Mansfield Park (2007) Trivia Challenge

Mansfield Park (2007) Trivia Challenge

In the 2007 ITV television adaptation of Mansfield Park, Fanny Price is punished for rejecting Henry Crawford, not with a trip to Portsmouth as in canon, but with social isolation. Being an introvert myself, my initial opinion of this was that Fanny, an introvert, would not be particularly troubled by this. Left behind for three weeks at Mansfield with none of the family at home, we see her eating her meal alone at the large dining room table and wandering the grounds unescorted with only her thoughts for company. The past few months of social distancing and quarantine have certainly given me perspective on just how difficult that would be. Suddenly, at least in this adaptation, Fanny Price is at least a little relatable. Now it’s on to the trivia challenge. Let’s see how you do!


  1. The actress who plays Mary Crawford, Hayley Atwell, has had an ongoing role in the Marvel Universe as the love interest of one of the heroes. Which Marvel Hero is in love with her?
  2. There is a fine brocade suit worn by Tom Bertram in the Lovers Vows scene. Which Persuasion (1995) character was also seen in this attire?
  3. Blake Ritson, the actor who portrayed Edmund Bertram was cast in another Austen adaptation, Emma (2009). What character did he play?
  4. How many film locations were used in Mansfield Park (2007)?
  5. There are four actresses in Mansfield Park (2007) who have also been seen in the long-running British television series Dr. Who. Name two of them.
  6. The hair and makeup designer for Mansfield Park, Mary Southgate, did hair and makeup from 1976-1981 for a comedy television variety show that featured major stars of the day. What was the show?
  7. The dress worn by Fanny Price to Maria’s wedding was also seen in the film adaptation Sense and Sensibility (1995). Which character wore it?
  8. The actress who played young Fanny Price, Julia Joyce, also portrayed the younger version of a Billie Price character in an episodic series. What was the name of the series?
  9. One of the dance numbers included music from another Austen adaptation. Which one?
  10. The program runtime was 2 hours when seen in the UK on the ITV network, but 90 minutes in the US on the PBS/WGBH Masterpiece Classic viewing. What caused the difference between the airtime in the two countries?

Pencils down. I tried to throw in a couple of questions that a good guesser could get right, so hopefully, you got at least one answer, if not more. Read on to explore the details of these trivia points.

10.) A parallel Universe. Four of our Mansfield Park (2007) actresses have also performed, in various capacities, on the popular science fiction fantasy series, Dr. Who. The best known of these is Billie Piper, the Fanny Price that fans struggled to reconcile to the Dr. Who character, Rose Tyler. Refer to trivia point #9 for details on Julia Joyce’s role. The other two actresses are Michelle Ryan and Jemma Redgrave. Michelle, who we see in Mansfield Park (2007) as Maria Bertram, is featured in the 2009 Dr. Who episode,  Planet of the Dead as the jewel thief, Lady Christina. Jemma Redgrave had a six-episode recurring role from 2012-2015 as Kate Stewart.

Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina in Dr. Who

9.) Young Billie Piper. Julia Joyce, the actress who played Fanny Price as a child was likewise used in a 2005 episode of Dr. Who as the young Rose Tyler, making the casting of this part easy two years later for Mansfield Park (2007).

Julia Joyce as young Fanny Price.

8.) A singular location. Rumor has it that budget restrictions prevented the use of additional location sites to portray the Mansfield parsonage, Mr. Rushworth’s estate of Sotherton, or Portsmouth. Instead, we see various parts of Newby Hall, in North Yorkshire, a privately owned home that is loaded with attractions to entertain. Click on the link to explore all they have to offer – when the COVID-19 quarantines are over, that is.

Newby Hall as Mansfield Park

7.) Simply Marvelous. Two cast members from Mansfield Park (2009) have been seen in closely-related recurring roles in the Marvel Universe. The actress who plays Mary Crawford, Haley Atwell, is the voluptuous Agent Peggy Carter, sweetheart of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America in the Avenger films. She stars in the title role of the series Agent Carter. In that series, she has a sidekick, Edwin Jarvis, the Stark family butler, played by James D’Arcy, who also portrays Tom Bertram in Mansfield Park. James as Edwin Jarvis crosses over from the television series into film in Avengers: Endgame. James also did the voiceover work for J.A.R.V.I.S, Tony Stark’s Artificial Intelligence helper in the film.

Haley Atwell and James D’Arcy in Agent Carter.

6.) Who wore it better round 1: The dress Fanny Price wears to Maria’s wedding was previously seen on Mrs. Dashwood at Barton Cottage in Sense and Sensibility (1995). Who do you think wore it better?

Mrs. Dashwood in the black dress. Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Fanny Price in the black dress.

5.) From Meryton to Mansfield. The dance scene at the picnic where Edmund dances with Mary Crawford had a familiar melody. This was referenced in last month’s “Goofs”  post because it suddenly sounded like there were a lot of musicians. Well, that familiar melody comes from the Pride and Prejudice (2005) soundtrack, an original composition titled Meryton Townhall. Perhaps the reuse of copyrighted music is the reason this scene from Mansfield Park (2007) is not available online in video form. Here is the scene from P & P. You can check it out yourself the next time you watch Mansfield Park (2007)

Mary Crawford dances with Edmund to the Meryton Townhall music.

4.) Who wore it better round 2: Sir Walter Elliot in Persuasion, has always been known for his dandyish ways, but we find one of the costumes from Persuasion (1995) seen again in Mansfield Park on Tom Bertram during the Lover’s Vows scene. Who do you think wore it better?

Tom Bertram in the Lover’s Vows scene
Sir Walter Elliot in the brocade suit, Persuasion (1995)

3.) The lost half-hour. I noted multiple references to the runtime for this adaptation. The IMDB page lists it as 120 minutes, but my DVD and other references specified that it was 90 minutes. This led to some confusion, not just to me, but to other US viewers who thought that perhaps the US version had been edited down after the UK release. Nope. The difference is that ITV added 30 minutes of advertising to the airing, while PBS had no commercial breaks.

2.) The Rainbow Connection. Controversy and commentary abound over Billie Piper’s styling as Fanny Price. Her tousled hair and dark eyebrows draw particular attention and frequent mentions in critic and blogger reviews. I have no proof that the hairstylist, Mary Southgate, used her previous work on The Muppet Show as inspiration, but it seems like a plausible explanation.

1.) Familiar faces. It’s always fun when Austen adaptation cast members pop up in other adaptions. Two of the Mansfield Park (2007) cast are seen again, remade into another Austen character. Blake Ritson, who plays Edmund Bertrum takes on a different clerical persona as Mr. Elton in (Emma 2009). Jemma Redgrave, the matriarch Lady Bertram is seen again as Lady DeCourcy in Love and Friendship.

Blake Ritson as Edmund Bertram
Blake Ritson as Mr. Elton

There you have it. I hope you found at least one tidbit from today’s Austen Author’s post interesting. I read through dozens of articles and reviews written about this adaptation and found a frequently mentioned sentiment that I wanted, nay, NEEDED to include here. Lady Bertram’s pug, played by “Holly” was often cited as the best actor in the cast.

Quiz Answers: 1.) Steve Rogers aka Captain America 2.) Sir Walter Elliot 3.) Mr. Elton 4.) One. 5.) Billie Piper (Fanny), Jemma Redgrave (Lady Bertram), Michelle Ryan (Maria Bertram), and Julia Joyce (Young Fanny Price). 6.) The Muppets 7.) Mrs. Dashwood 8.) Dr. Who 9.) Pride and Prejudice (2005). 10.) Advertisements.

12 Responses to Mansfield Park (2007) Trivia Challenge

  1. Having never seen Dr. Who, I missed those questions. I loved the crossover with the actors. If you are a frequent watcher of Austen movies, it can be a bit disconcerting watching them back-to-back and having the same actors in different roles. Snicker… not that I have ever done that. Well, I will have to say as to who wore it best? Mrs. Dashwood because of her reserve and calm nature. And, of course, Sir Walter because he has such panache and could carry it off. Bertram just looked untidy. I love these posts. I agree that the pug should get an award for ‘Best Actor.’ That little girl ‘younger Fanny’ was adorable. Thanks for all the research you do in order to have these. This is not my favorite Austen version and that is why there is dust on it and not another. Apparently this is a hard movie to make. I completely threw away one version in disgust. Since I don’t watch this one, that leaves the original. Oh well. Thanks and stay safe and healthy.

    • Thank you. Based on what you’ve said, I hope you’ll enjoy my next two posts that will cover the “original” Mansfield Park. The thing I’ve observed while writing about the 1999 and 2007 adaptations is that the producers were so interested in making Fanny Price a “modern” character that they completely missed the mark on what makes her a heroine. In doing so, they sucked those qualities right out of her. I would love to see a remake that did the novel some justice. Thanks for commenting!

      • “The producers were so interested in making Fanny Price a “modern” character that they completely missed the mark on what makes her a heroine. In doing so, they sucked those qualities right out of her.”

        EXACTLY!! Thank you for pointing that out. Yes! They completely missed the point with her character and who and what she was. I look forward to reading what you have to say on this one. I haven’t seen it in forever but have watched it so many times… I’ve practically memorized it. See you next time.

        • I look forward to digging into it again. It’s been a couple of years since I watched it, and I pay so much closer attention watching them now than I used to.

  2. What fun, Diana! I love the ‘Who wore it better ones’ especially, and who knew there was quite so much cross over with Dr. Who? That’s great! 🙂

    • I had previously known that Billie Piper had achieved much of her popularity as Rose on Dr. Who – I think most of us did. Before researching this post, however, I had no idea. I expected to find other historic dramas in the actors resumes but Dr. Who and Marvel surprised me. I had recently watched the “Agent Carter” series on Disney Plus and when I watched Mansfield Park (2007) for the first time in years, it drove me nuts wondering where I had seen those faces before. I definitely had multiple aha moments when I started researching this production.

  3. I love these posts!!! The suit was hideous, whether it was on Tom or Sir Walter!!

    • LOL. That was exactly my first reaction. I mulled on it, though, and decided that since Sir Walter was wearing it for fashion and Tom Bertram was wearing it as a costume in a romantic comedy, I give the point to Tom. He was at least aware it was ridiculous. I’m guessing he swiped it from Sir Thomas’s closet since it is baggy on him.

    • Congratulations on getting a couple right. I love it when that happens! And thank you, Cindie, for being such a faithful reader of Austen Authors. We appreciate your readership . May the 4th be with you!

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