Paisley James

Paisley James . . .   is a new author with one published novel and two more to follow. She began writing in 2014, when she shared her first novel, To Save and Protect, on She soon had thousands of followers who encouraged her to continue writing and to publish her stories. To Save and Protect was published in May 2018 as the first book in a trilogy. The other two novels, To Love and Cherish and To Desire and Deserve are also complete and are being prepared for publication.

Paisley is a great admirer of Jane Austen’s novels and enjoys reading and writing Jane Austen fanfiction. She is also a great fan of murder mysteries and loves to bring elements of suspense and mystery to her novels.

Paisley lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and their two daughters. She is a full-time teacher and a doctoral candidate. But when she has time to unwind, a good book and a beautiful piece of music is all she needs.

To Save and Protect

He is mortified, broken by her harsh refusal of his offer and her low opinion of his character. Having delivered his letter, he walks away from her and the happiness that is no longer possible. But when he finds out that she may be in danger, nothing, not even his wounded pride, will stop him from protecting her.

She is confused, unsettled by the arrogant gentleman who was rude to her throughout their acquaintance, and yet, only the previous evening, confessed to ardent feelings and offered for her. An offer she refused unequivocally. In possession of his letter, and unable to decide if she should read the said letter, she wanders along the lanes, unaware of the dangers lurking about.

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find themselves amidst a tangled web of danger, deception, and murder, where they can trust no one but each other. Their feelings, convictions, and prejudices are challenged as they come to know themselves and each other better. Mr. Darcy learns what it means to truly love a woman, and Elizabeth learns the true worth of the man who would give anything to save and protect her.