Let’s Take a Walk…

Let’s Take a Walk…

Spring is here!

I am so excited to see the sun shining, the flowers finally blooming and the air to hold a little warmth in the morning. And I’m loving the new addition to my day – a walk around the block.

For as much as I’ve read Austen, I should have started this long ago… Time and time again, Austen reinforced what we know to be true – a good long walk is always a good idea.

Need to clear your head? Take a walk outside.

Need to gain some perspective? Relax? Again, go for a walk.

Need exercise to get your heart-rate up? Purge some anger? Work out a problem? Avoid an unwanted guest? … Go walking.

Exercise clears the mind, helps improve one’s sleep, improves one’s mood, strengthens our bones and muscles, and helps prevent disease… Studies are also showing that the simply being outside does that too – the sounds, sun, solid ground beneath our feet – they play a vital role in our well-being.

Lizzy was Austen’s most famous walker, but Catherine, Emma, Marianne, Fanny, and Anne all walked as well. And another benefit? Good things happened on walks. Don’t forget it was during a walk Mr. Knightley proposed to Emma; Darcy to Elizabeth; and after one that Captain Wentworth handed Anne into a carriage and, I say, fell in love with her all over again. I don’t expect that much will happen to me… But I’ll still savor the exercise and the sunshine!



10 Responses to Let’s Take a Walk…

  1. Need to get back in the habit of walking. I have done it daily. It was so much fun and a great stress reliever. Glad the Austens enjoyed it.

  2. Maybe I’ll take a walk, no telling who I’ll run into! Maybe Mr. Darcy! I love walking especially in the park with my dog. It’s exercise for us both.

  3. I am so looking forward to spring… the other day we had snow flurries and frost warnings. The orchard near us feared for the young peaches on the limb and the apple blossoms. It is a popular orchard in our area and the news reported later that everything survived. That is always a question in my local… will it be a fruit year or will a freeze get them. We are hoping for a fruit year. I love walking to our rural mailbox. There is a lilac bush near by and it is in full bloom. I planted it myself years ago and I have watched it grow into a beautiful bush. During times of drought, I would take a gallon of water with me when I got the mail. Yesterday I took snipers and a bottle of water with me and now the house smells of lilac. Sigh… that is so calming. Thanks for reminding me that I need to walk.

  4. I love when it gets warm enough to go for a long walk. I grew up in a rural area and it was common for my family to walk to our relative’s homes since they lived closeby.

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