Extraordinary Devotion- Release & Giveaway

Extraordinary Devotion- Release & Giveaway

Today, I’m celebrating more than the release of my latest book. Over two years ago, I put a story into the world that included love stories for Darcy and Elizabeth’s friends and family. This is nothing new to the fandom, of course, but it was new to me. In Sufficient Encouragement, I got to know Darcy’s cousins: Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, the Viscount, and Anne de Bourgh. I met two new, original characters: Jacob Truman, a colored soldier, turned valet, and Lady Belinda Crenshaw, whose unconventional ways turned Richard’s world upside down and put Darcy’s love for Elizabeth into perspective. I even discovered a different side to Caroline Bingley. These characters were created only to add depth to Darcy and Elizabeth’s story, but as it came time for the book to end, I found myself wondering more and more about these new friends. I couldn’t leave them be!

A second book in the series came out in July 2016 but filled in the gaps left by Sufficient Encouragement. Realizing it would be best to focus on one couple at a time, Extraordinary Devotion is a true sequel offering new information and zeroing in on the romance of Richard and Belinda. The story begins after Darcy is wounded at the mill in Yorkshire. Previously, Richard and Belinda had been found kissing under the mistletoe and were to marry in a ceremony with Richard’s brother and Darcy. However, when Richard’s regiment gets orders to suppress the riots in the North, Belinda’s parents rescind their blessing until he resigns his commission. All is not what it seems when Belinda’s parents say they can never marry. Both were hurt in the past and didn’t realize they not only share passion but love until it was too late to say the words.

I’ve truly loved getting to know these two better and seeing how they would resolve the conflicts set before them. I have quite the crush on Richard Fitzwilliam now! He is a man that knows true love is always worth fighting for! I’m so happy to give their story to the world. For a limited time, I’m offering it through Kindle Unlimited so you may download through your subscription. Read and see if Richard has you swooning as well!


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder…

As a soldier, Richard Fitzwilliam takes orders. He obeys without question until commands to give up the love of his life and fire on his countrymen throws him into turmoil.

Not so long ago, losing love crushed Lady Belinda Crenshaw’s heart. Unexpectedly, she found a second chance with Colonel Fitzwilliam. Now, an old family nemesis has triggered a plot which will separate them forever.

Once bitten and twice shy, Richard and Belinda find themselves in a tempest with no rescue device. Foes near and far attempt to divide them, testing their faithfulness to its limits. With enemies surrounding them, can they trust each other?



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Reverently, she caressed her name on the envelope. Richard’s penmanship utterly suited him — confident, stalwart, and no-nonsense. Tearing it open, her eyes reverently read every word, alternately blushing and crying when appropriate.

Dearest Belinda,

Bravo my clever love on getting to Rosings! While we consider a way to surmount your parents’ arguments, we may, at least, manage to write one another through letters between James and Anne.

I must applaud your clear-thinking and bravery, such that has always appealed to me and I understood as part of your character in our earliest hours of acquaintance. After we parted that night, I became ill. When I awoke two days later, I was told I would never see you again. I wallowed in despair thinking my beloved Belinda had left me and cast me aside while you plotted. While I believed I would never see you again, you remained faithful. I must confess, I suspected you abandoned me. Will you forgive me for discrediting I could inspire such devotion? Now, I will never doubt again.

You feel it as I do, do you not? We are complete when together and belong to one another. We have joined as one already. A night which eclipsed my most daring fantasies and plays in my mind often. How often I imagined what it would be like to hold my Belinda in my arms! How I long for it again! Do you long for me as I do you? Do you feel the empty, gnawing ache in your heart as I do?

James and I have considered the situation. I will not hide the truth from you. We are investigating your father in hopes of making him more plaint to our opinion. I hope this does not pain you. If you have another plan, I would love to know it.

I will close for now but as you read, imagine my arms surrounding you. Imagine my lips giving you a gentle kiss. Imagine my heart beating for you for it will never beat for any other. And when we next meet, I will make all this a reality and more.




“What does he say?” Anne asked as she scanned her own letters. When she lifted her head and took in Belinda’s face, she rushed to her friend’s side. “Oh, dearest! I cannot believe it! He has given you up?”

“No!” Belinda exclaimed through tears. “What makes you think so?”

“You are crying,” Anne said and passed over a handkerchief.

Belinda gave her a tremulous smile. “No, it is not that which makes me cry.” She sighed and pressed the letter to her heart. “He loves me.”



Comment below to be entered to win one (1) ebook copy of Extraordinary Devotion! Giveaway ends Tuesday, October 17 and the winner will be posted on October 21.

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35 Responses to Extraordinary Devotion- Release & Giveaway

  1. I cannot wait to read!!! Discovering new characters is always fun and a little daunting—who knows how they will impact their world.

  2. Love the excerpt, Rose. Congratulations on your newest book.Can’t wait to read the book to see if Richard and Belinda get their HEA. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Congrats on your newest release! I love Colonel Fitzwilliam so I’m looking forward to reading a story about him and his HEA. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Congratulations on your newest book, Rose! The colonel is a lovely man and deserves his HEA along with Darcy and Elizabeth. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Congratulations on the new release. Thank you for the giveaway. Richard has been made swoonworthy. Looking forward to reading it.

    • Mr. Darcy is not the only noble and honorable Regency gentleman — and Richard is far less hampered by pride and reserve. Darcy better watch out! A new heart throb is in town!

    • So happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed both books. Renewed Hope is sort of an optional read but I think the big fans of the minor couples would enjoy it, even if it’s not a real sequel like Extraordinary Devotion is. Good luck!

  6. Colonel Fitzwilliam! So many compromises were revealed in this letter, which much be destroyed. I’m afraid that Lady Belinda’s father might call him out if this letter gets in his hands. Let’s hope that nothing occured from their one night together. Thank you for the excerpt. These two lovers are in for a hard path to their HEA and would love to find out how they reach it. Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. I love the colonel and this sounds interesting! Wishing you the best in this publication. Good luck to all those who enter. Would love a copy in Kindle edition.
    Thank you so much for the review of the novel.

  8. This book sounds very good. I am always glad to see a HEA for the colonel. I always hope he gets out in one piece without too much emotional damage. He is a favorite secondary character. At the moment the Amazon notice seems to be preventing people in the USA from burying the Kindle edition that is not on Unlimited due to copyright restrictions. I hope it will be available I can hope to win the ebook edition if allowed or get a hardback copy when it comes out.

    • Sorry to hear it wasn’t letting you download. It looks like it’s working for me now, so I’d try again. Let me know if it doesn’t work again! I’ve not received any notices from Amazon about issues.

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