Love Letters to Books

Love Letters to Books

IMG_4114Last week I attended BookExpo America in Chicago – and had a wonderful time. It was like being in a candy shop with free product and no calories. All the pretty books! And, as my sore back can attest, I carted home many of the most savory.

My greatest acquisition was A Gentleman In Moscow. If you have not read The Rules of Civility – leave off this post immediately and go grab it. It’s a beautifully written debut novel by Amor Towles and I’ve anxiously awaited his next… And on 9/9/16 it launches out into the world.IMG_4124

I also signed ARCs of my next novel, which will release 11/1/16, A Portrait of Emily Price.

While signing copies and answering questions, one question came up repeatedly, “What are your books about?” As is my way, I rambled on. But a few asks, I found a succinct side note… “My books are love letters to books.” And that leads me here…

We visit this blog to read about Austen Authors and all that Austen means to us. I also think we come here because we love books – we savor books and want to return to our favorite characters and stories because they are alive
and real to us. That is the true power of fiction – writers invite us into an alternate reality and we make it our own. We enter into the vulnerability; pain and fears of others and, in doing so often understand experiences in our own lives. And we experience hope and love – and hang on to the enduring belief that they are real and exist because if not, great writers would have stopped penning about them long ago.

Unknown-1Austen did that beautifully. She never diminished the pain, prejudices and limitations of her characters and their circumstances — but she reached beyond that and handed them, and us, love and hope. And two-hundred years later, we still thank her.

I also thank you — for stopping by here and joining in a love for books. I’d love to hear some favorites you are reading presently, new ones you have found  or, if you are a writer, what are some ideas and stories that are capturing you… Join in the discussion!



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  1. My mother read all my life. Way before ebooks, she collected books when others collected nick-knack’s. I’ve mentioned this in another blog, so please forgive me, but it applies here also. When she died, my father sold over nine thousand books from her collection. Of course he didn’t get anything for them; however, they gave my mother so much joy over her lifetime. She loved the written word. Now my brother and I each have an electronic library and we think she would be proud.

    • OOPS!!! I was supposed to mention what I am reading…well, I am going through the AuAu authors and am about halfway through the list. I recently finished Houseguest [Elizabeth Adams], and the Choices series [Leenie Brown]. I’ve written reviews on all. I am having a ball.

      • Jeanne, That is a beautiful testament to a love for books. I’m pleased to hear her adoration for the written word wrapped you up as well. What a great reading list you have… Thrilled to hear you working through the books here. There are so many wonderful writers on this blog — it’s an honor to be a part of it. Thanks for chiming in!

  2. I adore books. The wallpaper on my iPad says “Born to Read – Forced to Work” LOL One of the very hardest things I’ve ever had to do, as we move toward a tiny house, is deplete my personal library and move a lot of it to eBooks. I’ve had a love affair with books for 40 or so years. I’m currently reading “The Lake House” by Kate Morton. I just completed “Hope for Mr. Darcy” by Jenna Ellsworth. Just lovely words swirling around me as I face the tasks of the day. I love your description: Love letters to books. What an awesome thought!

    • Thank you. I’m sorry you had to deplete your library, but glad the love for books is still alive. “The Lake House” has been on my TBR pile for a while now. I need to get to that. Kate Morton’s website is one of my favorites — I love the graphic whimsy. Have a great day with all the “lovely words.”

      • Kate Morton and Susanna Kearsley are my deep cavern of lost. When I need a long respite from life. JAFF is that stroll with friends you love so much and you can enjoy the adventures (good and bad) of their lives. The love for books (and words) will never wane, it just has to take a different form. I still kept two full tubs of actual books.

  3. Congrats on the upcoming release, Katherine, what a beautiful cover! And what a beautiful way to put it, that your books are love letters to books! A wonderful thought.
    I’m currently reading Elizabeth Adams’ ‘Unwilling’ and loving it, only one of the many TBRs waiting on my kindle, and there’s ‘The Maias’ waiting in paperback, a gift from a wonderful friend. So manyfabulous books out there, and more coming out every day. If only we didn’t have to sleep, how much quicker we’d be able to savour them all. Thanks for a great post!

    • Thank you. I’m excited about A Portrait of Emily Price. And, you are right, so many beautiful books. I haven’t cracked the spine to A Gentleman in Moscow yet because I’m so busy these days and afraid I won’t be able to savor as much as I know I will in a more relaxed time. I need to dive in!

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