A HAPPY New Year Indeed!

A HAPPY New Year Indeed!

The Austen Authors welcome 2015 with HIGH enthusiasm! Mark your calendars, dear readers, because THIS is the month when our beloved blog will spring to life. Whoo Hoo!!

The official date for our Grand Re-Opening Extravaganza is SATURDAY, JANUARY 24.

In the three weeks between now and then we will share hints of what to expect, and will be sending an awesome newsletter so
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As a special treat we are offering a GIVEAWAY especially for those visitors who share this fabulous news with anyone and everyone far and wide. Just Tweet, post on Facebook, share on your blog, pin on Pinterest, and so on. The lucky winner (or winners) will be announced on January 24, our official re-opening day, the prize a mystery box of coolness from the Austen Authors. Yippee!


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25 Responses to A HAPPY New Year Indeed!

  1. Woo hoo!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys in action once again!! Many blessings on you for 2015! My prayer (personally as well) is that 2015 be less trying than 2014! 🙂

  2. I am so excited that Austen Authors is returning! I have missed you all. Your site always made my day and helped me to be informed about the latest happenings. Thank you for deciding to do this.
    A great new year for sure!

  3. Hallo, Hallo dear sweet Austen authors!

    You’re beautifully lovely blog is one of the bookish joys I wanted to re-establish in my life throughout 2015 and beyond! 🙂 I discovered this happy place to converse with you in 2013 (prior to my first Austen in August!) & had planned to drop back in 2014 during Austen in August — then, as life ebbed & flowed, I simply wasn’t able to return at all! 🙁 I felt horrid, as I loved the blog posts, the wicked happy interactions and most of all, of learning about the lovely after canons available for all Janeites & Austenites who appreciate the beauty of what Ms. Austen left behind to inspire us all! I even *won!* one of Ms. Lathan’s novels during this year’s #ArmChairBEA! I cannot wait to dig back into my reading list I had posted during this year’s Austen in August! ( my Reading List for Austen ) I am so very happy I *caught!* the tweeting of Ms. Lathan as 2014 dipped into 2015 – I cannot wait to return and share Austen with all of you in this wicked happy New Year!

    As I had tweeted earlier I had not even realised there was a ‘hiatus’ and how lovely then I had kept the hope alive to return and here you are preparing a grand re-opening! I’ll be here with bells on! Til soon! 🙂

    • Yeah Jorie!! What a wonderful message. And I appreciate your sharing our news 🙂 Please keep us in mind when you are planning for Austen in August.

      We are thrilled to be back, and have wonderful authors on board. Super exciting!

      • Hallo, Ms. Lathan!

        You’re quite welcome! Did you know I had no idea the *Austen Authors* blog shut-down just after my last visit to the blog!? I went to look for the archives but I found the note about when it came to an end, and it honestly was close to December 2013 the last time I popped by! Goodness! And, here all this time, I kept thinking to myself those lovely sweet authors must wonder where I went as I was so excited to have found you! Oy vie. Wells, as said, at least you knew one of us (Janeites) was thinking of you all this time you were away! A bit kismet then, eh? How I found your tweets, the blog is having a Renaissance & re-launch, and I get to start over along with you? Quite wicked, if you ask me!

        I most definitely will! 🙂 (in regards to Austen in August 2015!)

        Eek. And, guess what the best discovery was since I chatted with you? I found Ms. Jamison is here! I read her re-telling of “S&S” during this year’s Austen in August whilst participating on her blog tour! So inspired to continue, I’m researching which of her books are in my ILL Cat at my library!

        I just went through the Bio Page, found all of you lovelies on Twitter, discovered one of you was already following me (Darcy & Lizzy), and now, I get to tweet out bloglove until your Grand Opening!

        Congratulations on re-defining this blog & finding the joy again to blog! 🙂

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