Gianna Thomas

Gianna Thomas . . .   is a Texas girl who has been in love with Historical Romance, especially Regency Romance, for many years. But it wasn’t until 2013 that she started writing in those genres.

Gianna was aware of Pride and Prejudice after reading it many years ago and watching the 1940’s movie, as well as the 2005 movie with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. She loved the 2005 movie, the musical score, and Matthew Macfadyen. Yes, the movie wasn’t 100% accurate, but isn’t the goal to entertain and touch the heart? This movie touched her heart and helped her to appreciate the talent of Jane Austen. Rereading Pride and Prejudice has given her greater insight into Ms. Austen’s genius in depicting different personalities and situations and the society of her day. 

After reading nearly 400 Pride and Prejudice fan-fiction variations, Gianna had plots running through her head. She finally decided they needed to be put on paper. She had an absolute ball writing about Darcy and Elizabeth and was pleased with how things developed. Her goal will always be to entertain and touch hearts. Hopefully, with her first novel, Pride and Prejudice: Darcy Chooses, she achieved that goal and touched your heart also.

Gianna has also looked beyond Pride and Prejudice, her first foray into Regency Romance with The Four Lords’ Saga Series. She is finding that she loves all the lords, their ladies, and their families, and writing about them is one of the most fun-filled adventures she’s ever been on. There’s nothing better than to read and write about handsome lords who become reformed bad boys!

Gianna Thomas is a ghostwriter of poetry and e-books who became a widow after twenty-two years with her very own Mr. Darcy, who was her second husband. She lives a quiet life in a small Texas town with her cats and loves to read Regency romance and the many variations done by other lovers of Pride and Prejudice.

Darcy Chooses – The Complete Novel
This book has incorporated Darcy and Bingley and Darcy Chooses Parts 1 and 2 into one volume.

The last thing Fitzwilliam Darcy was looking for was a wife. However, he found he was unable to forget the young woman with the chestnut curls and flashing eyes that tempted him almost beyond decorum. Unbeknownst to him, a despised former friend has also set his sights on Miss Elizabeth Bennet and is determined to do what is necessary, including the unthinkable, to woo, wed and bed her.

Elizabeth Bennet has found that her mind, heart and even her body have engaged feelings never experienced before that leave her unsure and frustrated. As a result, she finds it difficult to keep her temper regulated when around Mr. Darcy, even as her feelings for him continue to grow. Will these two passionate people ever resolve their differences and obtain their ‘happily ever after?’ Or will Darcy’s adversary be successful in winning Miss Elizabeth as his own?
Darcy VS Bingley
What if Fitzwilliam Darcy didn’t shun Elizabeth Bennet at the Meryton Assembly? And what if he found that he was dealing with coup de foudre, love at first sight, of this delightful young woman?

However, Caroline Bingley is determined to wed Darcy even if she has to compromise him. Will she succeed? And what kind of havoc will George Wickham create when he appears on the scene?

Join our dear couple in a whirlwind courtship that will make you both laugh and sigh as they reach for their ‘happily ever after.’
Attending a Ball
Attending a Ball: A Pride and Prejudice Variation is a prequel to the novel Darcy Chooses: A Pride and Prejudice Variation in the Darcy and Elizabeth Series.

This short story recounts the three days before the beginning of the novel from Elizabeth Bennet’s perspective, and portrays the Bennets and Elizabeth’s friends: Charlotte Lucas and Melanie Farrington. It also gives extra insight into each of the Bennet family members.
The Women of Longbourn
What were the aspirations of The Women of Longbourn? “Marriage … the only honourable provision for well-educated young women of small fortune.” Pride and Prejudice

In the early 1800’s, young women were expected to be accomplished, marry well, obey their husbands, and bear their children, especially the heir whether to the peerage or the gentry. But was that true of all the women of Longbourn?

A short story, The Women of Longbourn, takes a closer look at the Bennet family women and what their dreams may have included. And don’t be surprised when you learn that even the female servants had dreams as well.

Come along with Elizabeth Bennet as she records the aspirations of the Bennet women— and the female servants who care for their needs—during the fortnight prior to the Meryton Assembly. And enjoy Lizzy’s comments that are interspersed in her journal with the family’s interactions and how they may have differed with most families in the early 1800’s in Regency England.

And if you’ve ever wondered exactly what was expected of the female servants in a household such as the Bennets, wonder no more. The Women of Longbourn will give you a bird’s eye view of their duties and how they were carried out in the household of Fanny and Thomas Bennet.

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