Music videos Pride and Prejudice #1

Music videos Pride and Prejudice #1

This is not a lengthy post to read, but I hope it’s one that you will take time to sit back with your favorite beverage, relax, listen, and just enjoy some romantic music.

I had run across music videos for Pride and Prejudice several times and found quite a few for the 2005 movie version. Unfortunately, I have only found one for the BBC 1995 so far. I will continue looking to see if there are others on YouTube.

‘When You Say Nothing At All’ is such a sweet song. I always enjoy listening to it. I hope you do too.

‘Please Forgive Me’ is the only one I’ve found with the 1995 version. I do promise to keep looking. 🙂

‘Listen to Your Heart’

One of the striking things I’ve noticed about Matthew Macfadyen is how the emotions he puts into his performance show on his face even without a word. There are times that his looks are completely transformed depending on the scene. This next video really brings this to the fore.

‘I will be right here waiting for you’

These are some of the most romantic songs on the planet. Hope you enjoyed them. Have a lovely day. <3

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  1. Well this was certainly an enjoyable posting! I too like to search YouTube for Austen videos (and yes, cat videos. LOL!) No quibble about Macfadyen being a cutie and a good actor, but he just could not convince me that he was Darcy any more than Jennifer Ehle could convince me she was Elizabeth Bennet. Simple miscasting. I’ve seen both of them in other films and enjoyed their performances. But these clever videos definitely are fun.

    • Glad you enjoyed the videos, Janis. I had to laugh because Colin Firth couldn’t convince me he was Darcy, but Matthew Macfadyen could. I will see if I can find more from the 1995 as there are many who swear by it and would enjoy more of those. I love the songs no matter what version anyone prefers and will have a Part #2 for sure. 🙂

  2. Awesome! I listened to a couple and I will listen to the other two as well! So sweet and romantic!

    • Thank you for mentioning there are some more for the 1995 version. Fans of that one will appreciate me finding them. 🙂

    • Thank you, Robin. I appreciate your sending me the link. I promise to look for the others because I know many love the 1995 version. 🙂

  3. Heavy sigh! Now that is the way to start your day. I so enjoyed those. Thank you. Again… heavy sigh!

    • You’re welcome, Jeanne. I’m delighted you enjoyed them. I ended the evening with listening to them again and sighed as well. They are such sweet feel-good songs that just brighten any day. <3

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