JAFF Addicts Rejoice

JAFF Addicts Rejoice

Recently I read a message from another author in the field of JAFF, and she was asking if we thought the genre was over saturated with all the new authors in the field.  My opinion is: no way!

One of the nice things about JAFF is the fact that our characters are timeless.  They have been around for 200 years.  And they are flexible.

When we write stories, one of the first things is the setting.  Is the story in modern times, Regency, or even some fantasy realm we conjure up.  Let’s face it, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet can fit in these categories.  Whether Darcy is the CEO of some modern day super company, a wealthy gentleman of the early 1800’s, or off on some intergalactic adventure, he can fit in.  His brooding and shy personality can fit into any of the storylines.  Let’s face it, can you imagine him slaying a dragon to protect his lady love?  Can Elizabeth’s love of nature be found in all the scenarios?  Can we picture Elizabeth slaying the dragon beside Darcy?  So many different storylines, all the better to read with you my dears.

Because there are so many different storylines, we can reach more readers.  Maybe you are a contemporary lover, or you are fan of the world of magic.  Or perhaps you are a fan of regency period.

Last year, when I was at the AGM, I got my first real look at the many different types of Jane Austen fans there are.  There are those who look down on any of the fan fiction, as they love the original stories and do not wish to see any changes to them.  Then you have those who are purest.  They do not mind a few added details, but they don’t want the storyline to be changed.  There are also those who prefer to read continuations after Jane Austen ended her stories. And then there are the ones who want to see Darcy and Elizabeth play around with different situation, being far from the original. Anyone who has read my books is aware of my taking our beloved couple for a spin and see what would happen with a slight deviation or a completely different situation.

With each new author, added to those already established, we can take our dearest characters and love them (or love to hate them) further than the original stories with which Jane Austen blessed us. We have authors who stay faithful to the language of Regency England, while many others use modern words and phrases.  And we even have people who write in terms of the future or paranormal.  And we have some who write the steamy stories.

This leads to more people becoming interested in JAFF.  And if they like one style, they are likely to enjoy another style.  I have read some of all the types (I have over 300 JAFF stories on my Kindle, and more from the fan fiction sites.  And believe me, JAFF is addicting.  Like Lays potato chips, you can’t have just one.  Yes, I know that for a fact, I am a JAFF addict.  And, if they ever come up with a treatment for it, I refuse treatment.  JAFF is an amazing genre and has brought countless hours of joy to my life.  The more people to read our stories, the better.  Not just for us to sell books, but for the increase in people who love Jane Austen and her stories.  Most JAFF is based on the Pride and Prejudice story, but there are other Jane Austen stories. For those who never knew of Jane Austen (yes, there are those sorts of people, HAHAHA), we open a new door for them to enjoy more of her stories.

So am I in favor of more JAFF authors?  Oh, yes, absolutely.  If I had not taken a huge step to publish my own stories, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog.  And I have grown and learned since my first story (at least I hope I have).  So, there is always room to improve and grow.  I am happy to put my 2 cents in if asked questions, as it can only enhance the genre if we help the new authors to learn and grow as we did.  And I need more stories to feed my addiction.

Thank you all for your kindness, and being here on Austen Authors.

And just to let you know, I am hoping to have my next book release within two weeks.  I am on the final chapter, then it is off to editing.  The book is The Bennet Fury.


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  1. Interesting post. My Kindle is filled with Pride and Prejudice Variations and Phantom of the Opera Variations mostly. A few odds and ends of free books are interspersed, but not many. Never can have too many JAFF stories. Darcy in any situation is okay with me, but I do like my stories to have a HEA. Some of my earlier purchases have been reread several times as I add new books to my TBR stack. It’s getting higher and higher as I read three stories on the JAFF websites, but keep buying more books. I’ve stopped buying the intimate variations not because I’m a prude, but many are < 20 pages and at $2.99 are not worth the money. Colin Firth would have to arrive with them to be worth that! So ladies and gentlemen keep writing those JAFF Variations.

  2. People have been using the “JAFF is oversaturated” line for ages. My ex-editor said this some 5 years ago, which is why they got out of the JAFF publishing game. Big mistake, IMO. But it worked well for those who prefer to indie publish! I haven’t seen any diminishing in Austen fever since I got into the genre over 10 years ago. I’m not worried. 🙂

  3. Are there really JAFF books that have Darcy flying around on intergalactic adventures? I can’t imagine JAFF sci-fi, but I guess it must exist! (Other than time travel, like Lost in Austen). Just goes to show how versatile JAFF is, as you point out, and how limitless!

  4. Enjoyed your post, Melanie. And, I agree that JAFF will just increase. We love Darcy and Elizabeth and just want more and more. In the meantime, keep up your writing, and I look forward to your new book.

  5. What an interesting post!

    I like to think of JAFF as entering a restaurant and choosing the a la carte menu!

    You decide what tickles your fancy on that particular day,depending on your particular mood,place your order and then sit back and enjoy the whole experience!

    You look around at what others are enjoying and decide that the next time you visit,you’ll make a different choice,something that you might never have thought of before!

    There’s ample choice to cater for all tastes and word has it that the restautant is expanding and an even larger selection will soon be readily available!

    As long as no one goes hungry,then I think it’s a win-win situation for all! ??

  6. Hi Melanie,

    I really enjoyed your post. One of the things I like about being an author is that I don’t think we do need to compete. Authors can all share their work and the work of others. Readers love reading, and want more. More popularity brings more readers and hopefully new readers. We all benefit from enjoying and sharing each others work as much as we can. Compared to some of the other careers I’ve sampled in my life, being an author is so much more pleasant.

    I’ll never forget my first writing conference. I walked away shocked at how nice everyone was and how people seemed to genuinely want to support and help each other. It went a long way toward assuring me I’d made the right choice in giving up other careers. Conferences I’d been to in other industries I’ve worked in were full of competition and backstabbing. Who wants to live like that? Not me! I want to live in a world where we all write about what we love and we all appreciate each other for it.

    That may be a little too ideal of me, but if it is, don’t tell me 🙂

    Good luck with your new book. I love the title. I’m sure it’s going to be great!


  7. I am just hoping more authors write about the other characters, especially in P&P as I am feeling slightly saturated with stories of Elizabeth and Darcy. Surely there are more stories to tell about say the Colonel and Mary Bennet (and for these two to come together). As mysteries are my favourite genre I am hoping that more JAFF stories will have an element of mystery .

  8. I agree that JAFF is addicting, and there certainly is something for everyone! I love reading all types, but the more unique, the better. If I wanted nothing at all changed, I’d just read the original novels, but I find it especially fascinating that authors have found so many different ways to retell the story. I can’t get enough of them!

    Congrats on the upcoming release!

  9. Thank you for the interesting perspective on our genre.

    I checked my Amazon history, and I bought my first and second JAFF books in 2007. I had no idea of what I was getting into.

    More readers mean more authors. I certainly don’t object to more readers.

  10. All this is so true Melanie. I first found JAFF 18 months ago and now that is mostly all I read. I started with continuations but have since read many different variations and periods. I have thoroughly enjoyed most of them and re read some many many times. I love the fact that there are so many of you authors willing and able to feed my addiction. Long may it continue! (although if any of you have a spare moment perhaps you can come and do my housework while I read???) ???

  11. Well said, Melanie. I think it’s wonderful that so many new authors have come forward in even my brief time (just short of three years) as part of the online JAFF community. It’s not just that though. I’ve made so many friends through it too. I may never meet those friends as there’s a rather large pond between me and most of them.

    Personally, I love just about all of the many and varied types of stories that exist: Regency, modern, variations, sequels, other eras, paranormal, mash-ups with other JA novels. I’ve yet to read a vampire story though, as I have a “thing” about vampires, although I will be giving Regina’s story a try soon I hope. I believe I’ve been responsible for recruiting at least one person to our ranks and persuading another to try modern variations.

    My name is Anji and I’m a JAFFA (Jane Austen Fan Fiction Addict).

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