Fun “Foto” Friday!

Fun “Foto” Friday!

It’s Friday, and where my last post was VERY serious, about domestic violence in Regency times, I thought it might be nice for a bit of levity. 🙂

To provide such levity, I wanted to do a photo post. Just funny images you can share on social media! I have made these images using stock photos I bought a license to use and made the modifications and changes myself, you are free to right-click them to save them and share them on social media.



Glass Slipper


elizabeth bennet walking

ereader dead

caroline bingley meme

so much jaff



I hope one of those made you laugh or smile this Friday! Remember, you can right click the photos, save them, and share them on your Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook feeds! And I have one more if you’re willing to share . . .

About a month ago, the marketing staff at invited me to a site-wide sale of offering 35% off on any book with the coupon code MAY35. I found out yesterday afternoon my book, A Spring Sentiment, was selected as one of the only 200 they chose to feature this time! I am extremely honored and would like to help Kobo in return by sharing the sale as far as I can. I made the image below, and the link is below that. Any and all shares would be so appreciated. Hopefully if my book does well, they will invite more independently published JAFF authors to join in on sales, which is always great for readers! 🙂

special price

This is the link to my book on Kobo:

And here is the link to all of the romance books on sale!

Make sure you use the standard purchase option so you can input a coupon code.


23 Responses to Fun “Foto” Friday!

  1. LOVE them! Had to create a “foto” album on the Facebook group page. Add more, Elizabeth!!

    The Lady Catherine one is my favorite. Hmmm…. wonder why? 😉

  2. The only one I didn’t post to my Pinterst board “as to Jane Austen” was the workout one, since I don’t know the meaning of that word!…LOL Love your creativity.

    • I use that sentiment to remind myself I don’t have to get dressed up to move my body, and it’s working! Just increasing my movement a bit the last month or so I’ve lost a few pounds. I want to look fabulous come October for AGM! 🙂

  3. These are so fun! I might make business cards of the Lady Catherine one and pass them around at opportune times. The third one reminds me of an idea someone floated on my Facebook wall: First World Austen Problems.

    • Thank you so much Joy! The more I do, the more everything seems to grow. I’m beginning to think I need an 8th day in the week! When I stop, my brain is finally able to add it all up and it becomes overwhelming. If I just keep moving, there’s not time to panic. 🙂

  4. I love all the pictures, Elizabeth but I especially love the fourth and fifth one. Thanks for sharing them with us. I hope your sale goes well.

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