A zillion years ago when my daughter was about four years old, she fell out of bed.I was sleeping as all mothers sleep, on the edge of a dream with one ear cocked for the sound of trouble. I rushed to her room to find her lying on the floor next to her bed, still fast asleep. When I went to lift her, she opened her eyes, surprised to see me. “What happened?” I asked. She rubbed her curly head. “I had a dream someone kept saying move over, move over. So I did.”

Now I have a dream and it’s time for me to move over. With any luck, I won’t fall out of bed and bang my head. I leave Austen Authors with a tear in my eye. I am making room for another author to follow in our Jane’s footsteps. I have truly enjoyed my years here—having met so many lovely readers and fellow authors. I want to thank Sharon Lathan and Regina Jeffers for allowing me to be part of this delightful adventure.

I have caught the cozy mystery bug. Those of you who follow my work know I love writing comedy, coffee-snorting humor. My new goal is to tickle and tease cozy mystery readers with unthinkable, clean and wholesome murders.

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Farewell from Darcy, Lizzy, Derby and Squire, Little Annie, Boris, and the Pink Poodle Slippers!


With love & laughter!

Barbara Silkstone



43 Responses to Farewell!

  1. Best wishes in your future endeavors. I loved reading your novels and hope you succeed in this endeavor as you have in the past! Once again thank you for the reading pleasure!

    • MaryAnn, Thank you. You have been a darling fan. Please do join my newsletter so I can keep in touch with you. Second Act Cafe. Link is in the post.

    • Patricia, Thank you. Your comment made me chuckle. Writing a book is a bit like giving birth. At times you do find yourself “pushing it out!”

  2. Barbara, I’m sorry to hear that you are leaving AuAu. All the best in your future writing endeavours! Do visit again when you have a new Austenesque book to share.

  3. Oh, this is sad for me, but hopefully wonderful for you, and for the world, as your mysteries are delightful and I do love the owl 🙂 All the best of luck! This new chapter in your writing life is going to be great! 🙂

  4. Good luck, Barbara! Will my bunny slippers be safe from your pink poodles now? Thank you for the fun stories. 🙂

    • Linda, I do believe the pink poodle slippers are contained now. Perhaps they may make an appearance in one of my Cold Cream Murders?
      Heh, heh, heh. Thank you for the good wishes!

  5. We all must step back and reevaluate our journey. Writing is a VERY difficult and time demanding endeavor. We shall miss your spontaneity and your unique outlook, especially in the JAFF community. The door remains open if you should wish one day to return. May your days be blessed.

    • Regina, Thank you! That is so kind of you. Being one of the Austen Authors has been a lovely experience. Group hug to all the wonderful readers who love Jane Austen as much as I do.

    • Charlene, Thank you. You are such a sweetie. Whenever I created a funny scene, I had you in mind. Will this make Charlene laugh? I hope you enjoy my Cold Cream Murders. I hope to release the first one within the next week. GLOSSY LIPS 🙂

  6. Hate to see you go, lovely lady. Hope things go well with you and you sell scads of cozy mysteries. Please keep in touch. <3

  7. So sorry to hear this Barbara. Thank you for your lovely stories about my two favourite characters and good luck in the future. 🙂

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