My Best Blind Date

My Best Blind Date

Has anyone ever started a contest to get you a date?

I didn’t think so. Obviously, I was desperate. This point really hit home after my friends started measuring every guy they knew to find one who was taller than me. There weren’t all that many of them.

Then I came to my senses. I was in graduate school. I didn’t have time for men, let alone the kind that went on blind dates. I told my friends to quit scheming and leave me alone. Fortunately, my protests only made my roommate Melony more determined to set me up.

The next day she came home and announced that she’d gotten me a date for that night with a guy from her work.  She said he’d written me a note, but she wouldn’t let me see it until I promised to call him. The note said, “Becky, Let’s get together and play a little spin-the-bottle. Eric.” Frankly, he sounded weird.

“There’s one more thing,” Melony said. “He has a moustache.”

This was the nineties, and I was not into facial hair. Still, I had promised to call him. What could it hurt?

I called. He wasn’t there. I left a message and thought that would be the end of the story.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Eric had already gone on way too many blind dates—all bad ones. He thought if he came across as a bit of a creeper—the type who wrote notes about playing spin-the-bottle—he could get out of yet another bad date. When I returned his call, he took his game plan to the next level. He called me back, asking if I wanted to go grocery shopping.

“I already went this morning,” I said, deciding he probably was as weird as I suspected.

He asked me if I wanted to play basketball. That was better.

“Sounds fun,” I said. We agreed to go out that evening.


I lived in a small apartment at the time, but I still tended to misplace things. When he arrived, I was in a frenzy, looking for a pair of matching socks. He found it particularly amusing, especially since I didn’t look half as hideous as he’d feared.

After I found my socks and he found out I was an English major, he took me to a bookstore—a big one. As we walked in between the shelves, pointing out our favorite reads, I realized Eric was weird in a good way. He was weird like me. We went out to eat, watched a movie, read short stories out loud, made milkshakes, and went grocery shopping. I think it might have been the longest blind date in history.

After a few more dates, Eric shaved off his moustache. Phew. We kept up our penchant for extra long dates until we got married and had kids. Now we have shorter dates, but we still go to bookstores. And I still have trouble finding matching pairs of socks.

The bad thing about having a successful blind date is that it makes me want to set other people up on blind dates.  Sad to say, I’m a bit of an Emma Woodhouse when it comes to matchmaking. I don’t have the talent for it at all.  Either that or the people I set up just happen to avoid me for months afterwards.

m Becky and Eric

Have you had a memorable blind date?  I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. Rebecca, I just found this post and had to laugh. Very enjoyable! I too met my husband on a blind date, and it was a friend who set us up as a joke. She thought we were the two most unlikely people to ever get together, but she must have been some kind of evil genius. We will celebrate our 26th anniversary this year.

  2. I ADORE this story!! What a great tale. I can already see the grandkids sitting on your knees as you and Eric hold hands and tell them a sweet memory. *sigh

    I can’t recall if I ever went on a blind date. I guess after 30 years of marriage to one’s perfect soulmate the others all fade away. *sigh

    Sharon, the sappy romantic 🙂

  3. I never did blind dates. Not the traditional way anyway. I did meet my DH on the internet but not the traditional way there either. I had been in a really bad relationship and was isolated from the world in general so I signed up for online “pen pals” through a site. One of the girls I was corresponding with told me that she thought her best friend and I would get along really well, could she share my email address? Sure, the more the merrier. I didn’t realize that her best friend was a guy. LOL Consequently, we emailed for awhile, then moved to phone calls and then to actual dates. We’ve been together nearly 16 years so I guess it worked. Love your story and love that he was TRYING to be a creeper. Just so funny.

    • That is a great story, Stephanie. I love the unexpected twist of her best friend being a guy. That’s interesting that you could sign up for online penpals. I used to have a penpal when I was a kid. It used to be such a popular thing. Amazing how the Internet has changed everything so much.

  4. That’s a lovely story! You had trouble finding matching socks, but instead found a matching soulmate. I had some friends who set me up on a blind date but the guy turned out to be looking for a wife just so he could get U.S. citizenship and a free housekeeper. Blech!

  5. NO blind dates here but I did meet my second DH over the internet. On the third date he told me he didn’t think we had chemistry because I looked too much like his sister. (Greg never dated tall blonds, like Darcy he preferred petite brunettes. MEN!) Anyway because it says in the Bible to help the widows, Greg decided to help me fix up my old house so I could sell it and get out of debt. I lived in Illinois and he came up every week from Indiana… still just friends, mind you. However, after a year and a half of “friends,” he finally did get chemistry and proposed in a chick flick moment at Wrigley Field. We will be married 3 years on Sept. 1st. Thanks, Jen (Oh, we did finish fixing up the old place, sold it, & paid off everything with a little left over. Nice guy!)

    • Great story, Jen. That’s cute that he helped you even though he thought you guys didn’t have any chemistry. So much for all the supermodels who are tall blondes.

  6. You know… I can’t remember. However, I’ve had LOTS of memorable dates after cyber-meeting someone. That’s always so different. To hear someone’s voice, and read their messages, before you actually see them for who they are. It’s fun, interesting, and different. Your story sounds adorable. Glad he wasn’t a creeper. Even if he had the creeper mustache for a bit. Lol! Loved this!

    • Jenni, I can only imagine how cyber dates would be since computer dating was just in its beginning stages when I got married. Once in high school, a guy I knew experimented with a computer program to pair up teens we knew. Almost all the girls got paired up with the same guy, which was pretty funny.

  7. That’s such a lovely story. The note would probably have worked with me, lucky that you didn’t let it dissuade you! The fact that he took you to a bookshop on your first date is a huge point in his favour though 🙂

    • Ceri, I have to admit that the note made me laugh when I read it. I grew up with a bunch of brothers who were always kidding around, so I thought it was a joke.

  8. Love your blind date story! There’s still hope out there… I’ve never been on a blind date, but my friends insist that I start dating. I’ve come across too many creepers without even dating so blind dates to online dating scares me.

  9. Many years ago aged 19 I agreed to meet a man I had only spoken to on the phone at work. I asked someone else who told me he was 24. Luckily he came to my house cos he turned out to be nearer my Dad’s age with a handlebar moustache and a tiny MG. I refused to go so he chatted to my Dad for a while then went. That was my first and last blind date!

  10. I only had one blind date as a teenager while working at a camp one summer. Handsome guy but with a bad case of dental care…did not want to kiss him and, fortunately he didn’t attempt to do so! Nowadays I hear more about computer dating sites and the use of such. Glad your date worked out so well.

    • Oh no. Bad dental care is the worst! I agree with you about the computer dating sites. That’s definitely the way to go now. I know so many people who have had successful experiences with dating sites. Of course, for every success story, there’s probably another disaster story.

  11. I’m glad your blind date turned out so well.

    Years ago, a friend set me up on a blind date with a successful businessman in his early 40s. We met for dinner at a restaurant of his choice, so I was confused as to why, when he received his food, he decided to send it back to the kitchen and order something else. I’m still not sure what prompted that action unless it was a display of power. During the course of our dinner conversation, he told me that since his business was doing well, he was now ready to have a family. I felt like a broodmare interviewing for a job. He must have thought my biological clock was ticking based on his conversation, but I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It seemed as if it didn’t matter who the mother of his children was as long as she was healthy and gave him kids. Needless to say, there was no desire for a second date on my part.

    • Oh, Linda, that seems like the stuff of fiction. It’s hard to believe people like him actually exist! If he hadn’t sent the food back, I would give him the benefit of the doubt and think maybe he was just super awkward. At least you now have a great blind date story, right?

      • And I think it was the last blind date I ever went on! The guy almost sounds like a wealthy tradesman out of the Regency era just looking for a wife to begat an heir. Mrs. Bennet would be hysterical if she knew I turned down an eligible, wealthy man.

  12. Hilarious story. I especially like that he was actually trying to discourage you. You make an adorable couple! I do sort of wish you’d posted a pic with the mustache though. My DH wore one in the late eighties because it made him look older. I didn’t like it because it stabbed me when we kissed. I’m imagining that is why your man ditched the facial hair too…

    • Thanks, Diana. At the time we were dating, he was trying to get into the Air Force officer’s program. He had an interview with them and was nervous about whether to shave his moustache beforehand. I told him it might be better if he shaved it. That did the trick.

  13. How lovely! I would love to think that more blind dates worked out because it is so hard for people to meet ‘like’ people nowadays. I am speaking of my son, who has a job that keeps him so busy that he barely has the time to socialize. Thanks for sharing your story!

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