Fun, Frivolous, Fanciful Monday

Fun, Frivolous, Fanciful Monday

Time for a fun, frivolous, fanciful Monday blog! The memes below were created by the ladies who run the Facebook Page “Jane Austen is my Spirit Animal” — link here:    They are constantly creating humorous memes to delight the silly-side we all have, so after enjoying the ones I’ve posted below, be sure to click over and see what else they have to tickle your funny bone.

The 4 images below use simple personal data to reveal answers that are sheer ridiculousness but so much fun. Some of you have probably seen them on your Facebook newsfeed and answered, but I want to hear your answers here on Austen Authors. Tell us what you come up with for each one – A, B, C, and D – in the comments below.

Regency Name

A.  What is your Regency Name?   Mine is: Theodosia Long of Bromcliffe Lane. Not a name I plan to use in a novel any time soon!

Regency Hero

B.  What is the name of your Regency Hero?   Mine is: Sir Richard Wentworth, who has his own barouche. Ooh! I am so lucky!

Who Were You

C.  Who were you in Regency England?   I was an impoverished lady who had a torrid affair with the Prime Minister and had incredible adventures overseas. Sounds good to me!

JA Scenario

D.  What is your Jane Austen Scenario?   I slapped Mr. Elton because he proposed to my sister. He deserved it, I assure you!


Okay, now it is your turn!


20 Responses to Fun, Frivolous, Fanciful Monday

  1. I am in the midst of creating a Jane Austen Carnival Retreat on Second Life and these would be great for my museum. Going now to their Face-book page for permission. We are working feverishly to open a full sim dedicated Austen’s Retreat by the 1st of August 2017. We will have a museum dedicated to Jane Austen, carriage rides, games, contests, rentals plus monthly teas, and semi-annual balls both where we will be giving away $L and tons of freebies for awards.

  2. A) Jemima Pope of Northley
    B) Mr. Cecil Weston who gives very short sermons
    C) Cool! I was a carefree heiress who came into an unexpected inheritance and had many adventures overseas (with my concise preacher man, I assume).
    D) I played pianoforte with Col. Fitzwilliam bevause he had his own barouche (I must have been quite young at the time).

  3. Greetings. curtsey I am Susan Grantley of Colland Street, and currently betrothed to Mr. Adolphus Palmer, who made a name for himself in the war.
    Before I met him, I was a ruthless social climber who made a fortune in trade and had tea with Jane Austen, which was a great honor. I must have made an impression, for I am very certain that I served as the inspiration for her well-known character, Miss Caroline Bingley. Before I fell in love, I stalked Colonel Brandon because he is excessively fond of dancing.

  4. I loved seeing these on Facebook!

    I’m Helena Jenkinson of Brombury Lodge
    My hero is Captain Horace Wickham who makes 500 pounds a year
    I was a scandalous courtesan who married for love and married into the Royal Family! (Oh dear. Must have been one of those illegal marriages George III’s boys were so fond of)
    I broke up with Mr. Bingley because he proposed to my sister!

  5. I am Barbara Stone of Potcott Manor
    Admiral Nicholas Woodhouse, who is also my cousin
    I was an impoverished lady
    who married for money
    and married into the Royal Family
    (NOW this is unbelievable — and I eloped with Mr. Willoughby because it seemed like fun)

  6. I quickly read this the other day and had to rush away before I could participate. This is hilarious. What a teaser and if anyone had writer’s block this fun jaunt would certainly bread through the fuzz. Well, let me jump right in and introduce myself…

    A) Helena Stone of Moggerfield Street
    B) Admiral Horace Brandon who made a name for himself in the war
    C) I was a ruthless social climber who defied social convention and was locked away in an asylum
    D) I stalked Mr. Bingley Because he begged me not to

    OMG!!! I have not had so much fun. What an excellent exercise. Thanks for bringing it to us.

  7. Fun!
    A) Lydia Chamberlayne of Houghley Lane.
    B) Sir Archibald Weston, who has his own barouche
    C) I was an impoverished lady who married for love and married into the Royal Family.
    D) I slapped Mr. Darcy because he insulted my needlework.

    We have a lot of commenters who like CATS! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. Oh my word. DH and I are laughing hysterically. Okay…soooo

    I am Dorothea Long of Stockcliffe Manor. I am in love with General Edward Wentworth who is apparently my cousin. I am an impoverished lady who has become a celebrated novelist and had incredible adventures overseas (perhaps my darling cousin is a sailor, I mean he IS a Wentworth). I eloped with Mr. Bennet because he insulted my needlework.

    I guess I get around LOL First I travel with my sailor cousin that I adore and then I elope with Mr. Bennet. The other day when I did that one I was wearing yellow so I eloped with him because I felt sorry for him. That just cracks me up. Poor fellow, he has to put up with his wife and her nerves, I think I’ll elope with him…wait…what? ROFL

  9. A) Diana Jenkinson of Odham Park
    B) Sir Charles Tilney, who is secretly engaged to another woman.
    C) I was a spirited farmer’s daughter who attempted to assassinate the Prince Regent and had incredible adventures overseas.
    D) I played pianoforte for Colonel Forster because Mamma told me to.

    These are so creative and fun! Thank you for the laughs!

  10. That was fun! Mine was a bit contradictory, so I was “forced” to explain it 🙂

    I was dubbed Theodosia Chamberlayne, then of Stockdon. I like to think my parents would have hated that name, but I never knew them. I was a penniless orphan, taken in by a ridiculous aunt, who thought such an ostentatious combination of names would elevate me in the world. Perhaps she was right, though I admit it only grudgingly, as I did marry for love, and marry well. Into the royal family, in fact. A grand achievement for one of my ilk.

    Sadly, that wasn’t to last. My late husband left this world. No one will tell me the details surrounding his death, but I’ve ferreted out that it has something to do with Mr. Elton and my even relate to the security of our great nation. I had the dubious pleasure of entertaining Mr. Elton in my home, arranged by me as part of my investigations into the death of my husband. I took pleasure in playing for him, my performance excruciatingly poor. I believe he winced at least five times. Oh, how I loathe the man.

    You’ll be happy to know I’m not letting grief make a ruin of me. In fact, I’m already engaged to Lord Richard Bertram. In truth, I would be sad to marry again, but the arrangement is only for show. His lordship is secretly engaged, you see, but needed a way to put off his family until such time as he may wed. To disclose the details of why he cannot yet wed his lady love would be unseemly, but I can admit I’ve traded my participation in the scheme for information about my husband’s passing. I can see the worry on your face, but what care have I for my reputation? A widow of the royal family, jilted by a lord? It will be the talk of the town, but I’ll come out no worse for it.

    I’m afraid that’s all I can divulge at this time. Perhaps, when certain matters have resolved themselves, I shall reveal more.



    • I detect new novels germinating, Summer. Glad I could help! 😉

      Based on the synopsis, you have embraced the name Theodosia better than I did. Quite the life she is living! I’m putting my money on Lord Bertram falling madly in love with such a bewitching temptress, and dumping the other wench (who surely isn’t worthy of him anyway). The scene will end with a passionate kiss on a balcony overlooking a stunning landscape, Theodosia and Richard sure to live happily ever after. *sigh

  11. A. Sophia Stone of Odington Park B. Cpt. John Bingley who is secretly engaged to another woman (Boo Hiss!) C. I was a spirited daughter who married for money and had incredible adventures overseas. (He must have been a pirate.) D. I played pianoforte for Mr. Knightly because he proposed to my sister. (lucky girl)

  12. A) Margaret Morris of Averley house
    B) Sir Henry Willoughby who hasn’t a penny to his name
    C) I was a disgraced courtier who became a celebrated novellist and married into the royal family
    D) I danced with Edward Ferrars because he proposed to my sister

  13. A) Anne Watson of Blackington or Blackmead (I have four initials).
    B) Sir Edmond Brandon, who has his own barouche.
    C) I was a fanciful child who came into an unexpected inheritance and married into the royal family.
    D) I slapped Mr. Palmer because he proposed to my sister.

    It took me a while, I was laughing so much!

  14. A: Amelia Haggerston of Warden Place. B:Sir Lewis Woodhouse 1,000/yr. C: I was a scandalous courtesan who became a missionary in India and married into the royal family. D: I married Tom Bertram because mama told me to.

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