Gwendolyn Dash

Gwendolyn Dash . . . owes Jane Austen everything. She first fell in love with Austen’s work when she was a teenager and read Pride & Prejudice for the very first time. (When Mr. Darcy first proposed, she fell off the couch!) Gwen has been secretly writing her own takes on Austen for many years, and is happy to have discovered the world of JAFF and finally be able to share her work with an audience who loves Darcy as much as she does.


In Darcy's Dreams: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
“The fact remains, Lizzy: A duel was fought last night at the Netherfield Ball. A duel over your honor. And all I want to know is, which of these gentlemen have stolen it?”

Based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, a story that asks what would have happened if Wickham had gone to the Netherfield Ball?

Elizabeth does not like the disagreeable Mr. Darcy, but when an evening of dancing and fun erupts in unexpected violence, the gentleman might be her only hope.

Darcy has spent his life avoiding scandal, and he refuses to allow Elizabeth to be ruined by vicious gossip. But lies travel quickly, and running can only take you so far. When Darcy is pushed to the brink, he must decide who he is: The cold and calculating master of Pemberley… or the man of Elizabeth’s dreams.
In Darcy's Arms: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Under normal circumstances, Darcy might have chosen to have words with Bingley about his household staff. He should not have been able to come in and out of the house in the middle of the night with no notice. But in this particular case, he was relieved that there was no one about to see him carrying an undressed and unconscious Elizabeth Bennet through the great marble hall of Netherfield Park.

Based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, a story that asks what would have happened if Elizabeth had caught her sister’s cold?

One by one, the residents of Netherfield Park are falling to a strange illness, but are midnight rambles through the hedgerows and delirious confessions on moonlit balconies a sign of a new understanding between Darcy and Elizabeth, or merely the result of a fever dream?

When Darcy leaves the countryside, Elizabeth thinks she has the answer. And when she, too travels with her sister to visit the Gardiners, she is determined to put her feelings for the arrogant man behind her and enjoy herself in town. But try as they both might, it cannot be denied: from quiet country lanes to the glittering ballrooms of London, there is no place for Elizabeth except…IN DARCY’S ARMS.
In Darcy's Debt: A Pride & Prejudice Variation
Based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, a story that asks what would have happened if Mr. Darcy proposed again . . . at Pemberley?

From the moment Elizabeth arrives at Pemberley, Mr. Darcy seems determined to show her that the controlling, arrogant man she once rejected was merely a figment of her imagination. As Elizabeth spends more time in his company, she begins to regret her refusal and to wonder if they might have a future together after all.

But then a scandal erupts that destroys everything. With her family’s reputation in tatters, Elizabeth sets off on a desperate trip to London to help her father salvage what he can. There, she discovers Darcy has his own method of fixing problems . . . for a price. He has no intention of letting her go, but how can Elizabeth trust him, or find happiness, when she is so deep . . . IN DARCY’S DEBT

In Darcy's Place: A Pride & Prejudice Variation
Based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, a story about an engagement-of-convenience, a secret courtship, and a love that cannot be denied…

Elizabeth Bennet has no wish to marry her distant cousin, Mr. Collins, but she also knows her family’s plight is dire indeed. Her father’s estate is entailed, none of the girls have dowries, and her youngest sister courts scandal at every turn. Instead of refusing Mr. Collins outright, Elizabeth accepts an invitation to visit his parsonage in Hunsford, hoping a few weeks will give her oldest sister Jane time to settle matters with Mr. Bingley, as well as help Mr. Collins realize how unsuited Elizabeth is to be his wife. Then Bingley abandons Jane, Mr. Collins demands to set a wedding date, and Elizabeth fears she is out of options.

Enter Mr. Darcy, who, despite his best efforts, cannot get Elizabeth out of his mind. He arrives in Hunsford hoping that seeing her with her foolish fiancé will finally cure him of his passing fancy, but the opposite happens, and he realizes he cannot let another man stand . . . IN DARCY’S PLACE.