Missing Mister Darcy – Giveaway

Missing Mister Darcy – Giveaway

I find myself missing Mister Darcy and his series of comedic mysteries. The collection of nine books is complete. Looking back I recall with fondness my favorite adventures and scenes that made me laugh out loud as I wrote them. If you enjoyed a particular book from the series, or a scene, or a character, I would love to hear from you. (Thanks to the reviewer who called Darcy and Lizzie, the modern day version of Nick and Nora Charles)

Surprise Giveaway

The names of those who comment here will be put in my kitty’s treat bowl. She will then draw the name of one winner – see below for details.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of the most popular novels in English literature. Austen’s stories were fundamentally comic but also delivered a thump on the head to the traditions that forced 18th century women to depend on marriage as the only road to survival. My Mister Darcy contemporary series stays true to the original characters while bringing them into modern day England.



Book One

The mysterious Mister Darcy retains the services of dog psychologist Lizzie Bennet to train his basset puppies for an important foxhunt. Despite knowing nothing about fox hunting, Doctor Lizzie takes on the challenge. Assigned to cover the hunt for the BBC is Society Reporter Caroline Bingley, the would-be paramour of Mister Darcy.

Lizzie’s sister Jane and Charles Bingley join the adventure and fall trippingly in love as Lydia involves Georgiana in an ill-planned caper. And why is Wickham lurking in the shrubberies?



Book Two

Christmas just became a lot more complicated for dog psychologist Lizzie Bennet and her sisters. While shopping in London they find little urchin Annie and her dog Sammy. As a fierce snowstorm takes over the city, the aloof but alluring Mister Darcy invites the girls, including Annie and Sammy, to spend the night at his penthouse. With the best of intentions Darcy asks Annie and her seven siblings to join the Bennet sisters for a quiet Christmas Eve celebration in his London fortress. The skullduggery begins when Caroline Bingley – the villainess Austen fans love to boo – shows up acting the part of the Grinch and Scrooge combined.



Book Three

The mysterious Mister Darcy enlists the aid of dog psychologist Lizzie Bennet in his secret quest. Lizzie soon finds herself deep in his battle where familiar villains join forces with evildoers to stop Darcy at all costs. Darcy’s true feelings for Lizzie bubble to the surface but will her pride let her reciprocate? And what about that peanut butter kiss?




Book Four

 Lizzie plots a secret garden wedding for her sister, Jane and Charles Bingley. Can she outsmart Mother Bennet or will the gorgon prevail? With her nerves in high gear, Mrs. Bennet plans the marriage of her eldest daughter. Behind the scenes, Lizzie races against the clock to design a small garden wedding ahead of her mother’s over-the-top ball. Can Darcy cart the unsuspecting Mrs. Bennet to the garden ceremony? Will Mr. Bennet cooperate with Lizzie’s plans, or does Pansy Cottage still cast a long shadow in his memories?


Book Five

 Darcy shares his secret vow and his bed with Lizzie Bennet in this fifth book in the Mister Darcy series of comedic mysteries. Will Lizzie help Darcy prevent the theft of the legendary Red Rosary? Can Lizzie get even with Caroline Bingley? And who is the mystery lady in Mr. Bennet’s life?


Book Six

 Under the guise of honeymooning, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy set off to save a quartet of domestic maids being held hostage in London and to return the legendary Red Rosary to the Templars’ treasure vaults. Can they avoid Caroline Bingley, evade the sinister men from Rome, and will they ever get to enjoy their honeymoon?


Book Seven

With the best of intentions Elizabeth Darcy plans a surprise Christmas Eve for Fitzwilliam Darcy at their London penthouse. How much chaos will little urchin Annie and her seven siblings, plus the entire Bennet clan, bring to One Snyde Park? Add two basset hounds, one borzoi, a shaggy otter hound, and a disheveled nun who bears a striking resemblance to Caroline Bingley; then stir in some holiday magic and you have a Happy Christmas wish from the Darcy home to yours.


Book Eight

 Darcy and Lizzie, now happily married, are off on another Templar quest. With their first baby due in two months, Darcy pointlessly insists that Lizzie remain in London while he adventures to Malta. Pregnancy will not hamper Lizzie; she is determined to stand by her husband. Lizzie inserts herself in the caper, accompanied by Boris, the Russian wolfhound, and other surprise stowaways. Oh no! Caroline and Wickham return to add to the chaos.

In this, the eighth book in the Mister Darcy comedic mysteries series, the Maltese Falcon holds the key to finding the Bogart Diamond, a priceless gem that was stolen from the ancient order of the Knights Templar. Darcy is tasked with recovering it.


Book Nine

The mysterious Mister Darcy, a modern day Knight Templar, follows his beloved Lizzie down the wrong rabbit hole, only to discover one of history’s spookiest antiquities. Can a simple picnic lead the Darcy family to the brink of disaster? And why is this the last book in this delightful 9 book series?

Surprise Giveaway

To enter: please post your comment here before midnight (Eastern) October 25th. Tell me about your favorite Mister Darcy comedic mystery, your favorite scene, or character. I will be gifting a signed copy of the first paperback version (US. Outside the US ebook version) of:


(Cozy Mysteries)

Publication: last week in October

The winner’s name will be drawn by my kitty, Isis, from her treat bowl and announced on this post on October 26, 2018.

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18 Responses to Missing Mister Darcy – Giveaway

  1. Congratulations to Eva Edmonds! You have won the very first signed paperback from my new series of cozy mysteries: GLOSSY LIPS – Book 1 in the COLD CREAM MURDER SERIES. Please contact me. Thank you all for your comments.

    With love & laughter,
    Barbara Silkstone

  2. I have not had the chance to read the books in this comedic mystery series but I believe I do own all of them in e-book. I must say that I love all the covers for this series, Barbara. Did you design them yourself or you had help?

  3. I have just completed reading this series and then I receive this email. The series is wonderful and one I had to read until the end. I loved being in Lizzy’s head and loved the interactions between Lizzy and Darccy and the dogs! Caroline Bingley was a great villan. I think my favorite one was Happy Christmas from the Darcy’s as I laughed over the interactions of Mr/Mrs Bennet, Annie and her family. and the way Lizzy gave Darcy her Christmas present. Thank you for the giveaway.

    • Eva, Thank you so very much. I am pleased that you loved the series. I tried to capture the growing love between Darcy and Lizzy, while keeping the laughter and warm feelings. With the new series—not JAFF—but lots of wholesome laughter I hope to do the same. Olive inherits her Nonna’s secret recipe for miracle cold cream and the adventures begin. COLD CREAM MURDERS
      With love & laughter,

    • Eva, Congratulations! My kitty picked your name from her treat bowl. You are the winner of a signed paperback copy of GLOSSY LIPS ~ Book I in my new series of cozy mysteries : COLD CREAM MURDERS. Please contact me via Facebook messaging.
      With love & laughter,
      Barbara Silkstone

  4. It’s been awhile since I read it, but I loved Mr. Darcy’s Dogs. I do remember Caroline’s eu de toilet! ?

  5. Love Lizzie’s interactions with Boris; although, her bunny slipper conversations are really good.

    Congratulations on the new book!

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