Kitty Love

Kitty Love

Audiobooks come with their own special magic. The first time an author hears her characters speak is a joyous moment. Tucked in the delights that come with creating audio books are often little surprises.

What I am about to share is so precious; think of it as long distance love.

This is my cat Isis, named after the Egyptian goddess because of her kohl eyes.


This is my wonderful audiobook narrator, Jannie Meisberger, nicknamed by her grandmother. 🙂

During the process of producing an audiobook, the narrator customarily sends the author chapters to listen to and review. When Jannie first began narrating for me, I noticed my kitty’s ears would perk up at the sound of her lovely British accent. Isis would jump into my lap and stare lovingly at my computer screen.


She continues to do that through each audiobook Jannie produces. The moment she hears her beloved’s voice, Isis leaps up, barely conscious of her wobbly seating. The sweet kitty will sit enthralled whether I am listening to one chapter or more.

When the clip is over, Isis will wait a few minutes to be sure there isn’t more coming, then leap down and go about her business. There have been times when she is at the far side of my home and hears Jannie’s voice. She literally gallops to the computer, not to miss a single special word.

Jannie is currently narrating Darcy, Lizzy and Emma – coming soon! Enjoy!

BTW: Jannie’s birthday is tomorrow. Please join me in wishing her a very happy birthday!

With love & laughter,

Barbara Silkstone


What if Emma Woodhouse, Jane Austen’s most tenacious character, arrives in Meryton to visit her Bingley cousins and determines to perform a little match making? Emma has a fortnight to meet her promise ~ three matches for her three friends, Elizabeth, Jane, and Charlotte. What could possibly go wrong? What could possibly go right?

Take a full cup of humor; add a sprinkling of angst and stir. Bake for a fortnight, and presto: three happy endings, or maybe even four? This is a full length Darcy and Elizabeth Regency novel.




Happy Dancing

Who knew mash-ups could be such fun to write? Jane Austen’s characters seem to fit like pieces of a well-designed puzzle. After the joy of writing Darcy, Lizzy and Emma, the next Regency mash-up was a natural. Darcy, Lizzy and Lady Susan was published this week. It is one of those novels where I did not know what the characters were going to do. At first I panicked—until Darcy took control.






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  1. I love accents but sometimes they make my hearing malfunction. I have closed captions on my TV in order to know exactly what is being said…a side affect to growing old, I think. Good luck on these mash-ups. I do have the first one on my pile of books on my kindle to read…sooner or later. Thanks for sharing. Your cat is gorgeous. Love the name.

  2. That is so cute! I love cats and how they all seem to have their own unique personalities. Isis looks like a really pretty cat.
    Thank you for sharing the audiobook sample, this sounds like a really interesting book and Jannie sounds like a really good narrator for the story which always helps increase the enjoyment of a good book.
    Happy Birthday Jannie, hope you have fun!

    • Chelsea, Thank you! I love cats, too! I think they are little clowns, put on earth to bring us joy.
      Yes! Jannie is a wonderful narrator. She breathes life into all the characters she voices. She is really a great talent. I hope everyone gets to listen to the sample below. I probably should have marked it more clearly. (Hindsight) 🙂

  3. Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. I was surrounded by Regency England while I was in school in Bath, so having the opportunity to transport myself back to such a romantic era through Barbara’s wonderful novels is a joy. Isis’ approval is a special treat – my first four-footed fan!!

  4. From a relatively new JAFF author, this is an eye-opening and enticing post. I have a thousand questions I want to ask you! But…I would rather listen to the work!

  5. What a neat post. First I simply love the covers on these books. And… what an adorable cat. That one photo with the kohl eyes was mesmerizing. I was nearly in a trance just looking at it. What an adorable story about you cat liking Jannie’s audio as she reads your story. Loved the cake and I only want to throw in a few worldly birthday wishes of my own [loved the cake]. Happy, Happy Birthday, Feliz cumpleaños [Spanish], Bon anniversaire [French], Buon compleanno [Italian], Alles Gute zum Geburtstag [German], Lá Breithe Shona dhuit [Gaelic]. Blessing and have a blessed rest of the year.

  6. That story is adorable! What a beautiful cat. I love the name Isis (I know, modern association, which is just not fair to such a great name). Congratulations on your upcoming Audio Book Release. Also, Happy Birthday Jannie 🙂

    • Summer,
      Thank you. She is an amazing kitty. Every afternoon at exactly 3 pm, she sits and stares at me until I put her in my lap.
      She then hits the space bar on my keyboard (I keep the mouse hidden, hah!); she taps it until I bring up a video I have on my Facebook page.
      It’s a sweet piece with a deer and a big black dog (Labrador?) They are best friends and play together in the video. Isis watches it twice and jumps off my lap. It’s become a ritual.

  7. I really have enjoyed all your audio books, so of course I am really looking forward to the next audio book just like I assume your adorable Isis does as well.

    Please wish Ms. Meisberger I wonderful birthday for me. She is wonderfully talented lady.
    J Saenz

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