Georgina Young-Ellis

Georgina Young-Ellis . . . lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband who is an artist, writer, and teacher. They have a son who is a professional musician in New York City, where they all lived for eighteen years.

She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and was a stage actress for many years. Born and raised in the Southwest, she went to school in New York City, graduating from New York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. She is also a screenwriter, journalist, film/theater critic, and blogger.

award-badge Winner of the Best Time Travel Series Author
from the Dark Desire Passion Awards




Incandescent: A modern day mingling of Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion
Pemberley Park - The Twelve Days of Christmas: Where Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park Meet, and Continue
The Light in Darcy's Eyes: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Darcy's Awakening: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
Elizabeth, Darcy, and Me - Book #1
A Battle of Wills: Elizabeth, Darcy, and Me - Book #2
A Maiden's Honor: Elizabeth, Darcy, and Me - Book #3

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