiz this is. I have never put together anything of the sort before. What did you think? Were my results vague enough to make all participants happy, like a newspaper astrologist? That’s kind of what I was going for.

      • I think the questions were vague enough. Just so many were unequivicable nos for me. It was fun, but as I said, I do sometimes put my foot in my mouth. And when I do it, I don’t do it by halves, it goes all the way down my throat. Nice job!

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