Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the perfect man

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the perfect man

How do we love him? Let us count the ways…

proud Darcy1.  Mr. Darcy is a man who listens. He pays attention to every word Elizabeth says to him, even when she is angry or teasing him. That is awesome enough, but the kicker is that he truly hears and understands! He reassesses himself based on her opinions, believes what she says about Jane, and respects her feelings in regards to him.

2.  Mr. Darcy is honest. He speaks his mind – too much so as the “tolerable” Lizzy can attest. So while a filter might be wise here and there, this honesty is a nice change from the falseness many assume. Additionally, he is honest about his honesty! He informs Elizabeth straightaway that disguise of every sort is abhorrent to him.

3.  Mr. Darcy is a complete gentleman. At the end of Lizzy’s scathing rebuke to his horrendous first proposal, he wishes her “health and happiness” and does not lash back. He does not become rude or defensive. Rather he apologizes for taking up her time!

4.  Mr. Darcy is a man of action – taking care of the Lydia situation, for instance – yet he does not boast about it or ask for accolades. Quiet integrity coupled with decisive action is irresistible.

Darcy Georgiana19955.  Mr. Darcy is rich. Yes, let’s face it: Pemberley, all those fine carriages Mr. Bennet speaks of, and the “ten thousand a year” that Mrs. Bennet suffers vapors over are a major enticement! We would swoon over a man as wonderful as Darcy if he was a Regency chimney sweep. But when he is rich too? That is the cherry on top!

6.  Mr. Darcy dotes on his sister. Come on, who doesn’t get all melty when a guy loves kids and animals? Add to that his housekeeper’s gushing commentary of his kindness and generosity to the people who serve or rely upon him. What a winner!

7.  Mr. Darcy marries Elizabeth despite her horrid family. Indeed his first proposal was insulting, but secretly we all know that he was spot on when it came to his reservations regarding the Bennets. Can we really blame him for hesitating to marry into that? Mrs. Bennet at Pemberley? Shudder inducing. Yet for love of Elizabeth the loyal, unconditional-love Mr. Darcy accepts it all. Including Mr. Wickham. Amazing.

8.  Mr. Darcy is arrogant. Sure it gets him into some trouble, but can you deny that the prideful confidence, sharp wit, intelligence, and aloof attitude aren’t a bit attractive? Didn’t think so.

9.  Mr. Darcy is sexy. Oh yeah! Tall, dark, and handsome. Brooding intensity. Smoldering gazes. Tight breeches. Excellent dancer. Handles firearms and swords. Rides big horses. Taken as a whole, Mr. Darcy is the epitome of an alpha male. He screams sexuality, albeit in a subtle way that is far more effective. *Sigh.

Colin-Firth-bareneck Darcy sexy mist









10.  Mr. Darcy is complex. He is the onion with loads of layers, and all of us envy Elizabeth the delight in peeling those layers off… I mean, away…

Ten felt a logical place to stop, but I merely scratched the surface of reasons for loving Mr. Darcy. Perhaps you can share a few more? I knew you could! Gush on ladies!

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  1. Good grief! I have started to read this post probably 10 times today and kept getting interrupted. But it was worth the wait!

    I love your list. I’ll add that I think he’s got a sensitive side. He doesn’t always get everyone’s feelings right away, but once he does he has a lot of empathy. He even tells Elizabeth he *respects* her family. Tolerate! Sure, we hope he’d get there. No, he *respects* them! He’s learned to consider their situation in life, why they differ than him. And while I don’t think he remade his character for Elizabeth, I do think he definitely took her words very much to heart. When he tells her the way his words effected him, it’s like they haunted him even! There are other hints too: Wickham’s continual betrayal, the way he couldn’t protect his sister, his father favoring Wickham, even Elizabeth favoring Wickham.

    Ok, I could gush for awhile. I love your points on him being the alpha male, but I think at the end of the day he would want to sit and cuddle with Elizabeth too. He’s in tune enough with the non-manly moments to realize she calms him and brings him peace. And um…yeah, now I can’t think of anything but a hunky but secretly sensitive Darcy.

    • Very good points, Rose. Indeed he does do more than just tolerate her family. I agree wholeheartedly that Darcy’s core character does not change. Instead his eyes are opened to a wider world. He has an incredible capacity for rethinking his conclusions.

      I’ve been asked before if I think Darcy is an alpha or beta. I believe he is the perfect combination of both. He is a “beta” in the sense that he isn’t in-your-face with his manliness. He is silent, reserved, able to melt into the background to some degree. He isn’t in need of proving himself or being overbearing. No “caveman” attitude. Yet, when the situation arises, he is commanding and strong. A man of action, as I said.


  2. Thanks for a lovely post and for summing it all up so spot-on.
    I’ll never get over Jane Austen’s genius in creating the perfect hero that’s still perfect 200 years on!

  3. My husband says my Darcy obsession is not healthy because he can’t live up to my fictional expectations… I’ve never told him that he really is my Darcy lol… I should one day lol 30 years married to him lol … Thanks for the fun read!

    • LOL! You should tell him, PP. My husband has already claimed his association with the Mr. Darcy title, whether I think so or not. Ha! Of course, I DO think he is my Mr. Darcy, and in fact quite a few of his super-romantic gestures and words have made there way into my novels. Not a fantasy man at all, is my version of Darcy. 🙂

  4. I find his selflessness appealing. He has no expectation of seeing Elizabeth again. He even believes she will not be able to forgive his silence on Wickham. But he feels compelled by honor and a overwhelming sense of responsibility to pursue Lydia and Wickham and save Elizabeth’s family’s reputation, all the while convinced she will never see him again or want to have anything to do with him. That selflessness and integrity are what appeal to me the most. Sigh.

  5. Love this post Sharon, especially the pics of MM (my fav)! My favorite character of Darcy is his intensity. In my mind, he loves as deeply as he abhors dishonesty. 🙂

  6. How about LOYAL & and HONORABLE which could be sub-categories under #4 & #7. By the way, the I love Darcy bag is one of my favs. ~Jen Red~

  7. I love your list of Darcy’s traits. One of the traits I find the most appealing is his loyalty…to his friends, even though sometimes he is in error, to his family, and to Elizabeth. That is an amazing trait, so lacking in many today.

  8. Thank you, Sharon. I am finding it very hard to get back to writing. I keep thinking about the way Darcy struggles to see Elizabeth’s point of view. That shows caring more than any other trait. Darcy conveys that struggle in his eyes. He is the perfect man. Focus, Barbara. Focus. 🙂

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