Katherine Reay

Katherine Reay  has enjoyed a life-long affair with the works of Jane Austen and her contemporaries, probably fed by the few years her family lived in London and Ireland.

After working for several years in marketing and moving several places, Katherine and her family now live in Chicago, IL, where she runs, writes, cooks and tries to clean the house. You can also find Katherine at www.katherinereay.com and lurking somewhere within the pages of her novels, Dear Mr. Knightley and Lizzy & Jane.

Reay awards
Christy Award 2013 Finalist

Romantic times 4.5 Stars Top Pick!

Library Journal Starred Review

The Austen Escape
Lizzy and Jane
Dear Mr. Knightley: A Novel

New York Times Best-selling author, Eloisa James: 

“Katherine Reay’s Dear Mr. Knightley  kept me up until 2 a.m.; I simply couldn’t put it down. The novel is a hybrid: written like epistolary literary fiction yet solidly romantic and veering into the coming-of-age territory that is now labeled New Adult. The heroine, Sam, is fascinating. She is an orphan who finds it hard not to speak in literary quotations (think Dickens and Austen), a habit that isolated her from her peers. An anonymous benefactor pays for her to go to the prestigious Medill School of Journalism, in return for which she has to write regular letters to “Mr. Knightley.” Sam is brilliant, but she promptly starts failing every class — it turns out that journalism requires knowledge of the self. It requires honesty. Not to mention the fact that a mishmash of eighteenth-century literary quotes does not make for a riveting article on homelessness. If you’ve read Jean Webster’s charming epistolary novel, Daddy Longlegs, you’ll know where this is going. Webster wrote her book in 1919; Dear Mr. Knightley is a brilliant update. I absolutely loved the story of a rigidly bookish young woman who comes to know herself — not to mention the real Mr. Knightley.”

Romantic Times 4.5 Stars Top Pick for Lizzy & Jane

"Reay’s second Jane Austen-inspired tale is a layered and nuanced story of faith and hope, enriched by complex but relatable characters. Recommended for lovers of character-driven women’s fiction." ~Library Journal Starred Review for Dear Mr. Knighley

“Katherine Reay is an up-and-coming powerhouse of an author with a deft hand for crafting empathetic characters and telling their stories. I can hardly wait for her next novel.” ~Serena Chase, USA Today

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