Excerpt from my newest Regency release!

Excerpt from my newest Regency release!

After the release of my first original Regency story, An Earl For Ellen, in the box set Timeless (what are you waiting for, it’s still available! Grab it here!) it’s time for the second in the series, A Marquis For Marianne!

Exclusively available in boxed set Unwrapping A Rogue, A Marquis For Marianne is a clean Regency romance featuring the unhappily married young Countess who appeared to briefly help Ellen out in An Earl For Ellen. You can read an excerpt below, and order the entire boxed set for just 99¢ – released on November 27, I have no doubt you’ll have many hours of happy reading from it!


Sitting down by a window to leaf through a book about an intrepid Englishwoman’s travels in the Orient, Marianne lost track of time. She did not hear the two younger women come to the end of the row of shelves where she sat, did not see the amused glance they traded before they stole away quietly, leaving her quite alone.

She almost jumped out of her skin, however, when a deep voice said, “So this is where you’re hiding.”

Marianne clenched her hands on the book, trying to hide their trembling, and took a moment to compose herself before she looked up. “Hiding? Hardly,” she said, trying to keep her tone light and amused. “I’m sure I was quite clear in declaring my intentions to come here. After all, it wasn’t difficult for you to find me, was it, Lord Glenkellie?”

Alexander stared down at her, his eyes hard and cold like chips of ice. A tic made the scar on his cheek jump like a living thing as he clenched his jaw.Then he surprised her again by taking a seat on the window seat next to her. Too close! His thigh, muscled and hard beneath tight nankeen breeches, was pressed against hers through the woollen fabric of her skirt. Marianne tried to shift away, but she’d used the wall at her side to lean on when she took her seat and there was little room to move.

“We need to talk,” he said finally.

“About what?” She genuinely couldn’t imagine what he might have to say to her after all these years.

“I know what you’re up to.”

Marianne blinked, confused, and stopped trying to avoid Alexander’s eyes. “I beg your pardon?”

“Leave Thorpington and Alleyne out of your schemes. They’re nice young men who deserve better than to have their hearts broken just because you’re bored.”

“I beg your pardon!” Her mouth fell open with shock.

“You’re repeating yourself, and you understand me quite well, I believe. Don’t encourage those two boys – or you’ll answer to me.”

Marianne’s cheeks flushed with sudden fury. “I do not care for your insinuations, and allow me to make it clear that I do not answer to you on any matter, Lord Glenkellie!” She made to rise, but a powerful hand closed around her wrist, holding her firmly in place.

“Not so fast, my lady.” His deep voice put a mocking inflection on her title.

“Unhand me at once!” Her gaze spat daggers as she looked at him, her voice cold and brittle as ice. She was still surprised when he let go, his large fingers opening quickly.

“Your pardon,” he mumbled, flushing darkly. “I did not intend – I have never laid hand to a woman in anger before.”

“Then what in heaven’s name possessed you to do so now?” Marianne demanded, her anger fuelling her tongue. “What have I ever done to you, that you should raise your hand to me?”

Alexander stared at her in silence.

Disgusted, she rose and tried to leave, but as she reached the end of the row of shelves, four quiet words stopped her in her tracks.

“You broke my heart.”


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