P.O. Dixon

P. O. Dixon  is a writer as well as an entertainer. Historical England and its days of yore fascinate her. She, in particular, loves the Regency period with its strict mores and oh so proper decorum. Her ardent appreciation of Jane Austen’s timeless works set her on the writer’s journey. Dixon delights in weaving diverting tales of gallant gentlemen on horseback and the women they love.






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Irrevocably Gone: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
By Reason, By Reflection, By Everything
Miss Elizabeth Bennet: Where the Heart Lives
Impertinent Strangers: A Pride and Prejudice Story
Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth
As Good as a Lord
To Refuse Such a Man
Matter of Trust: The Shades of Pemberley
Bewitched, Body and Soul: Miss Elizabeth Bennet
Love Will Grow: A Pride and Prejudice Story
Still a Young Man: Darcy Is In Love
Only a Heartbeat Away: Pride and Prejudice Novella
A Lasting Love Affair: Darcy and Elizabeth
'Tis the Season for Matchmaking: A Lasting Love Affair Continues
Lady Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice Everything Will Change Book 1)
So Far Away (Pride and Prejudice Everything Will Change Book 2)
To Have His Cake (and Eat It Too): Mr. Darcy's Tale (Untold Book 1)
What He Would Not Do (Untold Book 2)
Lady Harriette: Fitzwilliam's Heart and Soul (Untold Book 3)
He Taught Me To Hope (Darcy and the Young Knight's Quest Book 1)
The Mission: He Taught Me to Hope Christmas Vignette (Darcy and the Young Knight's Quest Book 2)
Hope and Sensibility (Darcy and the Young Knight's Quest Book 3)
Pride and Sensuality: A Darcy and Elizabeth Short Story Book 1
Expecting His Proposal: A Darcy and Elizabeth Short Story Book 2
A Tender Moment: A Darcy and Elizabeth Short Story Book 3
Almost Persuaded: Miss Mary King

"Dixon has created a new variation of a classic favorite that is just as romantic and engaging as the original. In all, I foresee Dixon becoming more and more popular as people begin to discover her creative literary voice. I urge you to begin discovering her works on your own as they will be a delight to read."
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"...the intimate surprise between Darcy and Elizabeth at the end was just the right amount of steamy romance."
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"I have not been let down by one of P O Dixon's books yet, and I look forward to seeing what this creative author comes up with next."
✿ Leatherbound Reviews

"I found To Have His Cake (and Eat it Too) to be an imaginative, emotional, and exhilarating variation of Pride and Prejudice."
✿ Austenesque Reviews

"Bewitched, Body and Soul had all the essential elements of the original Pride and Prejudice story, but at each turn it was creatively manipulated on a new path that Dixon creates. With each plot development it was interesting to see how different characters said familiar lines. Instead of a common What-If? that inserts some change and then continues forward in an alternate universe often times changing completely, this one was uniquely similar."
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