Music Videos Pride and Prejudice #5

Music Videos Pride and Prejudice #5

Well, since I am in the process of moving from Texas to Illinois after being in my house for over forty years—with all that entails—I’m doing my posts a couple of months in advance and taking the easy way out. Start your day on a happy note. Sing along with these lovely music videos and think about Elizabeth’s handsome hero, Fitzwilliam Darcy. ENJOY!

Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol


1995 – Hero


I will be here for you – Michael Smith


1995 – Stupid Girls

If I Never Knew You – Jon Secada & Shenice

Have a lovely day, my friends. <3

4 Responses to Music Videos Pride and Prejudice #5

  1. Thank you for the fun videos, Gianna, and congratulations on your move! It’s a very exciting step, especially because it means you’ll be living near your daughter again. I hope all goes smoothly. Stay well and safe!

    • Thank you, Nancy. It’s my pleasure to give everyone a fun beginning to their day. Yes, it is an exciting step and a bit terrifying one as well. Starting over at my age is rather daunting. But…the reward is being near my daughter and lightening my life. So I think the end result is worth working for. You also stay well and safe. 🙂

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