Leenie Brown

Leenie Brown . . . is the mother of two fabulous (most of the time) teenage boys and the wife of one sweet and thoughtful man. She is somewhat of a grammar nerd, her two youngest sisters telling stories of Leenie correcting their grammar in letters and sending the letters back to them. Leenie does NOT remember doing that, sure they exaggerate!

She loves to read, and was that kid, under the covers with the flashlight, reading until the wee hours of the morning. All her heroes when growing up were authors. She loved what they did, and the worlds they could paint with words were (and still are) her favourite playgrounds!

She also loves to write. It wasn’t until 2103 that her love of reading and playing with stories, and her love of writing crashed into each other.  What happened to cause this collision?  Leenie discovered Jane Austen Fan Fiction!  She delighted to learn there were others that continued plots and varied the stories in their imaginations just as she did. She started by reading but eventually began to argue (in her mind mostly) with the authors about their choices. So, she decided to put some of her ideas down on virtual paper and, after much encouragement from her dear husband, signed up for two JAFF forums and began sharing stories there. Now, she has taken it a step further.

First Blooms and Second Chances: Nature's Fury and Delights
Dashed hopes, broken hearts, fumbling steps… Whether in its first bloom or presenting itself a second time, securing love can be a challenge.

Hope at Dawn
Nicholas Sidemore’s heart was torn from him a year ago when his offer was refused and the lady he loved sailed away. Today, at dawn, she returns. But has he waited and hoped in vain?

Dispelling the Fog
Ever since a scoundrel broke her heart three years ago, Madeline Adcock has been searching in vain for a gentleman to both love and trust. In fact, she has nearly given up hope of ever breaking free of the fog of uncertainty which engulfs her. However, with the help of her brother and his best friend, love just might chase that fog away forever.

Apple Blossoms and Whispering Hearts
Thomas Prescott is awkward and believes himself destined by such to remain a bachelor, but then, he met her. Can he overcome his view of himself to believe that someone as lovely as Clara Watson might actually prefer him to all others?

A Lily in Midwinter
A misdirected letter sets a scheme in motion which, when it draws to its conclusion, should see Frederick George happily trapped. However, if he discovers the scheming, the outcome might be as bleak as a midwinter’s day.
Thunder, Mist, and Frost: Nature's Fury and Delights
Whether pushed forward by a rumble of thunder, revealed when the morning mist lifts, or etched like a frosty reminder of beauty in the cold heart of winter, love will find her home in the hearts of each of the couples in these three sweet Regency romance half-hour reads.

Thunder (A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novelette)
Fitzwilliam Darcy is out for a ride when a distant rumble of thunder forces him to seek shelter from the coming storm. What he finds when he steps inside his father’s cottage is so much more than merely a refuge.

Morning Mist (A Sense and Sensibility Variation Novelette)
To Marianne Dashwood, there is nothing more refreshing in the entire world than a walk in the morning mist. She relishes these rambles where she can allow her imagination to run free. However, when she comes upon a handsome stranger, she discovers that her daydreams cannot compare to the real enchantment of love.

Frosted Windowpanes (A Touches of Austen Novelette)
In an attempt to distance himself from the pain of rejection, Patrick Mullins left Ashmore Hall four years ago. Now, just before Christmas, he has returned, brought home by the deaths of both his mother and brother. However, the painful memories that he finds upon his arrival threaten to drive him away once more until the determination of the lady he loves proves to him that just like the frost brings beauty to the coldness of winter, beauty can rise out of sorrow.
Henry: To Prove Himself Worthy (Other Pens, Mansfield Park Book 1)
He’s failed before, but with her help, this time, he might just succeed.

Henry Crawford has failed to secure the heart of a good woman before ─ and quite spectacularly so! There are few in town who have not heard of his scandalous affair. While his debacle might have proven great fodder for the gossips, it has left him with a shattered heart and a deep desire to change his ways.

However, change is never easy. Old habits can die hard, and some friends may wish to see you say as you always were. Thankfully for Henry, there are others, such as Trefor Linton, who will wish to help and will offer his sister as a dance partner to help Henry ease his way into society.

While most girls her age dream of a rich and handsome husband, Constance Linton is looking for more. She wishes for an intelligent gentleman of good character who is not opposed to a bookish lady. But sifting through the dross in a ballroom in search of such a man is no easy task.

A gentleman with Henry’s reputation is not the sort of man for whom Constance seeks, yet she is not opposed to lending him her aid in achieving his desires.

What begins as a single dance will grow into a collaboration that will equip Henry with all he needs to win a woman of worth, while entangling hearts and leaving not only his own heart and reputation but also that of his friend and tutor at risk of being irreparably damaged.
Charles: To Discover His Purpose (Other Pens, Mansfield Park Book 2)
All he wanted was a kiss. What he got was so much more.

Charles Edwards is no stranger to scandal. He lives an easy, carefree life, floating from one moment of pleasure to another. Or, at least, he did until one fateful night when two young ladies asked him to come to their aid. Since then, Charles has been hiding from society until his injuries heal, which is what he was attempting to do when one of those ladies – the one with the kissable lips – re-enters his life.

Evelyn Barrett loves nothing better than assisting others. Therefore, when she is presented with the possibility of guiding a shiftless gentleman toward improving himself, she just can’t refuse. It should be an easy task. All she needs to do is sidestep his charm and ignore is good looks while pointing him in the right direction.

However, Charles has no intention of taking Evelyn’s advice and then leaving her alone. A gentleman determined to claim a kiss from a lady must ingratiate himself with the lady. And that is where the trouble begins.

As the two spend time together, desires increase, affections are engaged, and Charles’s end goal shifts. But will his scandalous past be the very thing which keeps him from achieving what he desires, or will he find himself at the beginning of a new scheme and direction for his life?
Mary: To Protect Her Heart (Other Pens, Mansfield Park Book 3)
Sometimes, overcoming the past can be as challenging as surviving the present.

Mary Crawford, vivacious, beautiful, and adored by many gentlemen, has a secret. Her confidence is a façade, and while she may welcome one and all, she trusts few.

Gabriel Durward, an enterprising and wealthy tradesman, prizes integrity. Known for his shrewd business dealings, he is one gentleman that few would dare to cross.

Mary has never met a gentleman quite like Gabe. He seems impervious to her usual ploys, never prevaricates or flaunts himself as so many others have, and even though he knows her faults, he still chooses her without any need to be persuaded to do so. It is enough for Mary to begin to open her heart.

However, not everyone appreciates Gabe’s character as much as Mary does, and some of those individuals will go to great lengths to see him destroyed. When nefarious plans are put into action, Mary’s fledgling trust will be tested, and fear will raise its ugly head, tempting her to retreat. Will Gabe be able to survive the onslaught and finally prove to Mary that she can trust him to protect her heart with his very life?
Tom: To Secure His Legacy (Other Pens, Mansfield Park Book 4)
Sometimes, when a gentleman wants to secure his future and mend the errors of his past, all he needs is Faith.

Tom Bertram spent his life chasing pleasure until a gate proved too tall for his horse. Now, having faced his own mortality, he is a changed man. He plans to be all that he should be so that he can secure his legacy. If only he had paid more attention to his lessons, he would be able to fix his follies on his own. However, he did not, and now, he must enlist the help of a financial expert.

Faith Eldridge has witnessed the devastation of living to excess and possesses the skills necessary to protect her future from such calamity. Despite her best efforts to keep her activities secret, her talent has not gone unnoticed, and she soon finds herself in a position to lend aid to a gentleman in desperate need of assistance in recouping his losses.

When Tom meets Faith, he doesn’t realize that they have met before — well, they have sort of met before — but that’s a secret Faith hopes to keep Tom from discovering. However, when her student turns out to be as clever as he is handsomely distracting, and when Tom finds his tutor more than a trifle alluring, can any secret be concealed? And when tragedy strikes, can Tom secure both his legacy and his heart, or will his heart be the price he must pay for his former behaviour?
Addie: To Wager on Her Future (Other Pens, Mansfield Park Book 5)
Whoever said nothing ventured, nothing gained never had her heart on the line…

Adela Atwood grew up immersed in the world of horse breeding and racing. She comes from a family of risk-takers. Ignoring the usual rearing for a girl, her father allowed Addie to take the reins of her own destiny, and she has sat in life’s saddle ever since. Unfortunately, her brother is also a gambler and, unlike Addie, is no stranger to losing. This time, however, it is more than mere pounds at stake as Addie’s beloved horse and maybe even her brother’s life are caught up in the bargain.

Robert Eldridge was also raised surrounded by horses. In fact, he is the owner of a stable of animals which have often placed well in the races at Newcastle. When his friend nearly died the previous year, he learned that sometimes when you gamble, you lose, and some things are more precious than money.

With her father lying at death’s door and her brother facing a formidable adversary, Addie’s life is set on end. Robert, who is visiting the Atwood’s neighbors at Mansfield Park, feels compelled to offer his assistance in helping sort out the mess Addie’s brother has created.

What should have been a simple scheme to rid the Atwoods of a problem, draws Robert in and places him in a precarious position that will require them to combine their talents if they hope to have a chance at success against their foe. However, Addie knows all too well that losses are part of the gamble. Many things are irreplaceable in life, but her heart would be the most precious thing of all to lose.
Two Days Before Christmas: A Pride & Prejudice Novella (Darcy Family Holidays Book 1)
How does a lady mend her brother’s broken heart?

Georgiana Darcy is less than pleased when her brother returns to town before he is expected. However, after greeting him and seeing that he is more morose than when he left, she becomes concerned. Convinced that she knows the reason behind Darcy’s despondency, Georgiana sets out to remedy the problem and present her brother with the best Christmas gift ever — an unbroken heart.

Netherfield sits empty. Mr. Collins has been refused, and Elizabeth Bennet’s mother is suffering from a serious case of nerves. There is only one thing to be done. Elizabeth and her sister must be sent to town in the hopes that one or both might secure a husband.

Tossed into each other’s paths, Darcy and Elizabeth renew their acquaintance and must decide how to proceed. Will Darcy continue to flee from the lady who has stolen his heart? Will Elizabeth be able to decipher Darcy’s true character? Or will both be left lonely and broken-hearted this Christmas?

Two Days before Christmas is just one of Leenie Brown’s numerous Pride and Prejudice inspired stories. If you like well-written, sweet romance with surprising twists, open-minded heroines, and tender heroes then you’ll love this story where gifts from the heart and love take center stage.
One Winter's Eve: A Pride & Prejudice Novella (Darcy Family Holidays Book 2)
He’s an annoyance. She’s a puzzle. Together, they make sparks fly.

Caroline Bingley ‘s greatest desire is to marry a wealthy gentleman with an estate. However, Pemberley and its master have been lost. While this is a most unfortunate turn of events, it’s not the worst of it, for Caroline’s brother insists that he will marry his most recent angel despite the lady’s ridiculous family.

And Caroline? Well, she must return to Netherfield and perform the part of perfect hostess for her brother and the gentleman she has lost, as well as his sister and his annoyingly direct cousin.

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam has always found Caroline Bingley attractive. However, by focusing on her sharp tongue, he has deftly managed to avoid any entanglement that might threaten his plan not to marry.

Until now.

Having been challenged to re-evaluate his opinion of Caroline, Richard has found himself unable to resist the puzzle she presents.

While Richard attempts to understand and Caroline attempts not to offend, love works its magic causing hearts to become engaged. But is love’s enchantment powerful enough for a gentleman bent on remaining single and a lady equally as determined to marry only a man with an estate to come to an understanding? Or will love find itself rejected and shivering under the stars of a winter’s night?

One Winter’s Eve is the sequel to Two Days Before Christmas and just one of Leenie Brown’s numerous Pride and Prejudice inspired stories. If you like well-written, sweet romance with surprising twists, open-minded heroines, and tender heroes then you’ll love this story where gifts from the heart and love take center stage.
A Scandal in Springtime: A Pride and Prejudice Novel (Darcy Family Holidays Book 3)
Insults, apologies, and kisses

A lady must make a good impression if she wishes to secure a handsome husband during her first season in town, and Kitty Bennet is determined to be successful.

Trefor Linton might have best friends who were rakes, but he’s never been one to step outside the bounds of propriety. Indeed, he has spent a good deal of time reminding his friends of those boundaries.

However, when Trefor and Kitty’s worlds collide, quite literally, the result is going to be a tantalizingly delicious tale that will set tongues wagging.
His Beautiful Bea (Touches of Austen 1)
She loves his brother. He wishes to see her happy. But neither expected this outcome.

Graeme Clayton has always thought of his brother, Everett, as a bit of a blockhead. However, when Everett seems to prefer a fawning and flirtatious lady over Beatrice Tierney, Graeme knows that his brother is not just a bit of a blockhead but a complete and utter fool!

Knowing that Beatrice secretly loves Everett and despite his opinion of his brother’s mental faculties, Graeme vows to do his part to bring the two together. For to Graeme, there is nothing more important than seeing his lovely neighbour and good friend happy.

Beatrice Tierney has long harboured feelings for Graeme’s younger brother, who is serious and thoughtful ─ or at least he used to be. Now, she fears she must watch any hope she had of ever securing his heart slip away forever. However, she is not destined to watch alone. Graeme has positioned himself as her champion and with his help, she just might find both true happiness and love.

His Beautiful Bea is part of Leenie Brown’s Touches of Austen Collection of original stories inspired by the writings of Jane Austen. If you like well-written, sweet and gentle romance, then you will love this story of realizing that true love was beside you all the time by Leenie Brown. So, put the kettle on, grab your copy of His Beautiful Bea, and let this sweet romance soothe away the worries of the day.
His Darling Friend (Touches of Austen 2)
He’s known her for her whole life, but he’s never thought of her like this until now.

House parties are notoriously dangerous for the gentleman who wishes to remain single, and Roger Shelton would be avoiding the one at the Abernathys’ if it wasn’t his best friend’s birthday.

Victoria Hamilton is only attending the Abernathys’ house party to please her mother. She has no thought of finding a husband amongst the hopeful gentlemen in attendance. In fact, she expects that the party will be rather dull. However, when her friend arrives, boredom becomes the least of her worries.

While Roger is not ready to give up his bachelor ways just yet, he’s not opposed to helping others find their way to marital bliss — especially, if that someone is a marriage-minded miss who seems to be fond of him. Therefore, when Roger enlists Victoria’s help in his matchmaking scheme, he only means to keep himself safe from being caught in the parson’s trap.

However, his intentions change along the way, when he discovers that avoiding marriage is the last thing he wants to do for there is a lady who has long held his heart. It is a realization that has been a long time coming, but with schemers playing their games, is it a realization which is made too late?
Her Secret Beau (Touches of Austen 3)
With a sister like she has, keeping her suitor a secret is a must.

Have a season. Meet some handsome gentlemen. Be courted by at least one, fall in love, and live happily ever after. That’s all Grace Love wants. However, when a lady has a sister like Grace does, getting what she wants is going to take a bit of subterfuge.

When a pretty stranger shares a secret smile with Walter Blakesley in the park, his curiosity is aroused. Then, when the same lady refuses his offer to dance but not because she does not want to dance with him, his interest in her intensifies, leaving him unable to reject her proposal to meet in secret.

What Walter finds when he finally meets Grace is an intriguing and lively young woman who possesses a tender heart and a determined, yet gentle, spirit. She is exactly what he has been looking for, and he would gladly shout his admiration of her to the world.

However, Grace is unwilling to allow him to proclaim his attachment, for she has lost more than one gentleman to her sister already and losing Walter would be the greatest devastation imaginable. Unfortunately, no matter what steps Grace has taken to protect herself from such a tragedy, they may not be enough, and a love forged in secret may only ever be a bittersweet memory of what could have been.
His Irreplaceable Belle (Touches of Austen 4)
They say time heals all wounds, but can it truly restore two shattered hearts?

Not every father wishes for his daughter to marry a physician. Fredrick “Fritz” Norman discovered that years ago when the father and brother of the lady he loved attempted to destroy him. Since then, he has become a great success in medicine. However, in the affairs of the heart, he has failed miserably to find anyone who can replace his Belle.

Persuaded by the tears of her mother, a young Annabelle “Belle” Chapman once gave up the man she loved. For years, she has regretted that decision. Six years later and still unmarried, her father declares her a spinster and sends her to be a companion to her aunt.

As fate would have it, Belle’s aunt is one of Fritz’s patients, and no amount of persuasion is going to make her willing to give up the best physician in Bath. Belle and Fritz are just going to have to learn to see each other while knowing all the while that they can be nothing more than acquaintances. Or so they think.

However, as Belle and Fritz will discover, a love like theirs can neither be denied nor replaced by another –no matter what obstacles might stand in its way.
Confounding Caroline: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Marrying Elizabeth Book 1)
He thought his future was bleak, but a well-orchestrated misstep might just bring him the happiness he seeks.

Fitzwilliam Darcy has experienced the sadness that currently resides in the eyes of his friend, Charles Bingley. Determined to see Bingley happy, Darcy confesses his part in creating the despondence his friend now feels and prepares to suffer the separation that will ensue.

However, what he expects and what he gets are very different things. Instead of facing a lonely life filled with heartache, he finds himself standing at the beginning of a path leading to not only his friend’s happiness but his own as well.

It will not, however, be an easy path. There will be obstacles to overcome, but with a little help and scheming, no impediment will be too insurmountable – not even Caroline Bingley.
Delighting Mrs. Bennet: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Marrying Elizabeth Book 2)
He wished to please her by tolerating her mother. He hadn’t expected to find his heart so entangled in her family.

In an attempt to right a wrong caused by his dog, Fitzwilliam Darcy extends an invitation for the Bennet family to stay at his home. He is confident he can tolerate Mrs. Bennet and her younger daughters for two weeks if it will please Elizabeth and help convince her to marry him. After all, he is determined to delight Mrs. Bennet by marrying her daughter.

As he expects, Mrs. Bennet and her daughters bring laughter and loudness to his home and cause some disturbance to his life. Unexpectedly, he discovers that inviting Mrs. Bennet and her daughters to Darcy House just might be the best decision he has ever made, for his life and his heart will be forever changed.
Loving Lydia: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Marrying Elizabeth Book 3)
He never expected his heart to break over her sister’s sorrow.

While his cousin is in Manchester dealing with some unrest, Fitzwilliam Darcy is in Hertfordshire, waiting to marry Elizabeth Bennet and hoping to keep his promise to his cousin by helping to see to Miss Lydia’s continued improvement. What begins as a duty soon becomes something more when Darcy finds himself unwittingly slipping into the role of a protective elder brother.

However, when trouble arises, will he be able to both mitigate the damage done by his own family members and keep Elizabeth’s sister, as well as his cousin, free from heartache? It may not be entirely possible, but he’ll not shy away from the fight.
Persuading Miss Mary: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Marrying Elizabeth Book 4)
In society’s eyes, he’s got everything, but, in her estimation, he’s lacking the one thing she requires.

Reginald Arthur Fitzwilliam, Viscount Westonbury, has never met a lady like Mary Bennet. Most debutants would be happy to have his attention, and who could blame them? He’s titled, wealthy, charming, and handsome — everything one could want for in a husband unless you’re Mary Bennet.

From their first meeting when she scolded him for his behaviour and made it perfectly clear that she did not care one jot for his title or fortune, Wes has known that Mary is no standard-order, ton-approved debutant. She is something far better. She is a lady who sees him for himself and not his accouterments.

However, there are two things that Mary Bennet absolutely despises — a flagrant disregard for the rules of propriety and disrespect, and Lord Westonbury, who has treated her sisters ill, embodies both. She would rather he ignored her, but sadly he seems bent on provoking her at every turn. It is, therefore, with trepidation that her father allows her to accompany her sister to town.

When Wes discovers that his mother is hosting Mary and her sister at Matlock House, he sets about the task of persuading Mary that he is not so bad as she thinks, for he would dearly love to court her. However, he will soon discover that even his charm is not going to be enough to sway her. She demands more than pretty words, which will require him to take a serious look at his life of pleasure and weigh it against those demands and his growing love for her. But can he make the necessary changes to prove his devotion, and if he can make them, will they be enough? Or will he always be found wanting in her eyes?
Cherishing Kitty: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Marrying Elizabeth Book 5)
She loves him. He loves her. If only each knew the other’s heart.

Kitty Bennet hadn’t meant she would never marry the gentleman she was caught kissing. She had only meant she couldn’t marry him just yet. She has a promise to keep first. However, before she can explain herself to him, he tosses her heart back at her in a thousand broken pieces.

Lorcan Langley is in love with Kitty, but when she declares she has no desire to marry him, he comes to the heart-rending decision to give her what she wants – a future without him.

As both Lorcan and Kitty attempt to move on with their lives into bleak futures without the person they love, a broken wheel will bring their plans to a screeching and potentially disastrous end.
Finally Mrs. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 1)
Separated for Years ~ Reunited at Last

After Lydia’s elopement, Mr. Bingley returns to Netherfield, but sadly he is alone. His connections to Mr. Darcy are severed, crushing any hope Elizabeth Bennet had of finding happiness with the man to whom she has lost her heart.

As the years pass, grief turns into acceptance and Elizabeth marries. She is content to settle into her new life, but it is not to last. A fever claims the life of her husband and father, leaving her in the care of her new uncle, Gareth Amberly, who is determined to see her happy.

As this Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella opens, Elizabeth’s uncle introduces her to the man he suspects will make her happy ─ Fitzwilliam Darcy. It takes very little time for Darcy and Elizabeth to come to an understanding and for Elizabeth to discover the true reason for their separation. Is a complete restoration of relationships possible, or will their happily ever after always be tainted by separation?
Waking to Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 2)
Rain, Mud, and Happily Ever After

Fitzwilliam Darcy meant to restore peace to his mind and protect his heart. He intended to escape from Hertfordshire to the safety of London, but when the very person from whom he is running falls into his arms and requires his help, he will be forced to admit that there is only one place where he will find peace and his heart will be safe.

Elizabeth Bennet meant to take a walk to avoid a proposal from a man she cannot tolerate — the odious Mr. Collins. Despite the rain, she is relishing the few minutes of calm and peace — the feeling the freedom this path has always provided — until a clap of thunder and a patch of mud intervene, and she finds herself inescapably bound to Mr. Darcy. How does one come to terms with marrying a man she despises? Sometimes, it just takes a shift in perspective.
A Very Mary Christmas: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 3)
What is a lady to do when your mother shares with one and all that you have lost your last chance for marriage and when the one man you wish to marry sees you only as a friend? If you are Mary Bennet, you plan to escape to London and begin a new life while attempting to forget the man you left behind.

What is a gentleman to do when your father retires to Bath, leaving you his estate as well as his debts along with new bills and the care of a devil-may-care brother? If you are a cautious and calculating businessman like Nicholas Hammond, you double down your efforts to make your estate solvent and tuck away your hopes of marrying until the finances are well and truly able to withstand the added expenses of a wife and family.

And what is the sister or brother of such a gentleman or lady to do if you wish to see your sibling happy? If you are Jane or Elizabeth Bennet, you attempt to arrange chance meetings, but if you are Alfred Hammond, you look to your conniving friend, Whit, for help and stage a scheme that will either destroy all hopes of happiness or result in a Very Mary Christmas.
Discovering Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 4)
A wrong room, a locked door, and a final opportunity to understand one another.

When Fitzwilliam Darcy left Netherfield, Elizabeth Bennet had yet to decipher his character and assumes she will never receive the opportunity to do so until he unexpectedly arrives in Kent where Elizabeth is visiting a friend. Upon their first meeting, Darcy seems different from the arrogant man Elizabeth remembers, and stories she hears from his cousin Anne further confuse her opinion until she overhears a conversation.

Arriving for his annual visit at Rosings, Darcy is both delighted and hopeful when he learns that his aunt’s parson has a guest. Having been unable to rid his thoughts and heart of the lovely Miss Elizabeth, he has determined to press his suit. However, when his cousin Richard’s attentions are more readily accepted by Elizabeth than his own, Darcy fears he will have to part with the lady he loves forever.

However, fate and scheming relations are not about to let this couple walk away from each other.
Not an Heiress: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 5)
She’s not an heiress. He’s not a parson. But each is exactly what the other desires.

Richard Fitzwilliam has always planned on marrying for money. What second son of an earl would not? How else was he supposed to keep to a standard of living with which he had grown accustomed? Besides, love in marriage was a happy coincidence for those not born to a title or money, was it not?

Mary Bennet has always longed for a quiet, home of her own — preferably a parsonage. She has studied and prepared herself accordingly — pouring over her books of sermons. She is determined to be well-versed on how best to aid ladies, young and old alike, with whatever guidance they seek.

However, when Richard meets Mary, all previous notions are turned on end. Will prudence and propriety prevail or will lessons be learned that no book can teach? And what is a poor second son to do when the one luxury he cannot do without is not an heiress?

Not an Heiress is the sequel to Discovering Mr. Darcy and part of Leenie Brown’s Dash of Darcy Companions collection of Pride and Prejudice inspired novellas. If you like well-written, fast-paced, sweet and flirty regency romps, then you will love this story of compromise and the discovery that true happiness is not always found in lofty goals but in having your true love at your side.
Unravelling Mr. Darcy: A Pride & Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 6)
He’s got one chance to claim his heart’s desire, and he’s holding nothing back.

What’s a gentleman to do when he has laid his heart before a lady only to have it crushed beneath her dainty slipper? If you’re Fitzwilliam Darcy, there is only one thing to do ─ unravel your tightly wound pride, mend your ways, and convince the lady of your worth.

And what’s a lady to do when she has spoken harshly and knows she has done so unfairly? If you’re Elizabeth Bennet, you take a deep breath, swallow your dignity, give him a second chance, and perhaps along the way, discover a gentleman you didn’t know existed.

And what’s a couple to do when they have difficult family members? If you’re Darcy and Elizabeth, you expect a few bumps in the road and prepare yourself for some absurdity along the path to happily ever after.

Unravelling Mr. Darcy is part of Leenie Brown’s Dash of Darcy collection of Pride and Prejudice inspired novellas. If you like well-written, fast-paced, sweet romance with a touch of humor, then you will love this story about Darcy claiming a second chance and pursuing it without reserve.
Becoming Entangled: A Sequel to Unravelling Mr. Darcy (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 7)
Can she scheme her way out of one betrothal and into another?

Anne de Bourgh wishes to dance until she is dizzy, walk until she is tired, and marry a particular gentleman who causes her heart to skitter and skip and flutter. There is, however, one thing that stands between Anne and her aspirations — her mother.

Nevertheless, when a young lady is determined, things such as a mother’s restraints and a long-standing betrothal are merely impediments to be circumvented.

Practical and cautious, Alistair Pratt is smitten with Anne and has been patiently biding his time until he can make his intentions known. However, with his mother’s desire to see him married increasing, Alistair, when presented with a scandalous plan, throws caution to the wind to secure his love.

But, the course of true love never did run smoothly. When a gentleman with a grudge discovers the lover’s plans, things become tangled and twisted. Will a love that was meant to be find its happy conclusion, or will it end up as only a tale of what could have been?

Becoming Entangled is a sequel to Unravelling Mr. Darcy and a part of Leenie Brown’s Dash of Darcy collection of Pride and Prejudice inspired novellas. If you like well-written, fast-paced, sweet romance with a touch of humor, then you will love this story about Darcy claiming a second chance and pursuing it without reserve.
Enticing Miss Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 8)
He’s determined to win her, but first, she’ll need to learn to trust her heart.

Having been duped once by a charming scoundrel, Georgiana Darcy finds that, along with the excitement of soirees and new experiences, her first season is chock full of uncertainty. She knows the purpose of a season is to find a husband, but how does one judge the character of a man when she dares not trust her heart?

For a year, Jack Ralston has been attempting to win Georgiana’s heart. The only problem is, she has no idea he is trying to be anything other than a friend. Determined to find a way to move from friend to suitor, Jack’s undertakes a scheme to make her miss him.

However, schemes in real life are not scripted like those presented on a stage, and Georgiana’s confusion coupled with Jack’s stratagems may result in heartbreak rather than happily ever after.
Mr. Darcy's Comfort: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 9)
Sometimes the deepest sorrow can bring the greatest joy.

An honourable gentleman remains true to his word, and Fitzwilliam Darcy is as honourable as they come. He would never consider breaking a promise. At least, he would not have before he met Elizabeth Bennet.

Elizabeth has never found any gentleman as fascinating as Mr. Darcy is. She has also never met one more disagreeable. However, when an unexpected caller arrives at Netherfield, Elizabeth is given a glimpse of a Mr. Darcy that causes her to question her evaluation of the gentleman.

Handed an unexpected resolution to his dilemma, a grieving Darcy, finds himself making another promise that, should he be successful in keeping it, will ensure his and Elizabeth’s future happiness.
Master of Longbourn: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 10)
From awkward and unlovable to handsome and loved.

Large, awkward, unlovable, and destined to fail — that is who William Collins has always been told he was, and while he might have accepted the first three monikers, he’s worked hard to ensure the last one does not become true.

Kitty Bennet has never lacked for attention from gentlemen, but while she’s proficient at flirting, she has never had her heart touched by any of the potential suitors who have sat in Longbourn’s sitting room.

That is her heart was never touched until now when the awkwardly endearing heir to Longbourn takes up residence in her home. But how does one encourage a gentleman to love her when he’s seemingly unaffected by fluttering lashes and demure looks?

And how can someone as inept, as Collins thinks he is, ever win the heart of a lady as charming as Kitty Bennet?

It will take determination and a little help as well as the realization that sometimes the battle for the heart is played out in the mind.
Assessing Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novel (A Dash of Darcy and Companions Collection Book 11)
Will her brother’s opinion keep her from finding true love?

The Bennet ladies are all eager anticipation. Netherfield has been let at last! And joy of all joys, it has been leased to a single young gentleman of good fortune! To Elizabeth’s delight, the new neighbor has not come alone but has brought with him a handsome friend. With any luck, if this gentleman proves to be more than just handsome, it will not only be Jane who finds a husband.

Fitzwilliam Darcy has heard many times over the past weeks about the fabled beauties of Longbourn from his friend who is leasing the estate next door. However, he is not prepared for just how unexaggerated those claims are when he meets two of the ladies from Longbourn and their brother while on a ride.

While Darcy and Elizabeth would like to get to know more about each other, Elizabeth’s brother is not as favourably inclined to the match. He knows a secret, and, unless he can learn to trust that anyone could ever be worthy of his beloved sister, his censure may just be the thing that keeps them apart forever.
Her Father's Choice: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (Choices Book 1)
Sometimes a father knows what is best for his child. At least Mr. Bennet trusts he does. Seeing the potential of a good match for his beloved Lizzy but knowing her ability to hold a grudge, he puts a plan into action that forces a marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth.

Trapped in a compromise, Elizabeth Bennet has no choice but to accept the proposal of a man she is not entirely sure she likes. On the advice of her sister, she begins to question all she has heard about Mr. Darcy. When she realizes that she has been seriously mislead about his character, she then begins to examine her own heart. What she finds there is unfamiliar. Could these strange feelings be the beginning of love as her aunt suggests? Is it possible that she can find happiness with her father’s choice?
No Other Choice: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (Choices Book 2)
Mary Bennet has never been the center of attention and rarely the object of any man’s affections, but that is about to change.

Shortly after Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding, Mary travels to London to prepare for the season, a season she is determined to finish with either a husband or a glorious tale to tell, even if it means learning to tolerate Lord Rycroft.

Lord Samuel Rycroft is not pleased to learn he will be chaperoning his mother and her charge for the season, especially when that charge is Mary Bennet, a young lady whom he has an unfortunate tendency to insult. But when his heart becomes involved, what was to be an arduous task of endurance becomes a quest to earn her approval and acceptance, even if it means giving her no other choice.
His Inconvenient Choice: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (Choices Book 3)
When Kitty Bennet loses her heart to Colonel Fitzwilliam, she is determined, with Mr. Darcy’s help, to do what she can to help the colonel find his happiness. Her choice to sell her designs, unwittingly puts her not only in the colonel’s path but also in the path of Lady Matlock, as well as a few society misses, who are determined to separate her from the colonel.

Colonel Fitzwilliam has always known his father would try to force him into a marriage of convenience, but after Kitty Bennet captures his heart, he realizes his only chance at happiness lies in making an inconvenient choice. However, it is a choice that will not go unchallenged, and as family secrets are revealed, it is a choice that, in creating happiness for himself, could destroy his family.
Her Heart's Choice: A Pride and Prejudice Novella (Choices Book 4)
Miss de Bourgh wishes to inform those Christian gentlemen of good reputation and having in their possession a title as well as solvent and accurate financial reports that she is willing to accept correspondence and calls with the intent of reaching a marriage arrangement.

Alexander Madoch is delighted to read Anne’s announcement in the paper. Six years earlier, she had soundly refused his offer, claiming she was not yet ready to marry, and he was not good enough. Although he has every intention of marrying Anne, he has no intention of telling her of his improvement in standing or his financial state. He is determined that both should be kept a secret so that should she choose him, it will be for love.

To Anne, it had seemed simple enough. Place an advertisement in the paper, interview the gentlemen who responded, and select the best husband. But nothing is as easy as it seems. Indeed, many things are quite the opposite of how they appear. How is a lady to find a safe and secure marriage when her ideals are turned on their head ─ especially when her heart yearns for a man who is wholly unsuitable?
And Then Love: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Prequel (Willow Hall Romance Book 1)
She needs a rescue. He is her only hope.

When Lucy’s father dies, she must either marry quickly or go to live with her uncle. For Lucy, there is only one choice, and his name is Philip Dobney.

To be presented with an offer of marriage from a long time friend is shocking to be sure! But the thought is not unwelcome. Philip is in need of a wife, after all, and Lucy is more than qualified to be a parson’s wife.

However, what seems to be a simple solution soon becomes complicated when Lucy’s uncle shows up with plans to gain enough money to cover debts — both his own and those owed to him. Events from the past combined with threats in the present threaten to tear Lucy and Philip apart unless Darcy can help his friends save their blossoming love and rid Lucy of her uncle once and for all.
The Tenant's Guest: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella (Willow Hall Romance Book 2)
When Fitzwilliam Darcy bought Willow Hall, he thought he was helping a friend escape an untenable situation. Little did he know he was purchasing a second chance for his own happiness.

Elizabeth Bennet has long regretted her harsh refusal of Mr. Darcy’s proposal and, though she expects never to see him again, wishes to be able to make things right. When she is sent ahead of her aunt and uncle to visit the Abbots at Willow Hall, she finds herself suddenly thrust back into Darcy’s circle and given the chance for which she longs.

However, when Elizabeth’s youngest sister makes an unexpected trip to Willow Hall in the company of a scoundrel, Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s future is put at risk. Will they hold tightly to their chance at happiness or will they be lost to each other forever?
So Very Unexpected: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novel (Willow Hall Romance Book 3)
When plans go awry, the results, much like the lady who made them, can be very unexpected.

Marriage to Lieutenant Wickham is not part of Lydia Bennet’s plans. He was a means to an end, a guide to Derbyshire, and nothing more. However, when she arrives at Willow Hall in his company, her relatives see the situation differently. Unwilling to be forced into a marriage with Wickham, Lydia flees into the night.

When Marcus Dobney goes to check on his mother’s cottage, he discovers the pretty yet vexing Lydia Bennet hiding in it. Although she is determined to continue on her way, Marcus is resolved to see her safely back to her family at Willow Hall — no matter how much she protests!

Thwarted in her attempt to flee and willing to sacrifice to be free of Wickham, Lydia develops another plan, but getting her family to accept her ideas and view her as anything other than foolish and silly will require help. Thankfully, Marcus is just the friend she needs. With his help, Lydia, as well as her family and the many new friends she finds in Derbyshire, will discover her true potential. However, when this plan does not go exactly as expected, will Marcus trust both his heart and Lydia’s potential, or will he walk away?
At All Costs: A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novel (Willow Hall Romance Book 4)
She’s trying to forget him, but he’ll stop at nothing to reclaim her heart.

When Jane Bennet travels to Derbyshire, she hopes a change of scenery will help mend her broken heart. However, her new surroundings do not offer the peace and comfort she seeks, for just days after she arrives, so does the very man she is attempting to forget.

When Charles Bingley travels to Derbyshire, he is determined to win back the heart of the lady he loves. It is a task that proves more difficult than expected. However, having compromised what was of greatest value once, he will not do so again, and both friend and foe discover that behind Bingley’s pleasant facade lies surprising hidden depths.
Better Than She Deserved (Willow Hall Romance Novelette)
She’s in need of a husband, and he’s determined to be her only choice.

Caroline Bingley has always aspired to be the mistress of a great estate and leave her ties to trade behind. In fact, she has spent the last two seasons actively attempting to secure Pemberley, so she is less than pleased when a country nobody snatches her prize away from her. She is not the sort of lady, however, to quit the field without a parting shot. But this time, those rumours will be her own undoing.

Franklin Rhett was once captivated by a young lady who showed deference to a shop girl, and he is on a mission to make that lady his wife. It doesn’t matter to him that she has become somewhat of a shrew or that he doesn’t meet all of her qualifications to be an acceptable choice. He sees the lady she could and should be, and he’s not afraid to eliminate the competition while teaching his future bride a well-deserved and long overdue lesson.
With the Colonel's Help (A Pride & Prejudice Variation)
For Darcy and Elizabeth, overcoming the odds has never been more challenging.

For Fitzwilliam Darcy, choosing between his heart and what he thinks is his duty is no easy task. However, when a gentleman has a cousin such as Darcy does, sorting out what is best becomes far easier. If only that cousin had not tried to improve Miss Elizabeth’s opinion of Darcy!

Since their first meeting, Elizabeth Bennet has not held Mr. Darcy in high esteem. Indeed, she has loudly proclaimed her dislike for the gentleman. However, after hearing the tale Colonel Fitzwilliam has to tell, that dislike threatens to grow into unyielding disdain.

When a gentleman of honour creates a problem, he must see the trouble resolved. It is, therefore, under the watchful eye of Colonel Fitzwilliam that Darcy and Elizabeth begin down a path of greater understanding until fate and relations, intervene creating a situation bordering on impossible.

With the Colonel’s Help is just one of Leenie Brown’s numerous Pride and Prejudice inspired stories. If you like well-written, sweet romance where family ties are strong, understanding runs deep, and love rises above any obstacle, then you will love this story about capturing and restoring a love that was almost lost.
Through Every Storm (A Pride & Prejudice Novella)
A gambler, a profligate and forcibly married to the silly daughter of a country gentleman, no one expected George Wickham to amount to much, nor did they expect him to fall deeply in love with his wife. When that wife takes an unplanned trip in the company of another gentleman, leaving Wickham and her children behind, he will be forced to face his fears and fight for those he holds dear.

Lydia Wickham does not understand why her husband insists on sending money to their wealthy relative Fitzwilliam Darcy. When her funds run low, she chooses to enlist the aid of a soldier as an escort and travels to Derbyshire to seek help from her sister, Mrs. Darcy. What she finds when her husband arrives to take her home is not the kind of help she expected, but exactly the kind she needs. Will she be able to overcome her shortcomings and prove herself worthy of the one person she cannot bear to disappoint?
For Peace of Mind (A Pride & Prejudice Variation)
When Elizabeth Bennet is sent to London to stay with her relatives, Fitzwilliam Darcy is the last person she expects or wants to see. On advice from her aunt, she agrees to give the gentleman a second chance at making a first impression.

Fitzwilliam Darcy never expected to find Elizabeth Bennet in town, and when he does, he is equally surprised to discover she heard his slighting remark at the assembly.

Just when Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship begins to blossom, danger threatens. Action, intended to separate them, instead provokes declarations of love. Now on the path to matrimony, a new adversary creates a seemingly impossible choice, testing the strength of their bonds.
Listen to Your Heart (A Pride & Prejudice Variation)
Anne de Bourgh has never had a coming-out. She has never had a season. In fact, she has never had a suitor. But, according to her mother, she has always had a future husband. Although Anne desires to marry, she does not wish to marry her mother’s choice, and he does not wish to marry her.

With no other choices and the prime of her youth slipping away, Anne’s view of her future is bleak. But when she finds some papers hidden in her father’s study, that view, in the light of his wishes, changes. Her declaration to follow her heart and choose her own future causes discord and forces secrets to be revealed.

Sometimes the path to happily ever after can be strewn with danger and intrigue.
Teatime Tales
This book is a collection of short and sweet Austen-inspired stories intended to be a light pick-me-up . . . a bit of fluff to brighten your day.
Oxford Cottage (A Pride & Prejudice Variation)
On a rainy day in April, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Charles Bingley stop to ask a gentleman for directions to Netherfield since the ones they have been given appear to be faulty. At the gentleman’s insistence Darcy and his friend seek refuge from the rain at a nearby cottage. The young woman who greets them captivates Darcy with both her beauty and character.

Elizabeth Bennet possesses a quick mind and a determined spirit. She is resolved to complete the challenge her father has set before her at Oxford Cottage. However, she does not expect to be met by a handsome stranger and fall in love, nor does she expect to find herself thrust into a situation where her quick thinking may be all that can keep both herself and her young companion safe.