Please Address Me as “Lady Regina”

HTitles1My last three posts on Austen Authors have been quite serious. Today, I wish to display that I also have a whimsical side.

Last Christmas, I came across a site which offered purchasers a “Highland Title” to support a Scottish nature preserve. Finding the idea enticing, I bought one for my friend Kim, one for my gentleman friend, and one for myself. Highland Titles advertises that a person can purchase a plot of land in Scotland starting from as little as £29.99. If you do so, you may style yourself as Lord or Lady of Glencoe. The site also suggests that you visit your land in Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve. The idea is to fund the reserve.



With the purchase, you may style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe.HTrust

‘Laird’ is a descriptive title traditionally afforded to Scottish landowners or, more commonly, by those living and working on the estate. Laird is a Scottish word and is simply the Scottish form of the English ‘Lord’. The female equivalent is ‘Lady’.

When one buys land from Highland Titles, he/she will become the beneficial owner of the plot of land selected. Whilst all people are free to refer to themselves as Lairds, it is only those who own land in Scotland that have a genuine reason to do so.
Enjoy the land ownership experience……
HPhotoLandThe land sold is managed as a nature reserve, so when someone buys land from Highland Titles he/she helps to improve and conserve the beautiful Scottish Highlands. The Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Glencoe Wood, Duror, is now an established visitor attraction with thousands of landowners visiting their plots every year.

All of the landowners are able to arrange a free meet and greet service with  local volunteers, and the reserve has partnered with a number of local attractions in order to offer customers preferential VIP treatment when they visit.

The land ownership is accessible to everyone, with plots starting at £29.99 for one square foot.  Larger plots are sold from Mountainview, Lochaber, and come additional benefits AND a free 1 sq ft plot in Glencoe Wood.

1 sq ft plot £29.99 ($46.21)
10 sq ft plot £49.99 ($77.03)
100 sq ft plot £119.99 ($184.90)
1000 sq ft plot £499.99 ($770.48)

HTitle2Depending upon the package chosen, you…
May Style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe
Receive a Gift Pack
Have Free ‘Meet and Greet’ service
Have VIP Club Membership
Receive a Free 1 square foot plot of land in Glencoe Wood
Style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe and Lochaber
Receive a Stationery Template
Receive DVD Tour of the Area
Receive Presentation Gift Box
Have Tree planted in your honor
**Have Lifetime Camping Access to Keil Hill

Reflection upon the loch
Reflection upon the loch

Receive Clan Map Wall Poster
Receive Framed Certificate(s)
Have Priority Pass airport lounge access
Receive Lambswool Scarf

Among the items within my gift box were a Highland magnet, a DVD tour of the reserve, window decals for my car, an ID card, and a Scottish Landowner’s Handbook.HVideo:Magnet




The Master Title Deed (seen in the pictures above) says…


I ABSOLUTELY and entirely renounce, relinquish and abandon the use of my former name of Regina Jeffers and assume, adopt and determine to take and use from the date hereof the name and title of Lady Regina Jeffers in substitution for my former name.

I SHALL at all times hereafter in all records, deeds, documents, and other writings and in all transactions and on all occasions whatsoever use and subscribe the said name and title of Lady Regina Jeffers as my name in substitution for my former name of Regina Jeffers so relinquished as aforesaid to the intent that I may hereafter be called, known or distinguished by the name and title of Lady Regina Jeffers only and not by my former name of Regina Jeffers.

I AUTHORISE and require all persons at all times to describe, designate and address me by my adopted name and title of Lady Regina Jeffers.

If Highland Titles does not interest you, you might also purchase a title from Dunans Castle.

Decorative Titles, Tartan Garments, Gorgeous Gifts and Lovely Accessories
Our Decorative Titles are …… Ideal as gifts for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of occasions.

** The most romantic Scottish decorative titles available today
**Qualify to wear the Lairds’ and Ladies’ tartan, ‘Dunans Rising’our_tartan
**Part of a living history which includes links with the Fletcher, McGregor, Lamont, Campbell, Buchanan and McLaren clans.
**Help restore an historic castle and its woodland gardens
**Own part of an ancient estate which includes an unique Thomas Telford-designed bridge and dates back to before 1590.
**Gain free access to the woodland garden, walks and river which make up the curtilage of the Castle
**Free tour to all Lairds and Ladies of the grounds and the buildings.








Have I tempted any of you to join me in the world of “Lairds and Ladies”?

34 Responses to Please Address Me as “Lady Regina”

  1. Oh My! Most definitely interested! Lady Charlene sounds wonderful. I’m 1/2 Scottish on my moms side. She was MacNeil/ Maclennon but married a Frenchman. Hehe.

  2. What a fun way to help preserve nature and history. I’ve been running out of ideas for anniversary gifts for my DH, but with some Scotch ancestry, this might be just the ticket.

  3. I just told my husband about this super easy gift for me this year. Somehow I don’t think he wants me to officially out title him even if it’s not real. His loss. I can’t say I will be as happy with a candle as I would be as being Lady Rose. See, it sounds lovely!! Thanks for sharing, Lady Regina!

  4. I’ve been practicing my curtsey, Lady Regina. When next we meet I shall have the proper genuflection mastered. 🙂

    Now we need to figure out the best way to incorporate your exalted status into our logo!

  5. My grandmother used to say, “Remember, you’re a lady,” to all her granddaughters, so when my close friends started calling me “Lady Di” in 1981, it was apparent that grandma was right. It isn’t much of a leap, really… I’ll have to think about making it official! Owning property in Scotland – even if it’s just a square foot, does carry a certain appeal. I find myself balking at the idea of relinquishing my current name. They don’t enforce that do they?

  6. I’m already a Scottish lady (albeit by descent from the Earls of Bothwell) The most notorious, James Hepburn, (Black Bothwell) was Mary Queen of Scots’ 3rd husband and my 3rd cousin 15 times removed. We had a great-grandfather in common – Patrick Hepburn, first Earl of Bothwell

    • I have Scottish ancestors also, Sile, but I couldn’t resist this offer.
      I thought James Hepburn was the Duke of Orkney. Did I err?
      I am related to Thomas Jefferson through his mother’s side of the family: the Randolphs.

      • He certainly was Lady Regina. After the debacle with MQoS he decamped to Denmark, the birthplace of his first wife. He was imprisoned and died, allegedly insane, at the age of 44

  7. Oh, that sounds fun…but…but…but….my name? Lady Jennifer Redlarczyk? That hardly sounds regal. Maybe I should call myself Lady Guinevere Redlark. Yes, that sounds lovely, don’t you think? ~Jen Red~

  8. That’s just fun. I may have to do that for my husband’s birthday because he is Scottish. That would just be awesome. Thanks for sharing Lady Regina. 🙂

  9. On Lady Regina, thank you for sharing this! I want to be a Lady too! I love that it is a way to support a good cause. 🙂

    • I would not have done it, if the nature preserve was not part of the deal. Lara Spencer on “Good Morning America” bought her co-hosts the titles and showed it on TV. That is where I learned of it.

  10. I want a lake (loch) side view for my sq ft of land. Oh, Regina! Pardon me…… Lady Regina! What fun way to help the preserve. Thank you for sharing. I will have to check this out. Lady Becky….oooo….I like how that sounds.

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