Nancy Lawrence

Nancy Lawrence . . .   first fell in love with the English Regency era while reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. She’s been researching and writing about the era ever since.

In fact, Jane Austen’s novels inspired her to write stories of her own. To her delight, a New York publisher purchased the first Regency romance she wrote. Over the years, her publisher bought six full-length Regency romance novels and four novellas.

In 2017 her novel Mary and the Captain, a Pride and Prejudice Continuation was published. She found the whole experience of crafting a story around beloved Austen characters such a joy, she immediately began working on a second P&P book, which will be published in the summer of 2018.

Nancy has plans in the works for additional Austen-inspired novels, saying, “I simply enjoy writing about a time and place where all the men are gentlemen, all the women are ladies, and there’s always a fancy dress ball to attend. And I deeply appreciate the readers who join me in my world of Regency romance.”

Mary and the Captain: A Pride and Prejudice Continuation

Pride and Prejudice . . . the story continues.

Jane and Charles Bingley’s plan for a quiet stay at Netherfield with Kitty and Mary Bennet takes a wrong turn, thanks to Caroline Bingley. Caroline is determined to add her brother Robert and her best friend Helena to the party. It’s Caroline’s dearest wish that Robert and Helena wed, for she knows their marriage will elevate the Bingley’s status among the ton.

Captain Robert Bingley arrives at Netherfield for the sole purpose of wooing beautiful Helena Paget. And when he meets Kitty and Mary Bennet for the first time, he gives them no more than a passing glance; until an unusual circumstance sends him off on a quest to rescue a friend in trouble … with Mary Bennet as his accomplice!

Before long shy, bookish Mary has turned Robert’s well-ordered life on its ear. Why, even Caroline Bingley notices her brother and Mary seem to be in constant company. Now it’s up to Caroline to drive a wedge between them in order to achieve her heart’s desire.

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