Hope For Mr. Darcy Cover Reveal

Hope For Mr. Darcy Cover Reveal


Hope for Mr. Darcy Cover Reveal


Way back at the end of 2013 I started a journey. A journey of hope. It began with pondering what it would really be like to be refused when you offered someone whom you loved, your heart, your home, your love, your future, and your life. Yes, I’m talking about Mr. Darcy. Every time I read that section or watch the movie (any of them) my heart just breaks. I want to reach through the pages and/or screen and hug him! Don’t you? In fact, every time I read a fan fiction novel where this scene is reenacted, I cringe just a little bit. It evokes such intense emotion that I fight to finish the scene . . . but I always do! As I know you do too!

So . . . one day, I thought I’d write a bit about what Mr. Darcy might actually be feeling, really feeling, when he finds his love is unrequited. My conclusion was that the man probably was beyond hope. He was hopeless.

And then, as I pondered the plot for the book that was already writing itself in my head, I wanted a reason, other than self-correction, for him to find a bit of hope. In canon, he runs into Elizabeth at Pemberley and perceives her changed attitude (because of his letter?–he hopes) then loses it again with his assumption that the Wickham ordeal was his fault and she wants nothing to do with him. And once again, his hope is gone.

But . . . then Lady Catherine gives him a bit of hope by telling him that Elizabeth refused to agree to never enter into an engagement. I found that the more I pondered how the happily ever after even came about, it came down to one thing, and one thing only: HOPE.

Well, the ideas got churning, and then the book started writing itself. My goal? My purpose in writing it? I wanted to give Mr. Darcy hope again. So I began writing the book, then learned about half way through (from the characters, of course – for those of you who do not know, an author is never really in charge) that Colonel Fitzwilliam wanted to find hope too! So I knew this would be a series. And of course, everyone forgets about sweet little Georgiana! So I thought I’d give her some hope too!


Hope for Mr. Darcy

Hope is all they have left, will it be enough?

Hope for Fitzwilliam (Coming August 2016)

For two destined to be together, hope is their only defense.

Hope for Georgiana (Coming November 2016)

Hope has become vital––especially when it comes to love.


And if things go as planned, I am looking at the first in the series, Hope for Mr. Darcy, to be

released in both paperback and kindle on

May 1st

I know that is only about a week away, but we really are that close!


Intrigued? . . .

Want to know more? . . .

Hope for Mr. Darcy COVER INTRIGUE


Still shaken from his horrible proposal, Elizabeth Bennet falls ill at the Rosings Parsonage upon reading Fitzwilliam Darcy’s letter. In her increasingly delirious state, unfathomable influences inspire her to write an impulsive response. The letter gives Mr. Darcy hope in a way that nothing else could.

As her illness progresses, Darcy is there at her side, crossing boundaries he has never crossed, declaring things he has never declared. A unique experience bridges them over their earlier misunderstandings, and they start to work out their differences. That is, until Elizabeth begins to recover.

Suddenly, Elizabeth is left alone to wonder what exactly occurred between the two of them in her dreamlike state. And for the first time since meeting the man from Pemberley, she finds herself hoping for Mr. Darcy to return and rekindle what once was.

Hope for Mr. Darcy is the first volume of the Hope Series Trilogy, a Regency variation series based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This trilogy promises hope will always light our way through the darkness of unrequited love, but eventually bringing tremendously gratifying outcomes for our three favorite characters: Mr. Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Georgiana Darcy.



So are you excited yet?


A little?

How about a sneak peek at the cover?

First, here are a few quotes that I thought expressed the way Darcy felt that day she said he was the “last man” she could be prevailed upon to marry.






Are you excited yet?


At least more than before, right?

Well here are a few favorite quotes from the book:

“Love did strange things to a man. In the last twenty-four hours, he had loved, lost love, hoped for love, embraced love, and finally lost love again.” Chapter 7

“He struggled in vain to put some distance between everything they shared while she was ill and the onslaught of emotions that left a trail of pain in its wake.” Chapter 8

How about now?

A bit more excited?

I have put this off long enough. Here it is . . . the cover reveal for Hope for Mr. Darcy!

Drumroll please . . .




IF YOU ARE NOT EXCITED, I AM FOR THE BOTH OF US! So, to make things a bit fun, I will do a little contest. Lately I have been loving the silliness and honesty that twitter hashtags elicit. So, of course I’d love to hear what you think of the cover, or the intrigue, or the premise, or the purpose of the book . . .  but, let us do it in hashtags!




I will pick the two best hashtags to recieve a free kindle version of Hope for Mr. Darcy! Write as many as you can! So comment as usual, then do a hashtag! For an extra entry, tweet your hashtag and tag me, @ellsworthjeanna. Don’t forget to use #HopeForMrDarcy  and #austenauthors in your tweet!



Jeanna Ellsworth Lake

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42 Responses to Hope For Mr. Darcy Cover Reveal

  1. #howexcitingforyournewbook When a new P&P book is announced, I can hardly wait to read it. I have read your other books and must read this one also. I like your May 1 release date ( it is my 45th anniversary). Good luck on your trilogy!!! Will be anxiously awaiting each one.

    • #dontmakeMay1stcometooquickly #ihavewaytoomuchtodobeforethen #timetogetcrackin

  2. I’ve never tried thinking up a hashtag before!


    The new book sounds exciting Jeana, as indeed does the whole trilogy. Good luck with the launch!

  3. Hallo, Hallo dear Austen Authors!

    Remember me!? Probably not – I barely had the chance to return when you first resumed the blog and then, poof! my life took me me away from visiting the blogs I love whilst I tried to keep my own blog afloat! This Spring I’m renewing my ability to not only visit more frequently once again those blogs I love so dearly but to become more conversational again! 🙂 I am coming to you via the Twitter s/o about this Cover Reveal! Mind you, I might be bolstering my foothold on Eyre right now as I’m celebrating my own #EyreApril but! I’m definitely a self-proclaimed Janeite! I truly love the world in which Austen penned and it’s a continuing joy for me to ‘meet’ serial authors inspired by her canonical legacy. Ergo, you will see me reading your lovelies as the year progresses forward, as this is one year I marked in mind to continue my Austen readings whilst seeking out after canon retellings/sequels! More on that towards August! lol

    … I began composing this in the early evening, — I wanted to say, Hope is very important to me to find threaded through stories and through the journey character’s take – not just in INSPY fiction or in Classical Lit but across all spectrums and genres of literary style. I even spoke about Hope being a key attribute of Jane Eyre on my post today on behalf of the collection of after canon poetry regarding Jane & Bertha. You’re keenly attune to what I felt myself in regards to the state of mind for Darcy and the absence of his Hope – not just in love, but in life, future and any regard in which his life directly applied. He was crushed in the soul and inside the very spirit of what kept him alive.

    I was so moved by the premise of this series – I knew I wanted to attempt to sort out a way to read it sooner than later – therefore, I’ll be submitting a purchase request at my local library to see if they can add it to their selections for May! How keen! They have a nice array of after canons for Austen; so perhaps I shall be able to read this lovely story before Summer begins! If not, know I shall add it properly to my TBR via Leafmarks and look forward to when I can purchase a paperback!

    What wicked sweet joy to have found out about this today!! *Blessed!

    … How did you get such a wicked good turn for a model of Darcy!?


    • #everyoneshouldrequestalibrarycopy #yourock
      #modelisafellownurseioriented #tookmealloftwodaystoaskhimtomodel #suchaperfectdarcy #heisembarrasedheiseverywomansfetishnow
      #hopeisvitaltometoo #mostpeopledonotrecognizeitiswhatsustainsthem

  4. I love the cover! For all three novels, there is always hope no matter what and if not hope then trust in one’s self is always there for a person! This series sounds remarkable and also you have to have faith not only hope and trust!

  5. I have a twitter account but very rarely use it so I am not even going to try. But love the cover. Good luck.

  6. I am old school… sorry I don’t twit, face, skype or insta, or anything else out there that you tech savvy guys use. I just want to say great cover and congratulations on the upcoming launch. I HOPE to be among the first to read it.

  7. So things are moving along! I loved your series and know that your publications will be well received. Best Wishes! Jen

  8. I don’t use twitter but I am very interested in this series and can’t wait for more info on when they are available 🙂 Best of luck with the series !!!!!

    Julie R

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