Freebies and Bargain Reads: Entertain Yourself During Quarantine!

Freebies and Bargain Reads: Entertain Yourself During Quarantine!

The world’s a tough place at the moment, and keeping ourselves entertained while in quarantine, isolation, extreme social distancing or (heaven forbid) while in a sickbed is pretty challenging. So I’m doing my part for all JAFF lovers: I’m making The Best of Relations and Mr. Bingley’s Bride free until March 30th, and Infamous Relations and A Christmas Miracle at Longbourn will both be just 99¢/99p for the same period.

Unfortunately the 99¢/99p offers are only valid for the Amazon US and UK stores; I don’t have a way to do this in other Amazon stores, I’m sorry. (Of course, if you have KU these are always free anyway!) The two free books SHOULD be free in all Amazon stores… fingers crossed!

Please just click on the book covers below to go to your preferred store, and I hope my stories provide some small measure of escape and comfort for you at a trying time.

I’m homeschooling my sons at the moment and thinking about the roles a governess or tutor would be expected to play in a household in the Regency era – something I confess I haven’t looked into all that deeply up to this point, but plan to be researching soon! Look out for a post on that next month!

(Please note that Mr. Bingley’s Bride is suitable for 18+ readers only as it contains scenes of a sexual nature)

Please take care of yourselves, and stay safe. Virtual hugs and kisses to all of you, near and far.



16 Responses to Freebies and Bargain Reads: Entertain Yourself During Quarantine!

  1. Thank you for sharing your stories so generously!
    I was able to add the one book I did not have. Excited to read. Stay healthy and safe everyone!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do for your fans. I already have all your books but am glad others can now enjoy them. Blessings, to you and yours and stay safe. I bet you get a lot of hands on experience with homeschooling/being a governess. I can’t wait to see those examples in a future book… perhaps?

  3. Thank you for the sale and post. I didn’t have one of the books, but I do now! Stay well everyone!

  4. Thank You for sharing this very generous offer with us here today and I hope you and everyone else here are staying safe and healthy as well.

    Happy Reading Everyone!

    • I purchased all 4 books and have already read and reviewed (on Goodreads, LibraryThing, & BookBub) both Mr Bingley’s Bride & Infamous Relations.

      Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying some reading time.

  5. Thank you Catherine but as a loyal reader I own them all already but I appreciate the offer in our uncertain world. Stay well everyone

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