If you had one wish

Things have been tense in the world of late, so I thought I would have a little fun with this post.  The holidays are moving towards us in a quick manner (where has the year gone) and I thought we all need a bit of holiday cheer.

So here is my thought.  Sit down in your favorite chair, sofa, curled up in bed, whatever you wish for this.  Comfy cozy is what is needed.  Have some of your favorite treats and drink on a table nearby.  Find a setting that is perfect for you.

Now, imagine it is Christmas morning.  There is a light dusting of snow on the ground, and you hear church bells ringing in the distance.  There is a gift wrapped and waiting for you to open.  Inside the gift is a lamp which will give you one wish to visit with one of the amazing stories from Jane Austen.  Which of Jane Austen’s stories would you be visiting?  Would you be at Pemberley, Longbourn, London, Bath, or one of the other beautiful locations?


With your destination in mind, imagine one of the characters with which you would like to chat.  Would it be someone such as Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Darcy, Anne Elliot, Captain Wentworth.  Would it be someone foolish or cruel such as Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Wickham, Willoughby, or another?    

What would be the first question you would have for this character?  Would you ask why they behaved as they did or didn’t do?  Would it be to swap recipes with Mrs Hill or Mrs Reynolds?  

There are so many fantastic characters to choose from.  And Jane Austen left us plenty of space in between some of her scenes of her stories, almost begging for our imagination to fill in the blanks.  Would you ask Darcy what he did after leaving Netherfield and before he journeyed to Rosings?  What about where Captain Wentworth was after the accident of Louisa Musgrove?  Or why did Miss Crawford try desperately to convince Fanny Price to marry her brother, and blame Fanny for Mr Crawford’s affair with Maria?  Perhaps what was going through Mr Crawford’s mind in offering for Fanny, when it was clear that he lusted for her cousin?     

So, here is your chance.  Tell us who you would visit and what question you would ask.  To begin, I will tell you mine.

I would like to visit Pemberley and speak with Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy.  My question would be simple…Why did you expect Elizabeth, who was so unlike any other lady of your acquaintance, to know you were attracted to her since you did not speak the words until Hunsford in your proposal?

Oh, and I have my newest book out on Amazon now. YAY!!!  It is The Bennet Fury.  



17 Responses to If you had one wish

  1. I think I’d like to go to Longbourn, have a chat with Mr. Bennet and ask him why he didn’t start putting some money aside for his daughters. After all, if a son had been eventually been born, supporting five unmarried sisters and a mother wouldn’t have been cheap, so the money could have either been used for dowries or for paying towards their keep. I’d also want to know why he didn’t take a firmer hand in the upbringing of his younger daughters.

  2. I would sincerely love to spend a weekend with the Darcys in Pemberley,join Lizzy on her rambles through the beautiful countryside,go horse riding with the couple and Col.Fitzwilliam,retire to my chambers for a hot bath,dress in my finery and then partake of their hospitality!

    I wouldn’t necessarily want to ask any specific questions,just to watch ODC interact with each other would be enough for me to learn the truth of their relationship.

    Loved this thought provoking post! Cheers! ?

  3. I love P&P and just about every one of the variations. I would not want to change anything in the way Jane Austen wrote it but I do love epilogues and the one thing lacking in her canon was there was no mention of children born to either Jane or Elizabeth…so that would be the information I would seek. Jane does write of the sisters and how visiting with the Darcys did improve some behaviors and how Lydia kept asking for money, etc.

    • We all hope they would have lots of children and a long and happy life together. I wonder if she didn’t write of them having kids because Jane never had such an opportunity herself.

  4. I would go to Pemberley for sure, because I would love to see for myself the place Elizabeth described so favorably. There, I would like to meet Georgiana Darcy. For one, I’d like to hear her play. For another, I’d hope she would show me around the home and grounds. Mostly, though, it always seemed like she could use a friend while waiting for Elizabeth to enter her life (which I’ve always assumed meant she had a friend from then on).

  5. I would like to visit Bath and speak with Anne Elliot. I think I would ask her why did she allow herself to become a doormat for her family when she’s worth more than all of them put together.
    Great post. Look forward to others comments.

  6. I too would like to speak to Darcy in the inn at Lambton after Elizabeth has told him about Lydia. I would like to ask him why on earth he didn’t kiss her senseless and tell her he would make it all better so she must not cry any more!!! Thanks for this post Melanie, I look forward to reading other responses ??

    • Darcy does something like that in one of Abigail Reynolds’ books…and Uncle Gardiner comes in on the action. May I just say…”compromise”!

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