My WIP is Nearly Done

My WIP is Nearly Done

UPDATE: Darcy Vs Lady Catherine is already up on Amazon as of Friday, May 11th. Yay!

Well, I try never to say never. Darcy Vs Lady Catherine is with my editor, and if I’ve done my job—of writing the book—I shouldn’t have a lot of corrections, and it will be available on Amazon this May 15th. For the moment, it is on and will be there until the middle of July when it will be deleted as it will be going into Kindle Unlimited at that time.

But this story kept changing the more I got into it. I had a fairly definite plot in mind to start with, but as I started writing, I made a little change here and a big change there and the whole plot changed…hopefully for the better.

The title started out as Warring with Lady Catherine, but as I was speaking with an author friend, she and I both realized at nearly the same instance that the name needed to be Darcy Vs Lady Catherine. One thing led to another, and since I already had published Darcy Vs Bingley, it was also time to start thinking about Darcy Vs Elizabeth.

And it didn’t stop there. Warring with Lady Catherine’s book cover—which one person thought was Distopian—didn’t coordinate with Darcy Vs Bingley’s cover. So, we had to come up with a new one. Never fear, the other one will be used at some point. My daughter and I are experimenting with book covers and have made some interesting ones. The original Warring cover did convey the idea of strife but wasn’t really Regency. So, we are being a little more careful in that regard.

Going back to the Darcy versus Series we have two of the books so far. And, yes, this three-book series will all revolve around Pemberley (actually Chatsworth where the Duke of Devonshire resides is my Pemberley). Darcy Vs Bingley had Pemberley as Caroline Bingley’s goal: she was bound and determined, by hook or crook or compromise, to marry Fitzwilliam Darcy and become the mistress of Pemberley. And what about Darcy Vs Lady Catherine? You guessed it. That one also revolved around Pemberley. Lady Catherine was so determined that Darcy was going to marry Anne in order for Rosings and Pemberley to be combined, she was willing to do almost anything to make it happen. If it had occurred, the Darcy/de Bourgh/Fitzwilliam coterie would have been one of the most prestigious and powerful families in all of England. A very ambitious goal indeed.

The third book in the Darcy Versus Series will be Darcy Vs Elizabeth. Are you intrigued by that title? I am! And never fear. They will get their HEA which is the one great diversion from the other two books where the antagonists do NOT get their HEA. Like the first two, its plot will also revolve around Pemberley. And how will I manage that? I haven’t a clue. BUT! I have a very vivid imagination, and I think I can come up with something.

Here are the first two book covers.



Darcy Vs Lady Catherine is a darker story than Darcy Vs Bingley which was much lighter-hearted for the most part. Darcy Vs Elizabeth will probably have a little of both and might be available in the autumn if I can get my act together. Actually, DvLC was written in about twelve weeks, and I’m already mulling over a plot for DvE.

Would you like a short excerpt from DvLC? Of course, you would. So, here it is. Enjoy! 🙂

After breaking their fast with sausage, rolls, eggs, kippers, and more coffee, Darcy and Bingley headed to the stables. The meal had been pleasant as it was just the two of them. The Hursts and Caroline had remained abed and probably would not arise until noon. And the two men were pleased.

Both horses were ready as they had sent word ahead of time to have them tacked and ready to ride in a half hour. Attila greeted Darcy with a snort and a nuzzle of his hand as he looked for a treat. And Darcy didn’t disappoint his favorite as he had a carrot in his pocket.

The master of Pemberley was pleased with the stallion as he was swift on his feet and a beautiful animal with great stamina. A deep chestnut color with a long white blaze down his nose and four white stockings made him a striking looking horse. Darcy was proud of this one that had been born and raised at Pemberley. Eventually, he would be put to stud and would sire, what Darcy hoped, a long line of winning thoroughbreds at the racetracks in England. In the meantime, he would enjoy what was the best ride of Pemberley’s stables.

Bingley rode a beautiful, all black gelding that he had purchased the year before. Also known to be a swift runner, both men were curious to see which horse was the fastest. To date, they had not had the opportunity nor the space to satisfy their curiosity. But, today was the day.

“Shall we, Bingley?”

“Oh, yes, we shall.”

They were a good distance away from Netherfield’s stable when they decided to count to three and see which horse was the fastest on a stretch of road that gave them nearly a mile run.

Bingley counted to three and both horses took off together. For a short while, the two were neck and neck, then Attila started to slowly pull ahead. Unfortunately, as they neared a wooded area, a young woman appeared in the road, took one look at the oncoming horses and dived into a ditch.

Horrified, both men pulled up, hoping the young lady wasn’t injured. Leaping from their horses, they ran to the ditch and found an indignant Elizabeth Bennet. Bonnet askew, she glared at Darcy and Bingley. It seemed that she landed in a thistle patch and was caught fast by the sharp prickles.

“Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley do you make it a habit to run down young ladies with your horses?”

“Not as a rule, Miss Elizabeth.” Darcy felt his face growing hotter by the second as he pondered how they could extract her from the thistles without compromising her and destroying her dress.

“Darcy, what can we do?”

“I’m at a loss, Bingley. I fear that anything we do will compromise her.”

“Gentlemen…and I use that term loosely…I suggest that you ride to Longbourn and ask my sisters to come and help me. Thus, your honor…if you have any…will remain intact, and my sensibilities will also remain intact until I am released from this thorny prison. And, I suggest that you leave NOW!”

By this time, both men had turned bright red. Nodding, they mounted their horses and headed to Longbourn with promises of a quick extraction by her sisters while Miss Elizabeth had the look of a very angry cat.

As she had already unsheathed her claws, Elizabeth refrained from further comment.


“Lizzy, are you well?”

“As well as can be expected, Jane.”

Kitty and Lydia just laughed at Elizabeth’s plight while their sister glared at them and silently dared them to comment.

As soon as the men and her sisters had arrived, Darcy and Bingley offered their apologies…again and mumbled something about calling on the Bennets another day. They had come to the correct conclusion that any efforts to woo the eldest Bennets would be for naught under the prevailing circumstances. Jane was shocked, and Elizabeth was livid and would have slapped both of them if she’d been in a position to do so rather than on her backside caught by the ditch’s sticky plants.

After an hour of gently releasing Elizabeth’s dress from the prickly leaves, her sisters were finally able to extract her from the ditch.

“I do believe this dress is ruined. Too many holes. And I’m glad I wore this instead of my new walking dress. I believe I would have been ready to shoot Mr. Darcy if I had destroyed that beautiful gown.”

“Lizzy, I am worried about you. Are you hurt in any way?”

“Physically? No, Jane, I am not. Just my dignity and my pride. And I am humiliated to have found myself so helpless in front of those two stupid men.”

“I am so glad you are well. And you need to forgive Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. I’m sure they had no intention of running you down.”

“Dear Jane. You think the best of everyone. This time, though, I am determined to think the worst of those two…at least for a while before forgiving them.”

“Now, Lizzy. You are just upset for the moment. Come on home, and we’ll have some tea and cake after you change your dress, and everything will look much better.” Gathering her sister in her arms, Jane gave Elizabeth a hug while her sister just sighed, her anger dissipating.

Neither spoke as they listened to Kitty and Lydia laugh and tease Lizzy while Mary just rolled her eyes at everyone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. This series sounds delightful and am glad you are continuing with Darcy v. Elizabeth and that unlike the other antagonists, they will get a HEA.

  2. Well there goes Lizzy’s opinion of the two gentlemen. It will take a while for her to get her anger back under control and her good opinion of the two back in line. This should be fun. Thanks for the excerpt.

  3. Oh dear Darcy, that’s definitely not the way to impress a lady and win her love! Surely there was a nice empty field to race in? (although Elizabeth does tend to walk in those as well) 🙂
    I look forward to seeing where this goes.

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