August Austen On Dit

August Austen On Dit


Wow! July and the first half of August have already flown by! Can you believe it? My family is finally getting to the beach this weekend! Just before school starts. What have you done this summer (or winter for our southern hemisphere readers!)

Jane Austen Fan Fiction Releases

Austen Author New Releases

Leenie Brown, Finally Mrs. Darcy

Separated for Years ~ Reunited at Last

After Lydia’s elopement, Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield, but sadly he is alone. His connections to Mr. Darcy are severed, crushing any hope Elizabeth Bennet had of finding happiness with the man to whom she has lost her heart.

As the years pass, grief turns into acceptance and Elizabeth marries. She is content to settle into her new life, but it is not to last. A fever claims the life of her husband and father, leaving her in the care of her new uncle, Gareth Amberly, who is determined to see her happy.

As this Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella opens, Elizabeth’s uncle introduces her to the man he suspects will make her happy ? Fitzwilliam Darcy. It takes very little time for Darcy and Elizabeth to come to an understanding and for Elizabeth to discover the true reason for their separation. Is a complete restoration of relationships possible, or will their happily ever after always be tainted by separation?

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Leenie Brown, The Choices Series

This series is a re-imagining of Jane Austen’s classic tale, Pride and Prejudice. When Mr. Bennet makes a choice to help his eldest daughters find happiness, he sets off a chain of events that will affect the lives of not only all his daughters but also many of Darcy’s relatives. Enjoy these stories as a Fitzwilliam family secret unfolds, new loves are formed in the face of opposition, and an old love is rekindled.

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Zoe Burton, Darcy’s Deal

Fitzwilliam Darcy must marry or lose guardianship of his misbehaving young sister. Elizabeth Bennet has been sent to her godfather’s house, political associate to Darcy’s uncle, to live to escape her mother’s anger. Giving up their dreams of a love match, can these two strangers find happiness in a marriage of convenience? Or will others separate their fledgling bond before the marriage begins?

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Jeanna Ellsworth, Hope for Fitzwilliam (Hope Series Trilogy #2)

Colonel Fitzwilliam has always been a ladies’ man, confident and suave. But when his heart falls for the recently widowed Charlotte Collins, he discovers all of his experience does him little good. And as he prepares to depart for war in the Americas, he fears he is leaving Charlotte behind at Pemberley with a more dangerous foe—one he does not know how to fight.

Charlotte Collins, ill prepared to understand the workings of a heart that has been touched, is determined to find a way to provide a new life for her and her unborn child. But as she quietly observes the daily, tender expressions of love between Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, she is forced to reexamine her own beliefs about love and marriage.

With battles looming inside them both, Colonel Fitzwilliam prepares to fight the greatest battle he has ever faced. As the conflict unfolds, even a decorated colonel finds himself helpless against the foe. He can only hope for something greater than himself to intervene—for more than one person has hope for Fitzwilliam to return home safely and secure Charlotte’s fragile, independent heart.



Rose Fairbanks, Renewed Hope (When Love Blooms #2) 

Sometimes love needs a second chance.

Told against the backdrop of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s timeless love story, Renewed Hope follows events of Sufficient Encouragement through the eyes of three couples experiencing love for the second time.

James Fitzwilliam may be the Viscount Arlington, but ten years ago he walked away from money and prestige to marry a servant girl against his family’s wishes. Confident he will never love again, he may, at last, be ready to settle down.

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam is a celebrated war hero and knows better than to trust a lady’s claims of faithfulness but is defenseless against the captivating Lady Belinda Crenshaw.

Caroline Bingley has not always been mercenary and title grasping. Once upon a time, she had to break an engagement. Meeting Jacob Truman again could be the answer to all their dreams or their worst nightmares.

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Barbara Silkstone, Mr. Darcy’s Maltese Falcon

Darcy and Lizzie, now happily married, are off on another Templar quest. With their first baby due in two months, Darcy insists that Lizzie remain in London while he adventures to Malta. Pregnancy will not hamper Lizzie; she is determined to stand by her husband. Lizzie inserts herself in the caper, accompanied by Boris, the Russian wolfhound, and other surprise stowaways. Oh no! Caroline and Wickham return to add to the chaos.

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Non Austen Authors

Author name, Book Title, Available links

Cassandra B. Leigh, It Happened at Netherfield Park: Three Pride and Prejudice Novelettes  Amazon

Jane Grix, Stealing Darcy  Amazon  l  Nook

Kate Bedlow, Darcy and Elizabeth: Fair Trade  Amazon  l  Nook  l  Kobo

Letty Larchwood, Darcy’s Determination: Large Print Edition  Amazon  l  Barnes & Noble

Lily Marian, Love and Loyalty  Amazon

Georgia McCall: Obligation and Redemption  Amazon

Don Jacobson, Of Fortune’s Reversal  Amazon

Melanie Rachel, Courage Rises  Amazon

Denise Adams, The Darcy Window  Amazon

Madeline Kennet, Fated to Meet  Amazon

Perpetua Langley, Lady Carpathian and the Bennets  Amazon

Jennifer Lang, Mr. Darcy’s Rescue  Amazon

Kristi Rose, Meryton Matchamkers  Amazon  l  Nook  l  Kobo

Joanna Hudson, Darcy’s Salvation  Amazon

Christina Morland, A Remedy Against Sin  Amazon

Denise O’Hara, Darcy and Elizabeth’s Timeless Adventures: London (Darcy and Elizabeth Timeless #2)


Karis Marie, Elizabeth Bennet’s Epiphany  Amazon

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Austen Related News


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JASNA Greater Chicago has some interesting events throughout the Midwest this fall. Including information for a Regency Weekend in Lake Geneva, WI in both August and September, 2016.

The World of Jane Austen and the Regency Period. Weekend events in Lake Geneva, WI.

Austen on Stage & in Film

Casting announced for Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre production of Pride and Prejudice for next month’s showings.

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We hope youve enjoyed this month’s On Dit! Have you read any of these releases? Learn anything new from the articles? Plan to attend a festival or Austen production?

Have a great month! Until next time!

–Rose Fairbanks, Kathrein Reay, Rebecca Jamison & Victoria Kincaid

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