Our final Read-Along Wednesday post for Emma

Our final Read-Along Wednesday post for Emma

Jane Austen contrived a perfect and satisfying ending for her least favorite heroine. Emma is rewarded not so much for her actions but for her good intentions. Everyone is happy, except maybe Mrs. Elton.

Today’s reading, the final in our Read-Along series, includes two weddings. How could we not be happy about that?

For our final discussion, we’ll see what you think of Emma’s wedding. Is it too simple, or do you like it that way?

We’ll also discuss the novel as a whole. Do you consider Emma best suited for a younger audience, or do you consider it an adult novel? Would you categorize it as a feminist novel, one that defends equal rights for women?

Please come join the discussion! I’ve learned so much from all the comments we’ve had over the past nine months or so. It’s been fun chatting with Alexa, Leenie, Joana, and others. I’ve noticed so many things I hadn’t noticed before because of you intelligent women and men! Thank you!

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